Posted on January 21, 2010

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Jake Towne Announces Support of Ron Paul's HR 4248 17:16:08
Dodd and Gregg block Fed Audit 17:01:46
Rand doesn't want opponent in charge of counting ballots; Grayson calls request 'absurd' and 'insulting' 20:13:51
Fool me once, shame on ... shame on you 11:39:41
Video: John Stossel - Corporatism 101 (Really good) 04:23:01
Glenn Beck Attacks Scott Brown 01:34:07
Digg! Scott Brown 24-Hours Later! Health Care For Everyone! 11:39:41
Dr. Paul: CNN on Mass. Election Results 10:33:26
Debra Medina Money Bomb 10:27:09
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A J fans might want to listen to this show 10:30 pm they are talking about deception of A J 23:39:25
Here Is What I Want! 23:30:35
Ex-IBM Employee reveals TV Abandoned Analog Band to Make Room for RFID 23:24:01
Health bill may impose 'marriage penalty' 23:23:10
In praise of Ted Kennedy 23:13:35
Progressive GOP GOING AFTER RON PAUL 23:08:00
Internet Freedom, Hillary Clinton and Being the Web's First Global Diplomat 22:34:10
Dutch humor : HEMA's product page 22:18:37
Democrats drop health plan in face of voter anger 22:18:01
"The Story Behind Tea Party Nation’s Dishonest Beginnings" 22:15:57
Air America crashes, burns 22:14:45
Fast, best, and easy way to get endorsements for Peter Schiff 22:06:25
The Psychopaths Among Us 22:03:38
The Economy is so bad..... 22:03:04
MO resolution to tell US congress critters to vote NO on health control 21:53:29
What will Happen when the US government goes bankrupt? 21:40:41
Question: Under Texas law, can Debra Medina run in the general election if she loses the primary? 21:13:45
RT: Gitmo deaths, suicide or murder ? 20:59:14
Cindy Sheehan on Rule of Law Radio Now (6:50 PM CST) 20:53:22
Anti-war Radio: Stewart Rhodes 20:46:12
Michigan company and Bible verses on their scopes 20:45:01
RT: Alex Jones: We are living in an Orwellian state 20:37:59
Americans Overseas: How To Donate To Medina 20:19:57
4409: Senator elect Scott Brown tells voters to F%ck off 20:13:52
Ron Paul: State of the Republic Address 19:50:49
RT: Bonus frenzy amid record homelessness in New York 19:46:52
1 million Americans give up on job searches 19:43:58
Ridley Report: New Ron Paul activist - Dr. No still reeling em in! 19:32:13
Supremes give McCain-Feingold a kick in the teeth 19:18:25
Religious Item diverts airliner to Philadelphia 19:09:59
U.S. House Votes 411-1 to "express condolences" to the people of Haiti 19:01:29
Dance With The Devil - Immortal Technique 18:48:23
Campaign For Liberty Banned response from Tea Party Nation 18:47:38
Specter tells Bachmann to "act like a lady" 18:35:33
501C3 Non-Profit (Churches) FINALLY UNGAGGED by Supreme Court 18:31:47
Sarah Palin: ENEMY STATUS CONFIRMED. How the movement should respond. 18:31:36
Did Coakly actually win? Well worth the read. 18:25:53
China's Economy is not in a Bubble. 18:18:52
Aimee Allen to perform at Rand Paul Rally 18:11:25
Bakuninism vs Rothbardianism vs Misesian Logic 17:56:01
I Don't Mind If You Keep Voting, But Do You Mind If I Keep Laughing While You Do? 17:53:50
1/21/10 Dow Close: 10,389.88down -213.27 -2.01% 17:50:56
Meet The Anti-Incumbent Tea Party. 17:49:41
New Zealand:Biblical citations inscribed on U.S. weapon sights will be removed 17:39:44
Palin as featured speaker at a "Tea Party" convention? 17:39:03
4th California storm stokes mudslide fears 17:29:07
Are We in Haiti because of Oil? 17:28:16
Ontario (Canada) farmer not guilty of selling raw milk!! 17:12:59
Supreme Court trashes Constitution 17:02:46
Take the Nolan Chart Based Political Quiz 17:02:15
The True "Green Revolution"- Zero Point Energy 16:56:27
New Austrian Blog: Crisis Maven 16:51:56
Dan Hannan, "People Power in Massachusetts" 16:45:53
WOW, check out this berkshire stock 16:30:08
HUGO CHAVEZ: US Weapon Test Caused Haiti Earthquake (HAARP CONNECTION) 16:21:52
Boycott palin and her tea party 16:11:34
Supreme Court Gives U.S. Government to Corporations! 16:03:34
Debra Medina on the Mike Church Show 1/19/2010 15:53:31
Why was a British naval flotilla pulled out of the waters around Haiti just days before the earthquake 15:19:33
Ron Paul : State of the Republic Address! 15:17:01
Iowa Caucuses this Saturday! - (A letter to Latter Day Saints) 15:10:31
Anyone Carpooling to CPAC from Florida?? 15:06:51
Jobless claims last week surge to 2-month high: 482K 15:00:35
The Fight Against Ideology 14:45:54
Chinese GDP for the 4th QTR was +10.7%!!!!! 14:41:00
Thanks to Daily Paul... 14:24:31
What I Actually Told My 9 Year Old Yesterday 14:23:58
Supreme Court Rolls Back Campaign Spending Limits! Time to set up some PACS and Corps! 14:19:47
Alex Jones Didn't Predict 9/11, Bill Cooper Did 14:19:26
How To Stop A political Gossip 14:09:25
Weekday Watching: Exposing Terrorism 14:04:42
Ron Paul's State of the Republic Address 2010 14:01:43
Stock, Gold, Dollar Index charts?? 14:01:43
C4L: No Audit, No Bernanke 13:59:57
POLICE STATE: Cops Arrest Football Fan for Rooting Wrong Team 13:59:32
Peter Schiff discusses foreign policy at town meeting 13:56:31
C4L Request - Email Your Senator and Demand a NO Vote on Bernanke 13:55:12
Guns Property Rights Top Debra Medina Platform 13:45:23
New Strategy? Obama calls the American people stupid 13:36:56
RT: CCTV video of quake hitting Haiti 13:24:03
Davidson: Obama White House Is Lying to You 13:14:22
Important message from Peter Schiff! 13:00:18
RT: US deploys Patriot Missiles close to Russia 12:56:59
$10,000 reward offered for scientific proof of H1N1 vaccine safety and effectiveness 12:46:47
Liberty Candidate Jake Towne Needs Help 12:24:08
If we're going to have gun control, then why not at least apply it consistently? 12:20:12
Supreme Court Removes Limits on Corporate, Labor Donations to Campaigns 12:08:15
To Vote For Debra Medina... 11:51:12
Russia thumbs nose at US, Israel 11:18:56
The Last Temptation of the GOP "I’m sorry Mr. Paul", "you’re dead wrong" 11:14:58
Enemy Combatants vs. Domestic Trials 10:46:13
Congratulations to John Edwards! 10:40:43
This Is Why They Killed Martin Luther King 10:00:56
This is how an invasion begins.. 09:53:35
Poll: Nearly 1 in 5 May Not Fill out Census Form 09:15:14
Ron Paul & Anthony Weiner On Massachusetts Election Results 08:47:39
Rep. Issa: The New York Fed's Incomplete AIG Document Dump Puts The Fed Into Contempt 08:18:07
To those with statists in their families 08:12:05
"Karen from Los Angeles" 08:01:38
An Interview with Orwell 07:42:24
German Insurer sues Bundesbank to Open Central Bank Checking Account 05:46:19
Arkansas State Trooper meets videocamera: Still not illegal to film cops 03:25:37
Ominous Signs Are Aligned: Not A Particularly Good Sign (11-09) 03:04:48
Fun video from Ray Stevens 02:44:55
Marc Emery: Canadian Freedom Fighter Since 1980 02:14:45
Gary North on why the Articles of Confederation aren't taught in schools 01:50:37
Donations to the Michael Badnarik Medical Bills Fund 01:39:17
Ron Paul on The Federal Reserve and Sound Money 1-20-2010 00:07:25