Posted on January 23, 2010

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VIDEO: "A Voice of Liberty" - the Adam Kokesh FREEDOM DAY "BIRTHDAY BOMB" 22:16:15
Ron Paul on the House Floor 01/22/2010 - USA is Bankrupt... 16:16:39
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Don't Tread On Me Director's Hotel Room Burglarized, Script Stolen 23:57:19
Simon Cowell Supports Adam Kokesh For Congress - Money Bomb Feb 1st 22:55:19
Mr. Nystrom, tear down this thread! 22:38:31
Medina supporter tries to upstage Perry - Houston Chronicle 22:18:37
Are We on the Verge of Free Energy? 21:44:03
Anti-Bernanke flyer?? 21:25:22
I'm looking for a small crew to make it a full music video 21:13:15
speeding ticket in CA 21:09:44
Whacko Obama nominee for TSA 21:09:33
Metalized Fabric For Harmful Body Scan Irradiation Prevention 20:41:58
Weekend Watching : James Burke's "Connections" 20:31:46
I made the newspaper about Monday's vote to censure Graham! 20:24:02
TCUnation against Daily Paul members 20:21:21
Weekend Watching : James Burke's "Connections" 20:20:19
Ghandi is the way to overturn controlled food 19:57:04
Group calls for National Strike April 15-18 19:38:01
Red Light Ticket in CA - Advice? 19:37:52
Filled the Greenhouse today! 19:35:13
Instead of Telling Politicians to Vote on This or That... 19:21:05
Shooter, The Movie: The Future of The American Patriot Movement 19:16:08
UK police plan to use military style spy drones 19:04:50
Need a laugh? Obama's Ohio jobs speech! 18:54:13
What Does Liberty Candidate Jake Towne Think of Guantanamo? 18:44:20
END to International Trade? 18:37:14
The Questionnaire Has Been Answered 18:37:09
20 Reasons Why The U.S. Economy Is Dying And Is Simply Not Going To Recover 18:22:05
Oil spilled at east Texas port as ships collide 17:38:09
Because of the battle over Bernanke and HR1207, this could be the most crucial weekend in the last 50 years! 17:34:52
Dems mull options for moving health care bill 17:33:53
NEW Adam Kokesh Money Bomb Video 1/23 17:19:56
Kiss this Country Goodbye... 16:43:49
Do not respond unless you read the Article 16:32:43
Ron Paul, I Endorse Young Americans for Liberty 16:25:53
another good NYT article (!) : mob rule 16:24:35
We need a new language to unify 16:14:36
Online Tickets Available for Rand Paul's Rally for the Republicans! (w/ Ron Paul and Aimee Allen!) 15:38:44
Gerald Celente 2010 Year Of The Third Party 15:37:12
Online Tickets Available for Rand Paul's Rally for the Republicans (w/ Ron Paul + Aimee Allen!) 15:30:56
Jury Nullification HB 1347 in New Hampshire 15:20:38
Logic and common sense: Peter Schiff video interview 15:05:29
Ron Paul H.R. 2533: Sanctity of Life Act; update 15:03:37
Did HAARP hit Haiti? Evidence and motives 14:54:14
Frank: Abolish Fannie and Freddie?; "come up with a whole new system" 14:42:08
NY Times article 13:54:35
A Huge "Thank You" 13:49:17
Cute of the Day 13:47:20
Time for McCain to go... 13:44:18
Thomas E. Woods Interviewed by Kurt Wallace 13:33:29
Feds go after Montana Gun Production 13:20:45
Rand Paul Rally Flyer! Spread the Word! 12:32:32
Full Body Scanner Fails to Detect Thermite During German TV Show (Video) 11:55:04
Los Angeles Bankrupt. Mayor Says Bankruptcy Not An Option! 11:39:47
Christian Identity Oriented 11:36:49
UK police plan to use military-style spy drones 11:31:34
Know Your Enemy - The Oligarchs 11:14:57
OFFICIAL T.E.A. Party Convention????? ********** Where **** When **** 11:13:04
Jesse Ventura is going on tour soon 09:00:47
Now Russia says U.S. caused the Haiti Earthquake 08:33:53
A Shaman's Maneuver 07:08:07
Money as Debt II, Promises Unleashed! 07:07:09
Very disappointed in DP community response to SCOTUS ruling 05:26:37
Bank Failure Friday 1-22-10 (5) 05:05:46
Michele Bachmann will be on the Glenn Beck show 04:29:24
How Close to Socialism/Communism is the USA? Check the List 04:15:20
Radio host takes on Debra, Debra destroys him! 03:27:13
OK! How would you teach our children to understand the Constitution and the Responsibility that comes with that goal? 02:49:55
We are considering taking in a Hatian orphan 01:53:38
Red X inside my I to be executed? 01:47:40
Money As Debt! 01:33:45
Freedom Fighter Michael Schmidt Found Not Guilty on all 19 Counts 01:32:20
UK has Obama all figured out: 'close to an unraveling' 00:56:12
Statute Madness 00:48:14