Posted on January 1, 2010

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New Year Begins With Random Searches On Streets Of New York 16:52:40
Any good videos to recommend for weekend watching? 16:44:29
Here is how a building collapses when the support columns are not carefully removed 16:28:03
UPDATED! Evidence Mounts for US Complicity in Terrorism re: The Lap Bomber! 14:46:53
Need Cancer Advice for my Patriot Uncle 17:01:28
First Deflation, Followed by Inflation? 14:22:58
2010 - Happy New Year Daily Paul! Open Party Thread 18:12:32
Fractional Reserve Banking is Fraudulent - Ron Paul on CNBC 11:32:30
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Direct TV just turned me over to collections: Now what? 23:48:27
* The Hidden Knowledge Course * 22:59:35
Don’t Let Reality Ruin Your Day 22:58:00
Support Logan Bell's run for Congress in New York's 24th district. We need you 22:57:48
imf and worldbank audits of us financial sys since 2007 22:40:14
WTMA Radio Interview with Ron Paul (12/31/09) 21:49:11
If someone did decide to not work and see how much they could get in government benefits, what would that look like? 21:45:23
I need help building a website, I am running for congress in New Yorks 24th district 21:40:58
How Goldman Sachs Made Tens Of Billions Of Dollars From The Economic Collapse Of America In Four Easy Steps 20:58:05
Rand Paul raises nearly $650,000 in fourth quarter 20:33:39
Vote for Connecticut in PPP Poll 20:21:24
A salute to Elvis!!! 20:04:32
'Manisis Chronicles' - For Those Who Hold Dear Their Own Free Will 19:36:36
Jake Towne - "Guns or Health Care?" 19:12:12
The Myth of Contemporary Deflation 18:48:32
The Big Picture: 2010 predictions and actions: reposted from 1 year ago 17:51:12
Supreme Court Rules Guantanamo Detainees are not "Persons" 17:11:53
Prisoners used to shovel snow-bound US capital 16:35:24
Was the WTC insured by AIG that was later....... 16:03:44
Gold's 25% rise in 2009 eclipsed by palladium (120%), platinum (58.7%) and silver (49.1%) 15:53:18
Democract Candidate for TX District 14 15:28:31
I Dedicate This Poem To The Entire Daily Paul Family 15:27:39
To Fed: No Audit, No Confirmation 14:55:06
Pink Floyd: Echos of Liberty 14:54:14
Israel to outfit all residents with gas masks 14:52:20
I just got Michael on hidden camera operating the Daily Paul site.... 14:22:22
here we go again 14:08:48
Assistance needed - How's the DP running? 14:04:44
I Have A Question? Did the underwear bomber really have bomb materials that could blow up an airline? 14:00:45
Freed British Hostage disputes US version of his kidnapping 13:26:47
Whack-A-Banker 13:05:44
Judge Napolitano, Woods, Gutzman, terrific video on Nullification 12:45:07
THE FED; Riding the Stagecoach to Hell in an Empty Wagon-O. Max Gardner III 12:43:40
John Stossel: Memo to the House of Rep.: Adopt the Filibuster 12:21:13
I love how RP just laughed at Ben Stein... 11:45:57
Rand Paul has Praise for Tea Party Movement 11:38:32
Reading the Tea Party Leaves Will we see a repeat of 1994—or 1964? 11:31:49
Airplanes continue to dump material over Central California 07:20:13
HNY 04:32:16
Alan Keyes: How Obama and Ron Paul demoralize America 03:41:01
Another staffer leaves Paul's campaign 03:11:51
Breaking: Congressional Body Scans! 02:46:07
New Years Eve 2010 Auld Lang Syne music and fireworks HQ 02:21:15
Obama vs Beck (Sugar vs Venom) 02:19:17
Here's to the Crazy Ones! The Misfits, The Rebels!! 00:29:17
Deconstructing the Grand Deception by Simon Shack - December 31, 2009 00:14:04
Full-body scanners to fry travellers with radiation 00:03:22