Posted on September 16, 2010

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Liberty Candidate Chelene Nightingale Ends 190-Mile "Save California Walk" 23:04:43
The Southern Avenger - Rove and Rush: Late To The Party 21:58:34
"Greenspan’s Warning on Gold" 21:00:35
Breaking: RNC Chairman Steele to Campaign for Delia Lopez 14:02:50
>Gold $1,195 Silver $16.20 Platinum $1,215 Palladium $815 Dollar 90.00 09:31:07
Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer says that Globalization may change the way the First Amendment applies in the United States 08:25:24
In Delaware, frustration with Republican Party led to Christine O'Donnell's win 07:32:32
BJ Lawson Constitution Day Moneybomb 23:04:44
Ron Paul on CNN's Anderson Cooper: This is a Revolution! 08:24:24
♥ Liberty Candidates Constitution Day Fundraiser – September 17 ♥ 23:14:44
'One in the Senate' - Rand Paul Video Telethon & Moneybomb Sep 28 - 30 00:16:53
Delia Lopez Radio-thon, September 16 2010 00:21:25
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Wow,,,, New World Order hit a new low : Update this one is even worse 23:12:29
4409 -- Phone call on 9/11 to 550 KFYI 22:29:30
GOP tries to bring tea party enthusiasm into fold 22:17:46
Obama promises he'll push DREAM Act (illegals to citizenship) 21:33:19
Are we being bought an sold? 20:45:11
How do you post a video? 20:26:48
Sen. Kerry Says This is First He's Heard of Thermite, Says WTC7 Brought Down in "Controlled Fashion!" 20:13:00
Peter Schiff on MSNBC today 20:11:29
Jake Towne Dominates Dent And Callahan On The Internet 19:46:56
rhino: Compromising vs. Coalitions 19:45:01
Tomorrow is Constitution Day, how about representing 19:23:29
Video: B.J. Lawson vs. David Price Candidate Forum 19:23:11
Greenspan to CFR: “Fiat money has no place to go but gold.” 18:38:27
Wonder what these guys are training for? 18:28:39
Sprott Raises Capital To Buy Another 6 Tons Of Gold 18:24:18
Anyone else here using Yahoo get this email? 18:21:19
Ron Paul LIVE 30 minutes September 16 2010 . 6pm eastern 17:36:51
Americans Enjoying Final Days of Artificial Economy 17:36:03
GEES! Tell us something we didn't know! Bombshell from London 17:32:04
Canadian Family Destroyed in Govt. Sex Abuse Cover-up 17:22:03
Stop Deploying Traumatized Vets! Campaign to Launch October 7th Nationwide 17:21:10
The 727 that Vanished 17:16:44
RFID Tags In FRNs 17:12:24
Complaint filed to have Elena Kagan disbarred for falsifying a report 17:11:05
I'm going to see the Judge 17:03:07
Do You Believe?--- Two big threats to the economy shrink a bit 16:59:00
Distraught Hopkins gunman killed himself, mother 16:49:15
Congresswoman Hits Lobbyist Up For Cash In Voicemail 16:00:57
Who wants to read the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871? 15:59:18
Liberty 'Memes' - Using them to grow and fortify the movement behind US 15:49:17
Tea Party comes to Australia 15:45:36
More on Silver..... 15:43:40
Who is Christine O'Donnell??? 15:21:54
Americans Enjoying Final Days of Artificial Economy 15:21:28
VIDEO: CATO Institute, Cops on Camera 15:18:59
Ron Paul On The So-Called GOP Civil War: ‘We Live In Revolutionary Times’ 15:16:23
Thanks for "Guys I Need A Huge Favor" The Click & Bump update and reason. 15:11:43
Attention: My Email Address Was Taken Over! {Updated} 15:04:39
Know we have a lot of dog lovers on here, so here's a video for you. Amazing dog! 14:56:25
Poverty rate at highest level in half-century, data show 14:46:55
(TN) 9/10 - Shelby: 3,221 Phantom Votes Found 14:35:07
Go Tell The RNC How You Feel About Ron Paul! 14:27:11
Sen. Jim DeMint: Tea Party Candidates Can Win in November 13:55:35
Democratic Congressional Candidate Asks Pelosi to Step Aside... 13:51:14
The 10 American Industries That May Never Recover 13:50:13
Via Drudge: Senate hearing on GOLD set for September 23rd by Waxman/Weiner 13:47:11
Anna Beltzer, a Jewish American Heroine on Daily Show 13:43:27
Council Member Jeanne Harris MELTDOWN Highlights - Vancouver City, WA (9.13.10) 13:41:16
Tea Party Rebellion: Political Uprising Shakes Up GOP 13:27:38
Should I Stay in the Air Force or Get Out 13:11:53
Japan sells Y1T to avoid deflation and to keep exports moving 12:15:35
Chalice has eligibility case in Illinois -Sept 23rd - needs help 12:09:42
Tea Party win raises questions about future of the GOP 11:59:29
Shady politics used against Towne 11:19:35
9/11 Myth Huggers: 9 Years of Ignoring the Evidence 11:11:43
Time Mag. - Home birth article 11:00:24
Guitars Not Wars 10:28:13
Right to Know Request filed in response to PA's Aug-30th protestors terror list bulletin. 09:51:27
Jake Towne's mobile office his only office 09:46:42
Do as I say, not as I do: Obama accuses Arizona of racial profiling while Fed. govt builds it in 09:35:38
Rock Hill to cut off water despite residents' pleas 09:28:54
Complaints On Lawyers Involved With Loan Modification Schemes Increasing 08:48:49
Delia Lopez Money Bomb Countdown to the Final Blumenhauer 08:48:44
"Green Shoots" - Corporations profit, workers lose jobs 08:41:24
DeMint on GOP: 'I don’t want the majority back if we don’t believe anything' 08:41:21
MSM Doing Their Best To Divide And Conquer The Tea Party 08:39:37
Jake Towne: Victory at the Debate and Two Front Page Articles!! 08:23:06
More Homes Lost to Foreclosure in August Than in Any Other Month Since Crisis Started 08:15:01
US Government desecrates war heroes over and over. 07:48:31
O'Donnell's big win in Delaware sends message to GOP establishment 07:24:35
Government knows what's best 06:08:10
Brad Blog: Did O'Donnell really win? 00:44:12