Posted on August 18, 2010

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Liberty Maven Interviews Rand Paul 15:13:23
Video - Ron Paul on Alex Jones 8/18/10 Addresses Rumors of a 2012 Run 14:52:43
Ron Paul 2012 Song 15:19:17
Dictator Obama Shuts Down Society in LA for Fundraising Event 10:42:50
The truth: There is no "Ground Zero" Mosque being planned. 08:22:09
Video: Jack Conway Signs Daily Kos Petition: "We Need Filibuster Reform!" 10:49:50
Clint Didier Primary - Election Day Results Thread 10:04:18
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Help! How do I respond to this? 23:55:54
Pirate Party Strikes Hosting Deal With Wikileaks 23:40:56
New symbol of worthless money: Obama on the dollar bill 23:36:01
Fidel Castro fascinated by book on Bilderberg Group 23:28:35
Is Rand against Medical Marijuana? 23:16:47
Help Inspire Ron Paul to Run in 2012 23:14:19
Conway proposes 2 more "nationally televised" debates to Paul Campaign. 22:07:53
Michael please check your email. 21:52:54
Thomas Jefferson on surveillance, opinions and standing armies 21:36:41
The Last Combat Troops leaving Iraq??? huh? (Hooray) 21:27:23
Gandhi Quotes - Wisdom We Should Take To Heart 21:08:00
Furious Mother Blasts Sen Hagan (D-NC) Over Obamacare 21:07:07
Dr. Paul says he has no intentions either way on running at this point. 20:55:43
A “True” Libertarian - Alex Snitker 20:54:11
Ron Paul speech at 2010 Florida Liberty Summit 8/13/2010 18:44:53
The best 2 min overview I've ever seen 18:25:50
Liberty against the lynch mob: which side are you on? 18:01:12
There was NO ANNOUNCEMENT in Orlando. Ron Paul: "I don't know either..." 17:50:30
Will Malaysia become a target 17:18:45
Is the internet going to stay free? 17:16:27
The 6 Million Dollar Man in 2012 17:14:46
Is the internet going to stay free or are commercial interests taking over? 17:07:13
I think I was the first to encourage Rand to run for Senate. Pls pass this to Rand. 17:05:33
Rasmussen: Paul 49% Conway 40% 16:11:26
How does somebody receive Ron Paul's endorsement? 16:03:55
18 Signs That America Is Rotting Right In Front Of Our Eyes 15:57:06
Jane Burgermeister - Filed Charges Against WHO, Obama, UN, and Baxter etc in 2009 - She May Be Detained 15:50:05
$100 Treasury Coins 15:22:37
The Legal Problem of MERS and Mortgages: Could 62 Million Homes Be Foreclosure-Proof? 15:17:15
Pentagon Loses $2.3 Trillion... 14:40:51
Barney Frank in the Twilight Zone: Abolish Fannie and Freddie 14:07:08
Sheriff Joe Arpaio needs our support! 13:59:08
Time- "The Army has been criminally neglegent," 13:56:28
Rasmussen: Rand Paul leading 49-40 13:23:25
Ron Paul says he's trying to determine amount of 2012 support. How can we show it? 13:15:30
Pat Tillman's Parents On Larry King 13:05:22
BJ Lawson Reports on Amnesty Advocates with something we can do.. 12:49:51
Zombie Ants Ruled By Mind-Controlling Parasites 12:46:33
We can send anonymous news tips to Let's advertise Rand's Money Bomb! 12:40:14
WikiLeaks: Pentagon ready to discuss Afghan files 12:07:24
Ron Paul on Alex Jones NOW 11:30am Central 12:04:17
Tell DoD to be More Efficient by getting out of 140+ Countries - Win Cash Prize 12:02:18
I just got a call from FEMA via CodeRed 11:51:35
Thomas Jefferson Quotes {perfect tool to educate sheeple} 11:31:21
Jack Conway Filibuster Reform Video ( Free Speech Version ) 11:26:22
Judge Bans Biotech Beets 11:25:01
Nancy Pelosi advocates investigation of Ground Zero mosque opposition 10:40:57
Chossudovsky: China could already be world's largest economy 10:13:58
Iran Threatens Israel’s Existence if Attacked 10:08:14
Fluoride in your water, aluminum sprayed in the air, a toxic combination 09:19:57
Pentagon Puzzle 09:06:51
Jack Cafferty talks about article 0_0!? 08:52:16
Human behavior modeling 08:21:04
Barney Frank: Fannie, Freddie 'Should Be Abolished' 07:08:42
Exclusive: Rand Paul talks to TheDC about the Ground Zero mosque, the media, and President Obama 06:54:00
Dr Keynes killed the patient 06:29:08
Will Republicans Save Us? Walter E. Williams 06:16:07
Our Tax Dollars At Work 05:06:11
The Purpose Of Economic Collapse 04:46:07
Israel's Hidden Hands in Lebanon: Who Killed Hariri? 04:45:01
Fascism returns to Wisconsin, Part Deux (Free Speech is Officially Dead) 01:16:46
Alex Jones Interviews Former Pakistani ISI Chief Hamid Gul 00:30:18
British Army Captain Walks Length of Amazon River - 2 yr hike 00:04:48