Posted on August 21, 2010

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Sweden Drops Rape Accusation Against Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange 19:12:29
2010 Republican Party Precinct Survey - John Dennis Dissed? 17:27:42
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Hillary Clinton--World Health Czar? 22:06:33
FACT: Autism affects 1 in 88 military families...but they LOOOOVE our Government.. 21:35:04
EU "no evidence needed" warrants can detain Brits indefinitely 21:25:43
Has anyone here been threatened for protesting ? 21:03:11
Thomas Jefferson and Logic 20:43:40
Courage - Sublime Article That Brought Tears To My Eyes 20:36:39
Scientist Speaks About DU Manufacturing 20:35:50
Declassified documents PROVES Israel manipulates the US and it's media 19:44:14
Wikipedia Editing for Zionists 19:39:30
Video: Explosive Demolition- 2002 Best Building Implosions 19:31:02
Whose Responsibility is It? 18:57:33
Homeowners’ Rebellion: Could 62 Million Homes Be Foreclosure-Proof? 18:56:01
Helping the military to abide by the Constitution 16:14:47
Dr. Mercola has an Urgent warning for us. We are about to be double crossed by the CDC! 14:40:16
Thomas E. Woods on Truth Jihad Radio (UPDATED!) 14:28:13
Updated: 8-21-10 C-to-C AM:911 Debate 14:21:05
How Obama Revived the Freedom Movement 13:53:19
Rush Limbaugh talking about Bildergerg, and Tri-Lateral Commission. 13:36:20
Ron Paul on the "ground zero mosque" 13:30:07
Australia To Fine Non Voters 13:18:52
This came to me in a dream last nite. 13:07:50
I need some weekend viewing suggestions... 13:02:19
Financial experts and investors spooked about the possible return of deflation 12:58:48
UPDATE: Swedish prosecutors say rape suspicions against Julian Assange are unfounded 12:57:38
What it means to be an American - Have You Forgotten? 12:44:10
Texans for Accountable Government Concert Austin TX 11:55:18
Freedom Watch (8/21/10) 11:30:02
Spain: 30 injured as bull leaps out of ring 11:26:23
Now that is landslide! 11:26:14
Kinda funny but my AOL account has been hacked. Can anyone help? 10:55:11
Wikileaks founder accused of rape 10:53:45
Legalizeliberty wants you to know this 10:36:29
Poker Face Patriot Band Cannabis Tribute 10:04:44
Are we eating cloned animals??? 10:03:17
Washington's idea of fiscal restraint By RON PAUL 07:53:26
Our gov't is going to force us to use these..... 07:49:57
I have some overdue apologies to make... 07:29:48
Google "Creature from Jekyll Island" 06:58:33
Wikileaks founder accused of rape in Sweden... 04:58:58
Ron Paul Will Run in 2012 ? 02:12:52
Perfect Example of Why America is Screwed... Dumbing down 01:30:46
US Foreign Policy write-up on my blog 01:01:16
Glenn Beck's Rally Panned by Civil Rights Leaders, Kicks Off Tea Party Rallies 00:05:01