Posted on January 12, 2010

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Google will quit China unless web censorship ends 20:46:13
Jack Cafferty: "Nancy Pelosi is a Horrible Woman!" 20:53:37
UPDATE! * Left and Right Against the Empire! * 09:54:08
Zbigniew Brzezinski to speak at BYU today 1/12/2010 04:12:54
Eric King 2010 Outlook 20:45:13
Ron Paul on the Don Imus Show - Jan 11, 2010 20:43:12
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Identifying Sure Signs Of The Final Economic Plunge 23:44:36
It's The People's Seat. 23:42:17
The Obama Administation's $780,000 "buy-an-economist" scandal 23:36:42
Monopoly and Fractional Reserve Banking 23:22:37
The 50 Worst Cars of All Time 23:15:26
Committee approves Calif. pot legalization bill 23:06:39
Venezuelans Rush for TVs on Devaluation of Currency 22:51:03
Big Box Hit: Sam's Club to Close 10 Stores,.. 22:50:13
Miep Gies -the woman that helped to hide Anne Frank- dies at the age of 100 22:42:31
Take your shots at this new program 22:37:05
Housebreaking the Corporations 22:35:59
The Federal Governent just raised income tax withholding tables across the board-I lost $11 per paycheck :( 22:33:18
RT: Russian nuclear rocket to take humans to Mars? 22:30:37
Afghanistan and Global Dominance 22:10:31
Be a Haitian Hero! Now featuring The Haitian from the TV show Heroes! 21:57:59
Obama wants $33 billion more for war 21:38:00
Was Madison mistaken? 21:35:35
You guys may enjoy my email to the TN State House Transportation Comm. 21:09:57
Anyone seen this? Muslim Paramilitary Training Camps Here? 20:48:49
Illegal, inevitable – Chilcot inquiry casts new doubts on Iraq war 20:47:41
Genetically Modified Corn Linked to Organ Failure 20:45:37
Where’s the Christian Right on Airport Wrongs? 20:43:16
7.0 earthquake hits Haiti 20:41:37
Former Guantanamo Guard and Captives Reunion - BBC 20:38:45
Question Your Reality (Alex Jones) 20:25:15
How we get the Teabag rallies back into our court 20:07:55
U.S. supporting terrorism? 19:42:16
Just Got This Email From Restore The Republic - Important Action - Please Call 19:38:20
Why do some people on here think that "conservatives" stand for smaller gov't than "left-liberals"? 19:09:32
The use of the term RINO doesn't make sense 18:58:10
America has made its bed and now it is time to lie in it. 18:48:32
James Madison on the Pelosi & Reid Health Care Reform Bills 18:47:30
FOX News and The Henhouse 18:36:02
Glenn Beck talking about the FED's record "Windfall profits" 18:34:25
Obama Elgiblity case...dismissed. 18:15:03
Hey U DPer's 18:08:38
Detroit underwear bomber? Q: Qui bono? A: Environmentalists 18:07:46
scandal brewing with Obama Administration involving healthcare 18:07:36
Why is Sarah Palin associated with Tea Parties? 18:04:26
NASA's new cloud classification chart- probably should be called 'new chemcloud chart' 17:33:39
2010 Nevada Senate Race - Harry Reid & Sue Lowden 17:08:09
House panel to subpoena N.Y. Fed over AIG 17:03:49
Importing Evidence????? 17:02:49
Shadow Government: A new release @ 16:34:12
The Rise Of The Fourth Reich 16:18:10
Attention all Gun Owners! 16:15:39
GOP candidate in Mass. Senate race says he raised $1.3M in 24 hours 15:57:22
Have You Read "Rule by Secrecy" 15:57:08
Ron Paul Family Cookbook! 15:28:55
Iran blames U.S. "agents" for killing of scientist 15:18:37
Happy 8th Birthday Gitmo! Protestors Descend on Washington D.C. 15:03:40
The Southern Avenger: Rich Lowry's Liberal Naivete 15:03:12
Continental Congress 2009 - The Next Step For A Free People 14:58:51
Breaking News - Obama Signs Martial Law Executive Order 14:46:20
Why I Am Excited About 2010 14:33:10
Ron Paul's Booking Agent 14:28:28
Dylan Ratigan: The Case Against Timothy Geithner 14:13:42
I'm ticked! 14:09:09
Why Do Sheeple Conform? - The Asch Experiment 14:07:09
NASA and the Bible 13:58:49
The Jekyll Island Project - A Beautiful Public Document 13:54:43
Coakley in trouble in Mass.? Pharma and HMO lobbyists to the rescue 13:34:03
I've been asked to post the 24 hour clock times 13:20:09
rhino: The Fed has just been caught in a lie. 13:02:06
A French Infantryman's View of American Soldiers 12:57:47
RT: CIA 'death team' plotted murder in Germany? 12:48:29
I listened to the Glenn Beck show today, and he gained some points with me 12:41:15
US taxpayer money being abused in Afghanistan 12:40:32
Freedom in decline for 4th straight year 12:09:47
Union Heads Warn of Political Toll for Backing U.S. Health Tax 11:59:48
TX School Battle over 4 year old boy's hair 11:54:23
Ludwig von Mises Insitute now on iTunes! 11:44:55
* Are Americans a Broken People?* 11:13:27
* Obama as the Secret Decider ~ Bring Back the Signing Statement? * 10:46:48
Revolutionary War and the Federal Government 10:38:31
March on Wall Street 10:33:42
Pat Buchanan: Why Are They at War With Us? 10:31:45
Too Many Dots, Too Many Enemies 10:00:22
Well here we go...."AVATAR is a racist movie" 08:34:40
SEC Orders AIG Info Sealed Until November... 2018! 08:03:21
Federal Reserve earned $45 billion in 2009 [to Return to U.S. Treasury] 07:53:41
New Masschussetts Senatorial Debate 06:47:26
"The 9/11 Hoax: Pondering questions of strategy & opportunity" by Simon Shack 05:12:04
The Southern Avenger - Rich Lowry's Liberal Naivete 05:11:13
Is America Ready For 500 Dead U.S. Troops A "MONTH" Returning From Afghanistan? 04:18:59
How the DMV slowly causes you to stop surviving as a person 04:05:38
Top 100 Conservatives or The Most Influential Republicans That Cater to Special Interests 04:01:23
Unofficial Rand Paul TV Commercial 03:56:00
The Freedom Principles! 03:36:52
Ponzi Scheme: The Federal Reserve Bought Approximately 80 Percent Of U.S. Treasury Securities Issued In 2009 03:31:44
USA Military Coup De Tat 2012 02:56:20
"Avatar" makes people depressed and gives them suicidal thoughts 02:47:15
Calvin Trillin was onto something when he predicted the underwear bomber in 2006 02:41:44
Harry Reid's Worst Nightmare 02:04:09
Pagan "AVATAR" Peddles Nature Worship (Movie Review) 01:33:28
RIP, Mrs. Gies. The world needs more like you. 00:54:36
Naomi Wolf 00:53:02
Should Ron Paul sponsor a bill to determine the actual status of the 13th amendment? 00:44:13
Amish families exempt from insurance mandate 00:17:23
Obomba Signs Executive Order Establishing Council of Governors ... HUH! 00:14:29
Universal Voter Registration 00:05:47