Posted on January 25, 2010

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Must Watch Video: Keynes vs Hayek Rap - "Fear the Boom and Bust" 23:44:22
Jake Towne the Champion of the Constitution 11:11:11
Ron Paul on Glenn Beck Radio to Discuss the CIA! - 10:30am ET 17:02:43
Come Out , Come Out, Wherever You Are - Time To Speak Your Truth At Precinct Caucuses 09:58:49
Scott Horton Interviews Ron Paul~Antiwar Radio 1/22/10 09:36:21
John Williams / Shadow Interview on King World News 10:52:36
I Just Became Our GOP Precinct Chairman 19:44:38
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Second Thoughts on Free Trade 23:08:36
St. of U. Speech: Obama to freeze domestic spending for 3 years 22:53:29
Two Dozen States’ Unemployment Funds in the Red, Nine More Within Six Months 22:42:33
US Republican Senator Graham To Support Fed's Bernanke 22:40:00
After Climategate, Pachaurigate and Glaciergate: Amazongate 22:39:04
Ron Paul has an opinion piece on front page 22:02:12
Chuck Baldwin: WHAT'S REALLY GOING ON IN HAITI? 22:02:00
Don't Watch Larry King 21:52:54
Obama Justice Department Decapitates Gun Industry: FBI Arrest 21 Gun Industry Executives in Las Vegas to Attend Gun Show 21:27:17
In Need of a creative pro-freedom pro-constitutionalist person 21:12:39
RT: More repercussions from US bank bailout 20:24:41
The Unknown 20 Trillion Dollar Company 20:17:48
Humor: How the fight started 20:15:46
Dump Bernanke and Audit the Fed By James Bovard 20:07:59
Is it time to sink Benedict Beck??? 19:59:47
MO Constitution Party radio commercial 19:47:58
RT: AIG attempted to hide bailout documents 19:44:29
DP is Crawling like a snail 18:10:22
Update! Ron Paul sheeple to stage another ‘censure’ 17:53:01
Ron Smith Discusses the Issues with Congressman Ron Paul 1/25/10 17:38:22
ABC: 12 Candidates Who Might Challenge Obama: Ron Paul is one! 17:37:00
RT: Haiti,Take Care or Takeover? 17:34:41
rEVOLution song by Evanescence 17:34:05
Calling AG Blumenthal (Schiffs opponent) Out! 17:19:10
Kucinich shreds Dems on economy... 16:58:42
Look how easy it is to reach people. 15:56:04
Man almost gets thrown out at C4L event for filming a uninvited crasher! 15:48:43
Homes evacuated in Texas as ground shifts below 15:31:17
Rally For The Republic - Ron Paul´s Speech 15:25:33
Economic & Political Forecasts for 2010 on Freedom Watch w/ Judge Napolitano 15:13:35
Americans sign petition to repeal the First Amendment 15:00:58
Money Bomb for a Finnish Libertarian 14:59:53
Ron Paul on Larry King tonight 1-25-09 14:46:07
Lets load it up! 14:45:11
Hidden Camera - Attorney Refuses Body Scan On Legal Grounds, Attorney Denied Access to Court 14:45:03
N.Y. Dairy Farmer Kills 51 Cows, Commits Suicide 14:38:37
TSA's Naked Body Scans Are Even Worse Than You Imagined (NSFW) 14:19:30
Jim Rogers - Market Should Replace Central Banks 14:19:20
Geithner Must Go--And the Future of the Fed By William Greider 14:06:01
Economic Black Hole: 20 Reasons Why The U.S. Economy Is Dying And Is Simply Not Going To Recover 14:05:03
"Ron Paul is the most dangerous man in America" 14:02:43
URGENT: Washingtonians Action Alert Today! 13:57:49
Nominate Ron Paul for the 2010 Presidential Citizens Medal 13:56:10
Hyperinflation, Money Demand, and the Crack-up Boom 13:38:26
Today's Video- Staggering Mortgage Data-GETTING WORSE 13:10:42
S 604/No Bernanke phone/email/fax bomb! 1/25/10 12:51:32
Goldman: It'll Be a Disaster If Fed Raises Rates 12:49:10
The evils of Capitalism,just got lectured at work. lol 12:40:20
Could ballot printing, with vote already printed, be a way to steal an election? 12:37:24
CNN Opinion: RON PAUL: Economy flounders, despite the stimulus 12:35:09
RT: Vatican bank accused of money laundering 12:14:52
Politically Incorrect Guide To Politics 11:57:21
7 Things About The Economy 11:21:03
Owners: $5.4B NY housing complexes go to creditors 11:10:34
The Day ObamaCare Died 11:06:37
Funding Public Health Care with a Publicly-owned Bank: How Canada did it 10:37:17
Click on the site below.......FINANCIAL HOPE 10:14:12
Justice Roberts Hints He Could Overturn Roe 09:36:12
Pat Buchanan: Has lost his mind, says "Hitler didn't want war" 09:30:29
Do You Believe in Freedom? by Lew Rockwell 09:21:31
John Stossel Interviews Ron Paul! 09:19:16
Obama to announce Aid for The Middle Class 09:14:25
Media Spin - Scott Brown Win is a Victory for Bush's Foreigh Policy, Defeat for Ron Paul's Isolationism 08:58:47
Why Is California Broke? 08:24:04
NY Fed Used National Security To Keep Bailout Details Secret From The Public 08:15:05
Obama's Failing "Corporatist" Presidency 07:58:37
Invest in Paul-ladium, it´s the wise thing to do! 07:47:52
The road ahead for Greece: No pleasant options 06:34:20
Warmongering vs. the Sanctity of Life 05:58:06
The UN Deception! 05:38:28
"China teen seen as hero for killing local official" 04:33:24
Palestine Will Be Free - (video) 04:29:26
Alert: Female Suicide Bombers May Be Heading Here From Yemen 04:00:58
Zombies that ate America 03:17:02
Chains we can believe in 02:19:09
CRAZY anti-CIA 1988 Ron Paul Interview replayed on Alex Jones show 01:06:15
Free trade no longer mutually beneficial? 00:47:42
BEST use for a TANK! 00:45:42
Contact the Daily Paul - Please Read!!! 00:24:30
Join Microbloggers for Kokesh! 00:13:39