Posted on September 1, 2010

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Good News: New Research May Prove That People Are Inherently Good 18:31:04
Dr. Ron Paul to Attend S.F. Anti-war Rally 14:42:27
Liberty Candidate Delia Lopez Speech 12:47:15
Dr. Ron Paul Press Release on Obama’s Iraq Speech: Mission Not Accomplished 18:31:04
Ron Paul tells Newsmax TV: "Depression Is Coming" 10:10:39
UPDATE: posted interview! 9AM Interview with Lindsey Graham and Jack Hunter aka Southern Avenger, Thursday! 08:45:54
Barney Frank Gives Props to Ron Paul on Jay Leno + an idea! 04:21:40
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This could save the Daily Paul 23:55:26
Single and Dual-Tier Fiat Monetary Systems [Republicae] 23:28:42
Gary Clift Amazing Video, What is a Liberty Republican 23:09:48
2010: Daily Paul / Michael Nystrom Sued by Righthaven LLC in Massive Blogger Copyright Shakedown 23:08:39
Fear and Loathing in NY! 22:35:00
AZ Sheriff, “I Have About As Much Regard for the UN As I Do Vermin” 22:27:30
Feds fail to use land for solar power 21:53:30
Man Railing Against 'Environmental' Programming held 3 hostage at Discovery Channel 21:23:40
Eyewitness testimony of "explosion" in WTC 7 - new video 21:01:23
Vaccine Death Coverup Implodes Worldwide 20:48:46
Laura Ingraham - Lindsey Graham To Cross Party Line To Court Tea Party 20:20:28
Contacted the Judge about having Alex Snitker on "Freedom Watch". 20:16:40
'Neocons controlling the show' An interview on RT 19:52:47
Contacted Jesse Ventura on Facebook about Alex Snitker. 19:31:06
Fast Money stooges provide new material for Peter Schiff Was Right 2.0 19:24:38
Mike Maloney on When to Sell Gold & Silver 19:09:13
Casualty List: 111th Congress (2009-2010) 19:05:52
Death By Globalism: Paul Craig Roberts 18:43:15
Max Blumenthal( EXPOSES Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira & King's Torah PROPAGANDA: Okay to KILL Gentiles 18:02:35
How is a one world currency bad? 17:37:17
California school district institutes electronic tracking system for preschool students 17:20:19
JPMorgan Chase & Co. will close its proprietary trading unit 17:13:43
Ratio Analyses Suggest Gold & Silver Will Go MUCH Higher! 17:02:07
Gadsden flag starts disputes around the country 16:42:19
live feed- Global warming supporter takes Hostages 16:25:30
Prelude to Meltdown: An interview with Bert Dohmen 16:10:18
"The American Taliban", they are talking about us... 16:07:23
Moody's is set free...neofeudalism reigns supreme 16:06:20
New Mortgage Aid Coming from Obama? 15:21:37
Florida voters can’t strip down Obama health-care bill, judge rules 15:20:54
Oscar Grant supporters demand Federal Investigation into Civil Rights violations 15:14:04
RT- Police are filming you, but you can't film back 15:03:13
Listen to Silver Springs Police Scanner Online (this is regarding the hostage situation) 14:55:48
Island evacuations start as Earl nears East Coast 14:55:45
After U.S. War in Iraq, Iran Gains Political Influence 14:29:33
Julian Assange (Wikileaks) in Sweden - September 1st. 14:01:18
Post about Grand Juries on the lemonade diet thread are here. 14:00:18
Gloom - Doom, Gloom - Doom, Gloom - Doom: NOT SO FAST! Don't sell America Short! 13:30:20
Glenn Beck’s “The Blaze” 5 of First 20 Stories Muslim Related 13:27:20
DOJ Defines Constitutionalists as Terrorists 13:25:13
FREE! Austrian Perspective on the History of Economic Thought by Murray Rothbard 13:12:39
Schwarzenegger's New California Pet Tax 12:52:50
Has silver ever been over $20/oz before? 12:20:53
Started listening to 'The Overton Window" 12:08:57
Meet Obama's Deficit Commission Appointee David Cote - the Most Dangerous Man in America 11:45:51
Daily Anarchist, WTF? 11:44:21
The GOP is completely out of touch with reality 11:42:54
Hyperinflation explained 11:37:03
Manufacturing grows but private jobs tumble 11:05:38
Sen Lisa Murkowski bows out. Tea Partier Joe Miller is the guy. 10:00:07
Call this talk show NOW 09:57:59
Johan Norberg : Globalisation is Good! 09:55:21
Official US Deficit Put At Staggering $202 Trillion 09:51:58
Investors Spooked As Glitch Sends Gold To $3400 09:36:05
Borrowing 5000€ to buy gold 09:26:58
CIA Secretly Pays Afghanistan Government 09:25:42
Peter Schiff: A Banks will Fail when interest rates rise 07:50:27
WTF! 07:43:07
J.P. Morgan to Close Proprietary-Trading Desks 07:29:27
Don't Think So! (Tea Party origins) 07:23:03
Ron Paul: Financial Reform Solved Nothing 07:21:04
Mo' Money, Mo' Problems (Mises) 07:15:26
Rand Paul battles media blitz while opponent Jack Conway remains unscrutinized 06:55:42
Jim Rogers to Bernanke: Stop The Printing Press! 06:53:52
Bitter GOP Criticism of the Fed May Be Ahead 06:52:14
Marc Faber: Easy Money Will Not Boost Economic Activity Nor Create Jobs in the US 06:49:33
Rand Paul to Hold “Stop Cap and Trade” Press Conference 06:46:07
WHY IS THE TILLMAN STORY SO IMPORTANT? Because if the Pat Tillman case reopens, the case for war unravels! 06:42:49
J.P. Morgan's Sweet WaMu Mortgage Deal 06:32:37
Hints Of Change In The World Monetary System (Wall Street Journal) 06:30:53
Why Don't We Create + Run Our Own TV Ad? 04:36:52
Where do you go to get your news? 03:04:19
Gun Dealer Gets 6 Months In “Federal Work Camp” 02:05:51
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 01:10:06
Are We All Insane ! 00:31:48