Posted on September 15, 2010

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Jim Forsythe Wins Primary for NH State Senate 20:52:33
"Turning off the light of liberty" (The end of incandescent bulbs) 18:41:08
* Miscellaneous useful OFF-GRID info thread 12:38:13
Who suffered most? Iraq to pay $400 mln to US victims of Saddam regime 10:17:41
Ron Paul & Dennis Kucinich on Freedom Watch: The 'Unholy Alliance' Against War 22:00:08
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Sarah Palin's top advisor outed as PNAC ("New Pearl Harbor") director 23:57:17
'Appalled' Pa. gov. shuts down reports on protests 23:16:25
Scott Rasmussen and Douglas Schoen: One nation under revolt 21:25:47
WTC worker talks about the 3 day power down of the WTC's before 911 19:56:39
Article IV Section 4 and the 17th 19:53:01
Chuck Baldwin is moving to Montana! 19:28:07
Tea Party Man Protests With Milk Jugs 19:22:07
DeMint-endorsed Candidate in Runoff in NH Senate Race? 19:11:04
Paladino Rout of Lazio Jolts New York G.O.P. 19:09:44
[Videos] Cn2 Politics: Rand Paul discusses plans to slash the federal budget 18:42:54
ALERT: TEXT "SR4" to 36288 NOW - FOX NEWS POLL for RAND PAUL 18:23:55
House passes bill (Paul-Yes) that would allow lawmakers to swear in American citizens 18:07:36
You are NOT a Tea Partier if.... 18:02:54
Tea Party 'Champion' Sarah Palin on BBC News 18:02:05
Lawsuit planned after protesters put on terror list 18:01:07
Who is Christine O'Donnell? 17:38:02
Frank Lasee wins GOP Senate primary! 17:07:09
EXCLUSIVE: Outlook Gloomy at Secret Billionaire Meeting 17:05:18
Silence is the Death of Liberty 17:03:51
Prosecutor 'sexted' abuse victim 16:46:15
I got to wear one of my classic shirts. 16:38:51
With Voters Divided, Leadership Is Crucial 16:23:36
Hey, legalizeliberty just turned 3! 16:17:13
Major event going on at Revolution Broadcasting...Cindy Sheehan,Michael Badnarik, Schaffer Cox, Joyce Reilly, 16:17:12
Tattoos, tennis shoes, cell phones and Medicaid. What do they have in common? 16:06:51
What is the Tea Party to the GOP? 15:56:56
A look at the tea party movement's primary wins 15:54:38
Congo suspends blood coltan mining 15:39:32
Israeli jets bomb Gaza targets as leaders hold peace talks 15:20:36
100,000s: Unbelievable fish kill including whale and dolphin in Lousiana-No testing to see if from BP oil spill 15:03:19
If this is true, gold will experience another Viagra effect. 15:02:07
Democrats Profit from Craigslist's Sex Slave Scene 15:01:05
Are We Witnessing the Death of Our Planet? 14:58:22
Bombshell from London Think-Tank - No Al-Qaeda Threat! 14:55:30
Senate to Consider DREAM Act Immigration Reform 14:11:36
The Real IRA?? Anyone hear of them before? 14:10:21
Its good for you 13:57:08
DHS Creates Citizenship Database + 9/11 Exclusives 13:28:33
Attention, history buffs: Free admission to James Madison’s Montpelier 12:50:09
By 2040 China will be the world's sole super-economy … again 12:32:07
Bradley Manning: Ideas for Support 12:22:24
Alan Greenspan: Taxes must rise to fight budget deficit 11:54:51
WSJ-- Insurgents Vex GOP Mainstream in Northeast 10:54:20
7 Civilians Killed in U.S. and Iraqi Raid 10:47:57
When Cameras Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Cameras! 10:43:27
WSJ: Nearly 50% of Americans Receive Government Benefits 10:33:58
Family of 9-11 victim confronts Janet Napolitano on 9-11 10:29:18
RT- - 'Iraqis should be paid trillions by US as compensation for invasion' 10:26:55
"I'm Free" - best video I have seen in a long time. 10:17:47
TYT- TX Student, 17, Suspended for Bloodshot Eyes 10:17:04
Strange indeed – “Birther in chief” invited to Democratic get together 09:37:06
GOP scared?--Tea party victory endangers GOP’s goal of retaking the Senate 09:35:03
Arkansas High Court to Stream Hearings on Web 09:32:56
U.S. judge allows Va. health-care lawsuit to move ahead 09:02:17
The Twentieth Century Motor Company 08:26:23
John Stossel: Money Is Not What Schools Need 08:05:29
Tom Tancredo & Sheriff Joe Arpaio endorse a 9/11 truther for governor of California 07:07:09
Crossing the Delaware 06:43:23
Terrorist training camp up and running in Arizona, more planned for all over US 06:07:48
2008 United States Presidential Candidate from Japan 04:44:39
Should real estate agents be further regulated? Would like some input on this one. 04:24:31
Fidel Castro : "Cuban model doesn't work" 03:22:24
GOP unveils tax proposal 03:12:48
Tea Party favorite wins in Delaware; race close in N.H 03:08:13
Japan intervenes in the currency market...this is big news! 02:53:49
How will you feed your family when the dollar crashes? I'll feed Mine with FREE Food 02:21:54
The Real Matrix - Take the Red Pill (poetic video) 02:12:53
Civil Rights Photographer Unmasked as Paid F.B.I. Informer 01:55:45
How I Changed My Mind On War, Tom Woods 00:54:13
Yen go PLOP! 00:51:13