Posted on January 24, 2010

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Candidates note: Voters not just grumpy in Massachusetts, fueling the candidacy of DEBRA MEDINA - Miami Herald 21:53:32
Another Reason To Drop Your NRA Membership - NRA Endorses Republican Texas Governor Rick Perry, SNUBS Open Carry / Debra Medina 21:19:43
Popular Harvard U. Class Discusses Libertarianism: VIDEO 16:29:53
Americans sign petition to repeal 1st Amendment 15:49:39
Dead Man Talking - Bin Laden At It Again 11:02:33
How Wall Street Destroyed Health Care By PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS 09:07:43
Ron Paul's State of the Republic Address 23:44:51
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What happened to node 122551? 23:43:47
YES! YES ! YES! 23:21:54
Contact Gun Owners Of America For Medina Endorsement 22:53:22
Joseph Kennedy, Scott Brown and the Tea Party. Swiss website nails it. 22:45:41
Channeling my anger with art & words 22:29:29
10 things your bank won't tell you 22:27:50
U.S. refining capacity at 78.4%: same as 1980s 22:21:51
The Articles of Freedom 21:43:21
RT: Sex in the US army 20:48:57
Japanese voters pick mayor opposed to U.S. military base in Okinawa 20:25:45
MasterLard Commercial 19:30:54
4409: Give a COP a ticket 19:25:02
Ex-Malaysian premier still says 9/11 inside job 19:23:17
4D Video 19:04:02
The Harry Reid wake up call. 18:48:09
Can someone die for freedom? 18:20:06
*Did mining and oil drilling behind UN/US guns trigger the Haiti earthquake?* 18:19:58
Hans F. Sennholz's review of Ludwig von Mises' Omnipotent Government 17:35:11
V for Vendetta Mask Shadow Box "In Case Of Revolution" 17:23:55
The STENCH on the bench is making me clench! 17:12:01
Abortion - An Attempt At Explanation 16:54:26
Two vampires descend on Haiti 16:01:02
US Congress for Sale: Foreign Bids Welcome 15:56:46
Lots of untapped Oil in US - Open Discussion Time...... 15:48:33
For all you Che lovers 15:36:12
Wanna puke.. Check out ABC... 15:36:06
Aimee Allen ringtone download bomb? 15:34:12
Pro life folks: you're gonna like this video. 14:15:29
Tom Woods : Who Killed The Constitution 14:01:25
401k / IRA Confiscation? 13:41:21
'The United Nations’ Global Tax Plan' 13:14:21
Scott Brown Just Another Republocrat (by Jake Towne) 13:03:00
Has Obama Lost White America? by Patrick J. Buchanan 12:42:11
Ron Paul’s Bank War by Pat Buchanan 12:28:14
rhino: What is insurance? 12:24:59
Ron Paul - Christian Just War Theory 12:18:44
Bin Laden to the rescue! 12:13:47
Dr. Chuck Baldwin in Montana - Liberty Fellowship Live Stream 12:02:09
McConnell Says He Expects Bernanke to Win Senate Confirmation 11:10:23
US Congress for Sale 11:00:34
Ron Paul " We Need to take out the CIA" (Video) 10:57:27
Obama has suspicious number of letter-writing fans named 'Ellie Light' 10:53:53
Paul Krugman for Fed Chair: “Crazy” 10:39:02
Ron Paul : Life Changing Speech 5! 10:25:03
To Be Serious, Obama Must Break Up Goldman 09:59:46
1040 Advice 09:40:03
Why Debra Medina's Candidacy For Texas Governor Should Be Nationalized 07:55:23
GOP Establishment Threatened by Ron & Rand Paul 06:47:44
CES President Gary Shapiro 03:45:55
White House Is Confident Bernanke Will Be Confirmed 01:02:18
Was the Haiti earthquake intentional, not natural disaster? 00:41:12
4409 -- Give a COP a ticket :) 00:28:35