Posted on August 31, 2010

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Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis 12:46:26
Bankrupt Miami in Fiscal Emergency, Breaks Employee Contracts, Hikes Property Taxes 08:36:34
Ron Paul Texas Straight Talk August 30: Iraq Mission Accomplished - Or Just Semantics and Broken Promises? 03:53:39
Police State Rolls On 08:36:06
C4L Rising! 03:59:39
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Gold flash spike to $3401 23:31:29
Pentagon Unveils New Spy Blimp Coming to a Sky Near You 23:22:08
Murkowski Concedes! 22:47:53
Murkowski concedes Alaska primary race 22:44:46
Growing your own Food Illegal: S510 Makes it the Law- ACTION NEEDED 22:42:45
Uncomfortable Lindsey Graham by Jack Hunter 22:39:48
The Southern Avenger - Uncomfortable Lindsey Graham 22:29:37
MSNBC w/ Cenk: Fiery Debate On Social Security 22:28:09
The Oval Office Has A New Cozy Comfy Modern Feel 22:18:01
Chuck Baldwin Says Good-Bye to Crossroads, Moves the Fight for Freedom to Montana 22:03:28
Does anyone know anyone that A4V worked for? 22:00:01
Dr. Steve Parent : I will not be posting any delegate or parliamentarian training here this election. 21:01:03
Nothing like getting thrown under the bus by your own President 20:55:41
SEC lacks authority to charge a 'foreign' Moody's 20:42:08
Grateful Dead - Throwing Stones 1987 20:31:07
White House: Iraq Troops Are Coming Home In 2011. Period. 19:54:29
Killer Chemtrails: The Shocking Truth 19:48:52
AlterNet / By Max Blumenthal 286 COMMENTS How to Kill Goyim and Influence People: Israeli Rabbis Defend Book's Shocking Rel 19:42:48
I just watched a BBC Newsnight hit piece on the Tea Parties in America. 19:17:01
Three-Star General Files Sworn Affidavit Supporting LTC Lakin’s Case 18:42:40
Facebook CEO: Keep my private life out of lawsuit 18:36:14
Former Atlanta Fed President: Peter Schiff is Right 18:27:26
Earl could force US evacuations ahead of Labor Day 18:26:48
Jim Rogers: Investors Must Own Real Assets 18:25:14
My Favorite Anti-War Song 18:24:58
Is this the time for Independents to Rise 18:16:18
Send this to your Friends!! Our Nations Debt! Video! 18:06:46
1 in 6 Americans in ANTI-Poverty Government Programs & Growing NIGHTMARE!! 18:01:49
Jake Towne: Upcoming Events and Debate Schedule 17:55:08
California Cities: D Is for Disincorporate 17:49:18
Something up? Talking heads are talking up gold 17:09:29
A "CHRISTIAN " Nation would operate under principles of "GRACE". 16:56:31
Dr. Ron Paul on NewsMax.TV: Depression is Coming! 16:35:31
Obama claims victory in Iraq, sort of 16:25:43
Join Me In Spreading The Word About The Daily Paul 16:13:03
YouTube just took down my account... 16:07:13
U.S. Helps Radical Muslim Groups Get Taxpayer Dollars 15:29:59
Will 2010 be the costliest, meanest midterm campaign yet? 15:10:10
Ridley Report- NH libertarians aim to derail establishment's candidate 15:05:38
RT- New Orleans still mad at 'Gun Grab' & Violation of Rights 14:52:36
JFK Truth, Drugwar: The People Strike Back 14:48:29
Dr. Ron Paul, in a brief segment on "Ruby Ridge" Ep. of Biography Ch. AfterMath with William Shatner! 14:46:31
Cowan fo Congress Campaign Fund Raising (MO 4 CD) 14:31:56
Afghanistan Bomb Attacks Kill 21 US Soldiers In 48 Hours 14:22:37
'Rand Fan' Impersonator Tyler Collins Apologizes for Being an Idiot and Quits Columnist Job 14:13:16
Get "Enslaved" TODAY !!! 14:05:10
200 times the energy of uranium, With less by-product 13:57:48
Ron Paul Speaking in SF This Weekend, supporting John Dennis 13:35:36
Standard & Poor's Is Now Giving Orders to Congress ... and the American People 13:29:44
Asymmetric political action - A Tea Party Solution. 12:55:08
Are You Kidding Me?? U.S. to Reimburse Company, Union and Goverment Retiree Health Costs 12:33:08
Memory Lane: The first Ron Paul R3VOLution video March 2007 12:32:00
RT- Hurricane Earl heads for US after hitting Caribbean 12:21:54
Newsmax interviews Ron Paul 12:18:22
Just Got A Rand Paul "Steering Committee" Letter... 12:15:14
FDIC bank 'problem list' hits highest point since 1993 12:11:18
Education Secretary Pressed Federal Employees to Attend Sharpton Rally 12:05:38
Glenn Beck launches News site - The Blaze 12:01:19
FreedomStock 2010 11:42:33
Ethan McCord - Veterans for Peace 25th Annual Conference 11:36:11
Natural health movement achieving key victories over HFCS MSG GMOs and more 11:34:33
The Panic of 2011 11:21:19
Control Of Food Supply To Be Handed Over To Department Of Homeland Security 11:00:06
Traficant has enough signatures 10:36:30
Barry Cooper to be in Los Angeles 10:34:41
Arizona Fights Back over UN Human Rights Report 10:27:03
Listen to Jason lewis at the 22 minute mark... 10:26:08
Flying Blind by Peter Schiff 10:22:48
Carpavel: announcing suebadcops dot com NEED RESOURCES! 10:21:32
Launched TODAY!! Find out how government's deficit spending impacts you! 10:12:19
Bankrupt Freddie Mac hires “Diversity Officer” 10:09:06
World Bank Going Bankrupt: Zoellick 10:02:08
UPDATED: How I reached approx 100,000 people.... FOR FREE!! 09:55:59
Screwed for $712 Million.....Out of Money again...Need $1 Billion More. OREGON 09:54:50
So You Think They’re Not Watching Your PC? 09:52:11
When are investors going to stop getting suckered by Ben Bernanke? 09:50:01
The Natural Flow of Freedom 09:41:08
The Shocking Truth about Public Schools 09:31:11
Welcome to the D.O.J. HIT LIST !!! 09:27:25
Glenn Beck's America! 09:17:18
Bombshell: Cavuto on US Credit Rating 09:14:27
Gold and Silver just jumped and dollar down...What happened? UPDATED 08:56:32
IMF Eliminates Borrowing Cap On Rescue Facility In Anticipation Of Europe Crisis 2.0; US Prepares To Print Fresh Rescue Money 08:44:21
Ron Paul: AUDIT THE GOLD!: 08:18:42
Defenseless: New Orleans 'Gun Grab' & Violation of Rights 08:02:58
Cancelled! Ron Paul on CNN's John King, USA Tonight (08/31/10), 7 PM Eastern 08:00:10
Relativism as a Precursor to Repression 07:48:09
Matt Taibbi: "Tea Party Movement Is Gonna Kill The Republican Party!" 07:38:59
Can the Tea Party Deliver? by Pat Buchanan 07:34:43
Richard Russell - Fiat Money To Meet Its End 07:31:10
Mortgage 'reform' still leaves Taxpayers footing bill 07:27:37
Appeals court rejects autism vaccine link 07:23:05
Recovery Summer my ass. 07:19:47
Lawsuit Challenges Govt’s Right to Assassinate US Citizens 07:19:37
Alabama schools turn to bank loans to operate 07:12:18
AARP, Dems undermine Younger Workers’ Retirement 06:49:59
The Rothbardian School 05:51:46
Column: The future of the GOP 05:43:49
AZ Governor says "I'm gonna fight back" against the Federal government 02:40:39
Who gets paid the "INTEREST" on the "NATIONAL DEBT"?? 02:03:13
The Right to Defend Freedom - New July4Patriot Video 00:51:07
Get Ready, Inflation Is On The Way 00:18:09
When Men Become Truly Free 00:10:56