Posted on January 17, 2010

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Judge Napolitano: The Constitution And Freedom Part 5 22:07:25
Obama Heckled At Martha Coakley Rally In Boston - 01/17/10 18:33:09
"Debra Medina...often seemed the adult in the room, refereeing a quarrel between two children." -Houston Chronicle 12:14:58
Thomas Woods, Jr. on Popularizing Freedom, and Why Real Libertarian Conservatives are Anti-State and Anti-War 09:05:46
Update on Medina petition for WFAA Debate 01:21:01
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Debra Medina Marginalized by Assumed 'Parental Role' of Liberal Media Conglomerate Belo Corporation 23:24:27
THE FUTURIST Magazine's Top 10 Forecasts for 2010 and Beyond.. Chilling 23:16:57
Oathkeeper arrested as homeland terrorist? 22:39:46
Cindy Sheehan Sunday guest on Jason Bermas 9pm ET 21:52:25
How can a liberty lover embrace 24? 21:23:51
More Debra Medina support needed! No money needed for this one. 21:19:23
Lightbulb: The elites have trained the WHOLE population to be submissive. 21:03:22
ObamaCare To Pass Even if Brown Elected? 21:01:59
CNN "reporter" famous for covering the 1990 Persian Gulf War. 20:52:41
NY Times to introduce pay walls (others also) 19:43:49
Those naughty feds. Lying about temperature data. Can you believe it? 19:42:06
Ron Paul is doing the right thing for the right reasons (better title) 19:31:57
Massachusetts Senator Kirk Can't Vote After Tuesday 19:25:49
Game Changer: Debra Medina Leading in the Texas Gov. Polls? 19:02:05
New Online Radio Talk Show Features Three Nolan Chart Columnists 18:45:53
council of governors 18:32:45
Alternative Energy Concept 18:01:38
Haitians praise God after earthquake 17:47:17
Food Shortages Coming, Buy Commodities: Jim Rogers 16:11:54
US waves white flag in disastrous 'war on drugs' 16:11:39
Fight Media Bias and Blackout - Comment on two CT articles about Schiff 15:05:41
Peter Schiff Money Bomb Today Jan 17! 15:01:15
Top Doctors weigh in on Obamacare 14:16:07
Every true RPer needs to give Debra Medina $50, $100, $1000 or more right now... and then bump this post. 14:14:56
¿ utterly confused... 14:13:37
Obama: Tantamount to Treason 13:39:38
Saudi Billionaire and News Corp (aka FOX) 12:42:50
Meetup for Medina! 12:42:22
Haiti is the poster child for "Disaster Capitalism" 11:38:24
Weekend Watch... -Who is This Man...? 11:37:52
Is this the help Haiti needs? 11:29:52
The Purge of the Republican Party is On! 11:12:53
Is the gold in your safe ...real gold.... and is it really safe? 10:11:22
World Health Organization H1N1 Hype: Drug Companies Fueled Fear 04:34:13
"Hope fizzles, disappointment brews" 03:28:16
Wyclef Jean's Haiti Charity Exposed as Scam 03:08:58
Medina Money Bomb - Feb 2nd 03:00:21
Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth reaches 1,000 members 02:57:53
Spontaneous Medina Rally 02:52:57
Has anyone seen the movie "Law Abiding Citizen" with Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler? 02:26:53
Schiff Moneybomb TODAY! HELP! 02:25:36
Gun Control in 99 words! 01:59:47
Don't think we live in a Police State? 01:32:52
Circulating Mint Production Falls Off a Cliff in 2009! What gives? 00:57:26
Panty Bomber News Update 00:56:56
WSJ -- China's Moviegoers see Avatar as a story about private property 00:37:19
US Army Suicides in 2009 a New Record 00:20:53
Peter's MoneyBomb didn't go off 00:02:06
Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio being investigated by Obama Admin. 00:00:17