Posted on September 6, 2010

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The Southern Avenger - Lindsey Graham is Baghdad Bob 22:54:30
John Dennis Money Bomb Radio Marathon Sept 7th 21:55:52
Thomas Woods at Nullify Now Ft. Worth 12:15:51
Texas Straight Talk - Why Big Bankers and Corporations Love Obama 12:17:21
Land Cheaper than Carpet 08:30:05
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One Straight Truth Vs Millions of Lies by Dr. Dahlia Wasfi 23:25:44
Rand on FBN's 'The Cost of Freedom,' 10am Tuesday 23:19:30
US FLUORIDE ALERT: Children Poisoned-- school programs 22:54:57
GOP favored in governors races across the USA 22:34:55
"People in Arizona carry guns," 22:27:15
Plz critique my video 22:19:23
Went to the local Tea Party last night - Good News folks, they are ripe for the pickin'! 22:07:20
NYPD Suspends Cop Who Stopped Mom of Dying Girl 22:05:04
USS Olympia, 2-war naval veteran ship, could be sunk, in economic battle 22:03:34
RT- UK guns used against NATO troops 21:42:54
Ron Paul CBS Poll 21:23:29
Paul Supporters: Blog comments help needed... 20:43:09
"Obamacre designed to fail" - Sen. Tom Coburn 19:39:33
Ron Paul Says Nullification! 19:01:08
Nigel Farage has last laugh on Belgium? 18:52:18
The Sovereigns: Tips for Law Enforcement 17:57:45
Rand Paul key to growing term limits team in Senate 17:08:28
Peel Ferry still operating in AR- MO lake 16:56:34
Mountain Grove, MO dairy farm starts creamery to glass bottles retail 16:33:56
Ron Paul in San Francisco - Amazing Speech! 15:45:26
Why is Ron Paul's bill a watered-down version of Michele Bachmann's? 15:17:45
Down With the Unions 14:55:50
So, the Sheriff just left. Bet I just got a big helping of justice, right? 14:49:51
Any way to get Beck to Support Craigslist? 14:22:34
RT- United States of North Mexico 14:21:09
Iran boosts nuclear work, bomb fears remain: IAEA 14:18:12
Leaked Video: Glenn Beck uses Vicks to Cry 14:06:50
Run on Kabul, Afghanistan Bank Shakes a Fragile Economy 14:00:27
Reich nails it! 13:56:35
Hidden History: The real reason for the Revolutionary War 13:53:16
Depressed Tired & Need Something Uplifting? 13:51:00
"The PLAN" - Our Contemporary Example of How a Theocratic State will Spark another Revolution...(it's a cycle) 13:39:29
Daily Bell: Hugo Salinas-Price: ...why silver should be legal Mexican Currency - mentions Ron Paul 13:28:52
Alex Snitker: What a great week for the campaign!!!!!!!!! 13:19:15
Poll: Should ads for medical marijuana be permitted on TV? 12:07:56
Housing Prices: Let 'Em Fall! 11:55:30
Iraq Bombings Now Source of Hilarious Entertainment 11:53:53
"America Overreacted To 911" 11:48:39
A History of Labor Unions in the USA while you enjoy your day off 11:34:21
The True Cost of the Iraq War: $3 trillion and beyond 11:29:53
Thomas Woods / Debra Medina/ Michael Boldin at Nullify Now 10:55:51
Missouri Constitution Party Hosts Sheriff Richard Mack Oct 1 & 2 10:54:52
As election season heats up, Democrats battle grim prospects 10:32:45
Obama To Back $50 Billion Infrastructure Plan For Short-Term Job Growth 10:24:26
US bankruptcy, fiscal 'child abuse' and six-decade Ponzi scheme 09:57:23
More fear and hate from CNN 09:47:49
Obama's second bailout and "infrastructure bank" 09:29:07
2010 Politics: The "perfect storm" for Ron Paul 09:24:14
I want to ask suggestions for an education and funding initiative 08:07:42
Why were the "Original 13 Colonies" so successful using debt free colonial script? 03:35:50
It's your time to shine 03:13:39
Ron Paul in San Francisco! 02:47:02
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 9/6/10: For a Strong Economy, Follow the Constitution! 01:28:38
Which Country Is The Fattest? 00:27:21
Sarah Palin & Larry King - Drink the Koolaid, I mean Tea Baby! 00:04:25