Posted on January 15, 2010

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Greenwald Destroys Cass Sunstein and the Idea of "Cognitive Infiltration" 15:16:51
Today Haiti Tomorrow America? 13:20:12
Best Ron Paul Song Yet: "LET'S SHAKE IT UP!" 10:15:38
More on the Ninja Pizza Bandit from Fox News 00:40:35
SWAT Team Surrounds My Home Looking for Ninja Pizza Bandit 00:41:35
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They want you to think the bailout only cost $700 billion. What they don't want you to know about is the $23.7 TRILLION!!! 23:17:39
Have any of you seen the movie "Che"? 23:15:44
Debra Medina Interview 22:45:24
1/14/10 Ron Paul on Fox Business: We Are Blaming the Wrong People! 22:34:27
On the Edge with Max Keiser - 1/15/2010 22:30:14
Max Igan - Criminals Are Running Our World 22:26:28
wk-end view: Peter Schiff Vlog; The Lunacy of the Government 22:23:35
Medina donations 21:50:19
Obama Gives Former Food Lobbyist Michael Taylor (Monsanto) Second Chance at the FDA 21:28:14
2010 China trends to keep a close eye on 21:13:16
Edward Griffin & Pinnacle Property Solutions 20:49:35
HAITIAN HELP yeah,right 20:36:29
With a Last Name Like Kennedy, Libertarian Could Be Spoiler in Massachusetts 19:53:30
Obama Adviser, Valerie Jarrett wrongly criticized Evengelist Pat Robertson for his comment 19:28:01
AIG probe widens to include Paulson, Friedman 19:11:00
Italy in racism debate as migrants quit riot town 18:51:00
Petition to allow Medina to debate in the WFAA debate 18:45:32
Palin Facepalm 18:41:57
R.J. Harris Needs Our Help in Oklahoma NOW!!! 18:22:38
Be Strong In This Struggle For Freedom 18:19:30
Would you support a Ron Paul 2012 run for president? 17:57:36
U.S. economy hit by perfect storm 17:57:22
Magnitude 5.4 quake shakes Venezuela coast town 17:55:19
CIA America's Drug Dealer 17:55:00
Gerald Celente: Financial mafia controlling US and Wall Street 17:54:24
What Can We Get in Writing From the GOP for Ron Paul Republican Support of Scott Brown? 17:52:38
Obama flys to Mass.; special election puts healthcare bill in Danger 17:48:58
Consumers are squeezed as inflation outpaces wages 17:43:58
Rush 'meant' what he said about Haiti 17:38:38
Democracy is the Problem! 17:19:41
This Can Save Many Lives . . . . . 17:08:04
SWAT Wrong-Door Raids: Are You Next? 17:01:13
Action Alert: Texas papers are ignoring Medina 16:26:05
Justice Dept. eyes possible fraud on Wall Street Mortgage Market 16:04:46
Traffic camera poll: vote "Get rid of them" 15:24:14
The Road to Yorktown 15:18:38
When does the Internet Revolt Begin 15:10:24
The Truth about Haiti's Suffering 14:54:45
RJ Harris makes personal appeal: "The Road to Yorktown" 14:44:43
RJ Harris down only 12%, was down 23% in Sept. 14:42:02
Debt Collection Law Firm Abruptly Closes; Thousands of Cases Dismissed 13:50:00
Beware: 13:47:24
From the horses mouth (why WFFA is excluding Medina) 13:40:45
One simple question you can ask to Obamacare supporters. 13:38:31
Curt Price, for FL 19th CD. Any one familar with him? 13:31:07
What Ron Paul should do if he runs in 2012 13:28:04
Debra Medina guest on Alex Jones today at 1pm ET (discussing her now) 13:06:46
Video - 3rd Party coming to the USA - Jesse Ventura 12:50:34
Fire a Shot Off the Bow, Massachusetts 12:25:23
China begins monitoring billions of text messages 11:51:48
Who Killed Massoud Ali Mohammadi? and why? 11:46:56
Another real reason for the Afghanistan-Pakistan war-a natural gas pipeline 11:46:48
A question for all of us who would like to see Dr. Paul run in 2012.......... 11:46:31
When it comes to foreign policy, Is Obama a Republican? 11:40:28
Obama staffer wants ‘cognitive infiltration’ of 9/11 conspiracy groups 11:35:56
Is there a Youtube of Medina's post debate inteview? 10:27:42
Well.....(sigh)... Guess the U.S. will finally get to take over Haiti... 10:16:19
When will this crap end? 09:27:55
Debra Medina won hands down! 09:16:36
deleted 09:09:59
Scott Brown on being a "Scott Brown Republican." 08:55:13
Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan: “Somehow, we just missed … that home prices don’t go up forever.” 08:42:53
GOP Leaders all over America are Promoting Mass. Contender Scott Brown 08:21:34
Question on Rand Paul 08:16:12
Ron Paul on Who is to Blame for the Financial Crisis (VIDEO) 08:14:21
Plum Island produces a prune 07:26:19
Could Scott Brown be any less grateful? 07:12:17
♠ Sheriff Arpaio vs the federal government 07:03:49
Should the US Military go to Haiti? 04:29:38
Updated old thread... denied vaccines @ hospital 04:08:30
San Antonio TV station surveys area bar: Debra Medina clear winner!! 04:07:25
Call in to Support Medina 03:27:54
More news on Debra Medina 03:00:20
Hollywood 9-11 02:48:52
Pakistan Daily Article on Fake Gold Bars mentions Ron Paul and Audit the Fed 02:22:44
Do You Like Ballet? 02:19:02
Do all of your friends/family like Ron Paul because of you? 02:08:17
Sweep the Board bomb 02:07:36
Ron Paul on Russia Today 1-14-09: Haiti EarthQuake, Body Scanners, and Yemen Ops are among topics 01:11:13
"Beckonauts" -OR- "Becktards" (Vote Now - Vote Now - Vote Now) 00:36:44
3rd Party Candidate, Kennedy Could Tip Senate Race 00:05:04