Posted on September 8, 2010

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New Rand Paul "Gift of Sight" Ad 19:42:21
Politico: Rand Paul Campaign Impersonator was Impersonated! 10:48:25
9/21 Tom Woods then Ron Paul @ IU: The Case for Liberty. Bloomington, IN 10/25, 7 PM 10:09:32
Jack Tough Raised $300K in a Money Bomb Yesterday 10:07:28
Can Mass Suing Save the Newspaper Business? Righthaven Public Conference Call Wed Sep 8 19:32:21
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Merkel honours Danish Muhammad cartoonist Westergaard 23:59:47
Mandatory flu vaccines for healthcare workers 23:46:09
US Judge OKs Confession Extracted by Threatening Suspect with Rape: New Low in Due Process 23:27:35
Gold To Fiat - Fiat To Gold [Republicae] 23:27:28
Some useful resources related to the DMCA 23:02:31
Random Pat-Downs Turn PATCO Into Police State 23:01:16
Burning the 9/11 Commission Report 22:54:32
Possible Precedent: Court Says DMCA Notices Need To Be Properly Filed 22:54:22
Appeals court lets government halt torture lawsuit 22:36:24
Innnocent woman sues after identity theft leads to jailing, strip search 22:36:18
Since we are nearing 9-11 22:26:30
Attacks on Freedom 22:19:55
Economic worries strain loyalty for some Democrats 22:18:51
Google, Verizon and the FCC: Inside the War Over the Internet's Future 21:58:59
Glen "I hate 9-11 victims' families" Beck is cashing in on them for 9-11 21:37:44
When the Mercenaries come home 21:36:15
Gerald Celente: Everything Obama Did Failed; Tax the Rockefellers! 21:14:34
WHO is ready to try another pandemic hoax? You know WHO! 21:07:31
Vote for Towne. 21:05:39
Traficant can 20:25:13
Mayor of Chicago: I need 12,500 Signatures!!! 20:00:39
Report: Castro says Communist model doesn't work 19:45:13
Jack Conway Holds A Press Conference To Discuss Recent Polling 19:30:59
Kitco picks the good Doctor's brain this weekend 19:30:50
Time for Helicopter Ben to Drop Some Money on Main Street 19:14:44
*Please help, James Traficant's campaign website and Facebook page* 18:51:27
U.N. Looks to Take Charge of World's Agenda 18:19:17
Blogs and Yard Signs and Precincting (Oh My!) 18:11:46
The next two elections will be determined by the Tea Parties! 18:02:38
What the deflationists fail to acknowledge 17:48:15
Whatever happened to the Liberty Dollar and Bernard von Nothaus? 17:05:54
Were the Founding Fathers Alcoholics? 16:58:51
Ron Paul 2012 TV: Preventing Blackouts 16:49:37
Fed mumbles enough doublespeak to make your head pop 16:38:47
Canada unveils new speed bump: optical illusion of a child 16:33:37
Death knell for dollar? China and Russia to begin trading in their currencies. 16:17:51
We must make our election between economy and liberty, or... 16:17:36
50 Mind Blowing Facts About America That Our Founding Fathers Never Would Have Believed 15:10:21
RT- Keiser Report: 9/11 'Insiders' Escaping Extradition! 14:50:17
Gold, The Future & The Way Through 14:36:33
Need Help --- Ron Paul Comments over at Politico! 14:03:01
Farmer's 24 hour milk filling station a hit 14:01:35
9/11 “Government Blowback Day” Brochure 13:59:30
'The writing on the wall' 13:41:12
New Interview Reveals Ron Paul May Run for President in 2012 13:31:55
need legal advice: mattress store wants to pull something on us 13:31:04
Obama's Iraq Bushism 13:29:18
Judicial Watch Obtains Never-Before-Released FBI Records Regarding Late Senator Ted Kennedy 13:13:06
Gulf Is Still Poisoned--Corexit even found in Pools! 13:10:16
Senator Gravel, A&E911 Reveal Hard Evidence of Explosive Demolition 12:56:52
9/11 Truther Memorial (The Onion) 12:52:18
For all us Dirt Diggers 12:05:51
White House launches Web site seeking citizens' help 11:48:08
No recession here: Election spending sets records 11:41:33
US terror training in Yemen reflects wider program 11:37:47
Suspected US missile attacks rock NW Pakistan 11:36:30
LAPD shoots Drunk 11:27:52
Governments and Officials Admitting Aliens Are Real 11:24:53
Austin Texas Is A Nanny City - John Bush Debates Andy Brown on Government Intrusion In Our Lives 11:16:17
Americans for New Leadership TV ad against Reid 11:04:35
If Dr. Paul ran as a Democrat would.... 11:00:04
Enough vacant housing in China for 200M 10:56:14
Al Gore proved wrong. Again. 10:40:04
A Constitutional Convention 10:26:35
RT- CrossTalk: Double Dip Depression Doom? US in Depression. 10:21:30
Who Ron Paul supports in 2012-If he doesn't run. 09:57:15
The Tea Party goes to school 09:35:54
Jake Towne: Radio Ad for Your Review 09:24:05
Vaccinate the World: Gates, Rockefeller Seek Global Population Reduction 08:55:35
Freedom Watch on Fox Business - The Empire Of America 07:41:49
Word witchcraft: "Corexit" 07:39:36
He was arrested for protecting his property and family. 07:18:06
Here Are 13 Signs That We're Actually In A Depression Right Now 07:13:08
Earth struck by giant meteorite was NOT approved by our Masters, so will not be reported 06:48:06
Nigel Farage trashes the EU Dictatorship...once again 06:32:18
Are Governments Counterfeiting Gold? Rusty Russian Coins 04:55:08
Gold is going up **Update w/explanation** 04:47:23
MUST READ: Meet Marty Peretz, the REAL RACIST Owner/Publisher of TNR, the Propagandizers of the "NEWSLETTERS" 01:56:20
O.K. I have a friend that would like to be educated sitting next to me 00:48:54