Posted on January 16, 2010

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Ron Paul promises to support Texas incumbents! 12:41:39
Threats to Joe Kennedy from Brown Supporters 10:25:37
A marriage between the "left" and "right," Howard Zinn and RP, two peas from the same pod when it comes to war 02:39:16
Joe Kennedy on WGBH Boston 01:52:51
VIDEO All Medina answers... 02:10:34
RJ Harris Money Bomb 01:41:53
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Let's get Medina in the next debate! Contact forms. 21:57:49
NATO: US Troops Shot Civilian Protesters in Afghanistan’s Garmsir District 21:56:06
Folks at FireDogLake are fired up! 21:45:13
Time to get a grip! LONG LIVE THE REVOLUTION!!!! 21:39:09
They Live the movie 21:01:57
For The Shadow Elite Failure Often Guarantees Future Rewards 21:00:09
Madison’s Gift to America 19:59:45
Ron Paul has sold out the liberty movement. I can not believe how we have been betrayed! 19:34:24
Abilene Reporter-News has taken notice of their poll winner! DEBRA MEDINA 19:01:02
Creating the Floating Exchange Rate System--The Fate of the Dollar 2010 and Beyond 1/11/10 18:55:21
Watch~ UN 'Peacekeepers' aka Thugs in Haiti 18:43:48
Sandra Day O'Connor Revisits and Revives Affirmative-Action Controversy 18:29:35
Officials Evacuate Terminal at JFK Airport Due to Security Breach 18:21:08
VIDEO: Texas Gov. Debate on KERA... Go MEDINA! 17:59:17
U.S. Foreign Troops Gearing Up for Martial Law In America 17:50:49
Obama's top CZAR wants to ban CONSPIRACY THEORIST & THEORIES 17:45:08
Why AFP Would Endorse Jim Traficant for Congress 17:19:17
Fort Worth Star-Telegram says Debra deserves to be in next debate! 17:00:32
Martin Luther King- American Prophet 16:37:35
"Becktards" 16:26:27
Understand Ron's Endorsement: those mad don't understand politics or the consequences of non-support 16:19:19
When we make an "actual" dent then and only then are we "heroes" of the Revolution 15:11:23
NAACP Director Comes To Ron Paul's Defense 14:44:24
Please consider helping the Orphanages in Haiti 14:11:09
Racketeering 102: Fed's Lacker Threatens With Mutually Assured Destruction If Fed Audited 13:52:53
MSNBC: A peek at Ron Paul's support 13:21:39
Israeli officials and politicians subject to arrest 13:17:53
Is this soldier getting railroaded? 12:41:26
A little help please,,,, (off topic) 12:39:23
An Insult to the Democratic Republic of the United States of America 12:34:00
rhino: Zionism & Israeli 'State Terrorism' - Political Third Rail or Long Overdue Debate? 12:18:20
Libertarian Rock 12:07:53
Not enough freedom on Daily Paul 12:04:34
Debra Medina Fund Raising since debate? 11:40:47
Bloggers, Finance Writers, Can You Help "Starve the Beast"? 11:32:20
Ron Paul to Present "The Case Against the Fed" Jan 27 at Loyola 10:45:34
Reach the people! win their hearts and minds! That is how we will achieve our goals 10:18:20
Obama Foreclosure Plan Falling Far Short Of Targets 09:58:16
Demonizing the Liberty Movement- VIDEO 09:55:26
Shadow Elite: Are They Responsible For The Subprime Mortgage Crisis? 09:44:06
U.S. to Allow Haitians Illegallly Here to Stay 09:41:21
The most important thread you will ignore today... Air Force Traitors allowed to resign 09:00:46
W.H.O. Eyeing Global Tax on Banking & Internet Activity 06:58:33
"Spirit Of The R3VOLUTION Party"? 05:47:26
Bank Failure Friday 1-15-10 (3) 04:53:47
WTF is THIS all about? 04:50:53
Mann causes climate change 04:22:30
The Images From Haiti On TV Have No Affect On Me Whatsoever. 02:56:41
Please vote for Debra Medina in these polls! 02:54:47
Ron Paul : Life Changing Speech 4! 02:49:33
Ron Paul : Life Changing speech 3! 02:32:24
Obviously wfaa has no idea who there messsn with....but they will! 02:17:52
Ron Paul's Investment/Stock Portofolio - filled with gold, gold, and more gold! 02:06:30
Former Clinton supporter Trey Grayson: "I am more conservative than Rand Paul." 01:49:52
Young Ukranian girl fingerpainting in sand the shifting image of war and peace. 01:22:50
SC: Sheriff Al Cannon of Charleston County to Address Oath Keepers Meeting 01:18:18
MONSANTO vs. Geertson Seed Farms Supreme Court!! Bookmark This Site!! AWESOME!! 01:07:48
Hm hm hm ,Barack Hussein Obama. Jobless rate for Blacks projected to reach a 25-year high this year 01:05:54
The other Haitian shoe drops...immigration to the US 00:44:14
What are you going to do for the Cause...for Freedom...For Ron Paul! 00:30:21
Delightful look at old San Francisco before traffic laws and regulations 00:24:36
Has yahoo been living in the dark ages? read some of this crap... 00:18:47