Posted on January 11, 2010

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Ron has a primary coming up soon! Early voting is in February. Take a look at his competition. 22:04:20
Wise words from Tom Woods... 15:10:41
Secessionist Dennis Steele declares his candidacy for Vermont Governor 12:38:04
Naomi Wolf disowns Obama 10:44:22
Gerald Celente / Jim Rickards Interviews on King World News 22:06:40
Steve Forbes with Ron Paul on Bill to Audit the FED 22:18:05
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Palin at Fox: The next RNC will be at FNC 23:52:25
A "Ron Paul Candidate" Running for U.S. Congress in IL 23:14:53
Mitt Freakin Romney! 23:06:35
Geithner expects to be praised and thanked for his actions instead of rebuked and fired. 23:00:59
NJ Legislature approves medical marijuana bill 22:11:00
It’s Moneybomb Day for Scott Brown! 22:07:12
Lindsey Graham Town Hall tomorrow, Tuesday! 21:56:34
Public Policy Polling taking suggestions for 2012 election and other polls! 21:56:30
**WOW***...Cashless society ... MSM starting to talk about it in black and white (Telegraph in UK) 21:13:21
*Nationwide Strike Jan. 20, 2010* 21:04:26
For Dems, may be now or never on health care 21:03:29
Article: Obama Risks A Domestic Military Intervention 21:01:32
possible H1N1 cure 20:55:45
The Man Behind The Continental Congress 2009- Bob Schulz (Webinar) 20:38:07
Truth Talk Live: Tonight 10-Midnight (I will be on the Show) 20:18:23
Itching for battle, U.S. troops in Iraq stage fight nights 20:03:52
"The Ten Minute Hate" (modern version) 19:27:29
Ron Paul Goes Mainstream 19:22:37
Something to Consider 19:18:51
Israeli General denies Iran is nuclear threat 18:55:40
401k/IRA Screw Job Coming? 18:23:22
Palin signs on with Fox News 18:12:57
Nurse Outduels IRS Over M.B.A. Tuition 18:09:25
Video: How to Make Homemade Armor 18:04:24
Gold vs. Paper 18:00:45
Well, I guess we can't call it sunny California anymore... 17:45:14
US dismisses N Korean call for peace treaty 17:24:32
another ron paul hit piece 17:18:27
Palin Signs With Fox 16:50:08
Ron Paul Flash Mobs? 16:49:10
Hey, I think we ALL want to send a buck for Ted Kennedy, don't we? 16:48:22
Good WSJ article: Taking the Measure on Obama's Foreign Policy 16:26:58
Zionism: What do you think it means? 16:17:34
Ed Brown gets 37 years on weapons charges 15:59:44
Ron Paul tells Steve Forbes that the recovery is all hooey. 15:56:50
Will the TSA's incredible failures awaken the masses? 15:44:01 - The Truth about Trey Grayson 15:31:07
The Republican Party of Florida: They Still Don’t Get It 15:20:55
Big spike in military veteran suicide rate 14:59:38
A North American Security Perimeter on the Horizon 14:54:50
My editorial on telephone company fees 14:34:30
Could It Really Fail? Health Care Bill Hanging By Thread! 14:33:33
Gerald Celente on tech ticker: "Anti-China Backlash Coming; Buy America" 14:29:49
Police wrongdoing jeopardizes St. Louis cases 14:18:21
Houston Police use DRONES to spy on Americans!! 13:30:08
Scott Brown Vs Martha Coakley Massachusetts 13:20:25
America beware, China is rising fast 12:57:07
Goldman Sachs Sued by Shareholders for Breaking Own Rules on Executive Pay 12:54:33
Obama planning new fee on banks to recoup bailout costs 12:20:25
Old threat rings true today 11:53:41
Dems launch defense to save Reid 11:30:48
Road projects don't help unemployment 11:26:20
Married Couples Pay More Than Unmarried Under Health Bill 11:19:51
Obama's Yemeni odyssey targets China 11:12:12
Is this why stocks are UP? 10:58:53
Adam Kokesh: REAL Money Bomb February 1st (Video) 10:49:40
FT Letter re. Afghanistan - Great Logic; Succinctly Stated 10:44:07
Liberty Candidate Running Against Eric Cantor! We need volunteers!!! 10:37:47
* UPDATE! Calling Bono:Your Palestinian Gandhis Exist ... in Graves and Prisons 10:21:30
(Get rid of Gold??) Harry Dent Predicts 2010 Crash, Depression 10:08:36
Right to Life Questions Ron Paul's Pro-life Credentials 09:51:09
FED Seeks to Block Release of U.S. Bailout Secrets UPDATE JAN. 11 08:59:12
Struggling economy puts Ron Paul's views in spotlight 08:31:39
Palin thought candidacy was mapped by God, says McCain aide 08:11:46
The Great Bear Of Texas 07:39:11
Dollar falls on weak jobs data, Fed comment 06:32:53
Innocent way to secretly annoy a annoying cop 05:36:32
For Dems, may be now or never on health care = San Francisco Chronicle 05:25:11
Time for a Tax Strike!!! 04:06:22
Fly A UAV Drone With An iPhone 03:50:44
The conservative Huffington Post launches! 03:07:13
NBC News cover Debra Medina 03:06:14
Long-shot GOP candidate Debra Medina stirs up the Tea Party crowd 02:34:42
Sarah Palin Will Headline First-Ever Tea Party Convention 01:09:35
I want to go to Gaza 00:55:41
More proof that chemtrails exist 00:47:19
Fox News: Barack Obama's "Cocaine Use", "Negro dialect" & more 00:18:29
The New Slave Trade in South Africa. 00:03:07