Posted on January 18, 2010

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Anybody remember Mike Connell, the tech genius behind the 2004 Ohio election fraud that gave Bush the White House? 21:49:54
WE DID IT! Medina invited to appear in The Belo Debate 19:24:12
Ron Paul Endorses John Dennis 13:46:04
John Dennis discusses MLK 13:33:15
Medina UP and IN! Leaders Lose Ground! *Video update 13:30:20
Video! Big Ron Paul Segment on the McLaughlin Group: 'Paul's Letter to the Americans' 15:14:50
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Scarborough Seriously Not Sure He's Still A Republican 23:17:03
Debate Video: Kennedy vs. Brown and Coakley 23:06:06
what google searches tells us about ron pauls popularity. 23:05:20
Vote To Include Debra Medina On Judge Napolitano's "Freedom Watch." 23:02:03
*MONEYBOMB NOW*: I TRIPLE DOG DARE Glenn Beck To Put DEBRA MEDINA On His Show For One Full Hour *MONEYBOMB*! 22:44:14
Poll Results on Whether Joe Kennedy Should Drop Out 22:39:31
What Will Happen To Healthcare Stocks If Scott Brown Wins Tomorrow? 22:27:22
How the U.S. Government destroyed American Samoa 22:26:54
Security theatre: putting you in greater danger 22:26:15
15 Most Crooked Congress List 22:20:32
Urgent: Help Pass HB 87 Kentucky Firearms Freedom Act 21:42:45
Urgent: Help Pass HB 87 Kentucky Firearms Freedom Act 21:42:25
A Tribute to Rosa Parks 21:39:13
Just got back from the gym and was thinking about Ron Paul's CIA comment 21:10:35
Google China hacked emails: 'a possible inside job' 21:10:03
Medina (TX), Haley (SC), and Dockery (FL) 20:59:09
Obama To Give First State Of The Union Address January 27 20:47:04
Medina Action Items Lets Go 20:41:22
Medina invited to appear in The Belo Debate 20:11:15
ID, please: Checking voter fraud at last? (NH Editorial) 20:00:52
How do Constitutionalists defend the 3/5 Compromise? 19:58:23
Ron Paul Auto-Tune -- RP is a Teen Idol 19:43:24
MEDINA INVITED to appear in The Belo Debate 19:25:43
Medina Invited To Appear In The BELO Debate 19:20:53
9/11 Truth Freeway Blogging continues to grow in California.. 35 people show up with massive banners over the 101 19:14:20
Glacier Melt – Another False Report 18:58:49
US occupying Haiti 18:49:49
Spanish lawmaker's photo used for bin Laden poster 18:44:43
Come See Debra Medina Wednesday 18:43:56
How to Maintain A Healthy Level of Insanity 18:31:37
Email from Black Box Voting: MA Senate Election 18:18:42
Cindy Sheehan on THE INFOWARRIOR with Jason Bermas 18:05:13
Remarks on MLK Jr. Day from Jake Towne 18:03:37
KopBusters and their first captive-set-free, Yolonda Madden, on VIDEO!!! 18:01:50
My Favorite Founding Fathers 17:49:22
The Southern Avenger: Harry Reid vs. Political Correctness 17:38:29
Most Americans Say They Want a Smaller Government 17:33:16
Want state sovereignty, want to secede? 17:22:34
Jerry Doyle -Have You Seen My Country Lately? Economic Fascism"They knew in 2002 that these blowups in economy would take place" 17:16:58
Debra Medina Supporters Speak Out At Austin, Texas Rally For Nullification 17:14:01
Poll: Should Debra Medina be allowed to participate in the second debate? 17:12:21
Ridley Report: Concord forbids Tea Party protest 16:40:04
Max Keiser: Icelandic Parliament Member Bergitta Jondottir Leads Revolt Against Banksters 16:32:41
This Ray Stevens video is sure to put a smile on your face ... 15:31:28
Peter Schiff-Meet the Candidates-Pomfre, CT Must See! 15:16:13
The Muslim Cabbie Who Saved Christmas 14:54:58
Miracles: For the Bold 14:52:58
Johnny Appleseed - Planting INFORMATION- REDBOXing 14:40:56
Anybody know about nikki haley in S.C.? 14:38:01
Only A Virtuous People Are Capable Of Freedom 14:37:08
John Bush gets a surpising interview! 14:20:04
PDD 51 & New Executive Order Give Obama Dictator Power 13:56:09
MLK Blast from the Past: 13:38:20
VIDEO: Haiti: We Would Rather Die Standing 13:04:40
Scott Brown is a war mongering neo-con, but he might get my vote. 12:49:06
International Effort to Disarm Americans - NRA News 12:24:46
Jim Quinn: Feeds the Rich, Buries the Poor 12:11:08
Copenhagen failure? Nope. Get ready for a global tax, international police and 700 new bureaucracies. 11:24:53
Italy To Require Anyone Who Uploads Video To The Internet To Obtain Government Authorization 11:18:21
Drugs like Tylenol can be contaminated with mold and chemicals 11:17:26
The electronic run on banks nobody seemed to notice 11:04:59
MSNBC: Obama Heckled - Jan 17 2010 10:59:32
The rhino MLK thread: What would have happened if we had a freedom movement back then that could nurture and adopt MLK? 10:50:33
Rush - Haiti - and Govt Aid 10:50:28
*A North American security perimeter on the horizon* 10:29:27
*Blackwater/XE behind terrorist bombings in Asia and Africa?* 10:26:09
*The Wages of Fear in Israel and the US* 10:20:59
*Obama's screwing of American workers and his and Hillary's links to India* 10:14:27
rhino: The spiral effect 10:05:08
*Disaster Capitalism Headed to Haiti* 09:55:40
Ben Bernanke's term running out as Senate Dems try to set a vote 09:32:48
Keeping the establishment GOP (and the INC.) out of Tea 09:26:43
"Page Not Found" when tracking and searching threads. 09:20:55
rhino: There will be election fraud in KY in March 08:56:28
LOL! AIG is going to manage your money! 08:40:58
John Stossel - American's for Prosperity! 05:53:22
"The Backlash Is Coming! The Backlash Is Coming!" 05:13:13
POTUS issues order, Reserve Call Up .... for HAITI 03:08:15
Peter Schiff Money bomb brings in 1.5 million 02:40:35
G. Edward Griffin - Individualism vs Collectivism! 02:37:20
Nationwide Civic Action - My Pledge CC2009 01:30:20
CC2009-Article 1, Section E: "Recommended Civic Actions By The People". Please read. 01:25:53
The Real Haiti 01:04:32
Connect the ties to Belo Corp *Interactive* 01:03:08
Al Gore Cartoon 00:46:23
History of the House of Rothschild 00:25:05
HAITI... mass murder/sacrifice? 00:22:52
Attempted Murder or Self Defense? 00:22:13
deleted 00:20:04
"Tea Party Convention Loses Main Sponsor" 00:17:32
How Christi Gillespie Tried To Destroy The Rand Paul Campaign. 00:05:57