Posted on January 3, 2010

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Trey Grayson Attacks Ron Paul 00:05:17
Well... this is certainly horrifying... new National Guard ad. 02:30:05
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The Tea party is (d)evolving into 23:56:24
Bloomberg: Bernanke Says Low Rates Didn’t Cause Housing Bubble 23:35:13
Obama Effigy: Feds Probe Hanging Doll Found In Jimmy Carter's Hometown (VIDEO) 23:15:16
Dear Mr. Terrorist 22:49:38
Amazing Speech by War Veteran 22:29:44
Rick Perry Supporters Planning to Remove Debra Medina Signs 22:21:08
Drone attacks may lead to Terror 2010 22:15:12
ADA calls for labeling of fluoride concentrations on bottled water. They don't think we're getting enough !!!! 21:58:22
Jake Towne - Guns or Health Care? 21:44:15
Not Andy Griffith anymore... 21:40:35
Is there enough gold for a gold standard? 21:39:20
Secret Service investigates Obama effigy hanging in Plains, GA 21:37:17
Ron Paul Firing Molten Gold from a Blimp Turret 21:17:46
USD collapse in 2012...end of the world as we know it 21:12:37
Pauls, Reids &Bidens to attempt to follow the Bushes and Kennedys 21:05:29
France wants to sell est. 50M surplus flu shots 21:02:14
►I Like Guns (vid) 20:39:59
UPDATE:Fed Must Be Open To Rate Hikes To Pop Bubbles -Bernanke:WSJ 20:15:34
Sunday Night Live Radio Interview 8 PM 19:37:34
My Dog 19:33:30
Are WE... at RP rEVOLution ready to evolve into JF rEVOLution...? 19:24:55
Burt Rutan on Global Warming 19:20:24
What Happens When California Defaults? 19:01:39
3 million homeless in Russia! 18:04:25
U.S., Britain close embassies in Yemen 17:44:29
FDA Dupes Interpol to Kidnap and Deport Cancer Cure Herbalist from Ecuador 17:34:44
"Reel bad arabs". Real good film for truth seekers. 17:22:57
Ron Paul will Pull a Ross Perot in 2012? (The Hill) 16:14:43
A Sam Adams' on the house! Don't worry it's on me....enjoy! 15:43:28
Rand Paul #5 Top Conservative to Watch in 2010 15:31:10
Adam Kokesh: Diplomat for Capitalism 14:45:33
A Must See! "MOVE YOUR MONEY" 14:40:05
One over on the banks "kind of" 14:39:40
Los Angeles Times: Ron Paul's Ideas No Longer Fringe 13:40:42
health 13:26:09
THANK YOU! 12:55:03
whats happening at your republican executive committee? 12:47:45
Thomas Kean...Failed Detroit Bomber "Did us a favor" 12:40:40
California Artists Create GPS Tool to Enable Illegal Immigration 12:06:38
There are factions within the world's power elite which desire to exert as much control as possible over the world. 11:30:33
Question about silver and taxes 11:22:18
They're planning "compact communities" for us. 11:21:39
Happy New Year - Resolution to Reduce Police Shakedowns 11:19:19
ANOTHER Buried Christmas Day Arrest Uncovered! 11:12:24
Natural low-cost dental care for financially indendent patriots! 11:05:50
US shuts embassy as al-Qaeda 'plans attack in Yemen' 11:02:53
Are planned airport scanners just a scam? 10:50:13
The Power & Danger of Iconography 08:43:35
Wikileaks wants Iceland as Safe Haven for Freedom of Information 08:36:05
need info/Vidoes on Rand Paul's stance on War on Drugs and on Imperialism 05:10:09
Is the Fed Juicing the Stock Market? 05:08:30
Great article on why now is a great time to buy silver 05:06:25
do we have to be on the frn right now? 04:11:12
Someone Here Gets It 03:57:10
Dr. Ron Paul Delivers His 4,127th Newborn Baby (Video)? 03:36:42
Dr. Ron Paul's Message in Iran? 02:25:50
Something great for your front door "COME BACK WITH WARRANT" doormat. 02:07:01
New York RP republican, help fight the corporate media 01:27:28
Ayn Rand Interview with Tom Snyder 01:20:10
Chasing "Gelten" Shadows 01:08:25
Hit piece - Ron Paul wants me to stop thinking 00:54:37
Capital Area Official Considers Gubernatorial Run 00:54:02