Posted on September 7, 2010

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Treasury Bills: The New Opium, by Jim Rickards 22:42:31
Battle royal over health care repeal if GOP wins 22:19:04
Alan Grayson for Florida 8th District 20:17:12
Judge Andrew Napolitano is Filling in for Glenn Beck this Week 22:26:37
David Vs. Monsanto 12:45:31
U.S. Citizens Targeted for Assassination; Glen Greenwald on the Dylan Ratigan Show 08:38:13
Updated: Jim Rickards on King World News, Parts I & II: Manipulation and the Golden Bullet 08:36:34
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What are your thoughts on the Alaska Senate race: Murkowski as a Libertarian? Joe Miller, etc.? 23:12:41
School bearing Al Gore’s name built on contaminated site 22:26:05
MSNBC: Cenk On US Education Failure & Potential 22:15:05
The COLORADO GOP Is just about history 21:49:16
Want to see a "democracy" in action? 21:48:02
Vote Mike Beitler Over Richard Burr & Elaine Marshall in 2010 US Senate Election 21:42:30
OFF TOPIC: NEED HELP! Simple vote could help Liberty movement! 21:38:37
Rand Paul Will Not Lose! 19:58:04
2 soldiers killed in Iraq, 9 wounded 19:15:26
Bulldozing Palestinian Cemeteries 19:08:43
Homeland Security Is Officially In Charge Of Food Supply If Bill Goes Through 19:07:35
Ron Paul on Quran Burning: “The Real Provocateurs” 19:00:14
Police are out of Control 18:59:15
B.J Lawson Pulls Into Lead In North Carolina......... 18:03:46
10 Events Surrounding September 11, 2001 17:58:43
Locals Expose Globalist Codes and Agenda 21 Effects On My Business 17:50:31
Rolling Stone expose from 1977: "The CIA and the Media" 17:24:15
Burning Koran is inflammatory, but killing Muslims is not? 17:23:10
Daily Kos fundraising for Conway "money bomb" 16:44:41
2 U.S. troops shot dead in Iraq 16:07:48
South Sea Bubble LOL 15:51:11
International Burn a Koran Day?... 15:24:10
US to Spend $6B a Year on Afghan Troops 15:23:13
MUST SEE: "The U.S. vs John Lennon" 15:15:20
Flat Tax vs Fair Tax..Your thoughts 15:02:17
US to Spend $6B a Year on Afghan Troops 14:42:44
Texas Appeals Court Denies Sovereign Citizen Defense 14:39:56
Happy Birthday John Dennis! 14:29:21
Politicians are just like you and me, only better? 14:11:49
Jake Towne: The Imminent Failure of Funny Money 14:00:55
W2/W4 or 1099 13:48:37
AP Begins Crediting Bloggers as News Sources 13:35:17
Ron Paul: "The Statists Are Attacking Rand" (Email) 10:58:17
Obama/Bush Picture Creeps People Out 10:34:58
Did Uber-Libertarian Lew Rockwell Uber-BEND-Over??? 10:07:55
Gold and silver price on the way up again 10:01:12
RT- Keiser Report: Even illegals are giving up on US economy 09:30:53
RT- Rare footage found: WWII London Blitz in color 09:25:51
Travelers visiting the U.S. must now pay a fee to enter 09:14:31
LRC Under Attack 09:00:38
2 bits, 4 bits, 6 bits a dollar; all for Rand Paul... 06:10:00
Israeli spies wooing U.S. Muslims, sources say 04:01:05
I have to know? Does Mark Twain ever sleep 02:45:11
We Who Dared to Say No to War | Tom Woods 01:00:14
Righthaven Blog Slayer is Loose… Link of Death for Bloggers? 00:45:26
Private chemical analysis study disputes FDA claims that Gulf seafood is safe to eat 00:27:27
How to Neutralize Police Checkpoints 00:09:53
Mark Levin Doesn't Like the Southern Avenger 00:05:26