Posted on January 31, 2010

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Ron & Rand Paul - Rally For The Republic on Kentucky MSM 23:58:08
Adam Kokesh Money Bomb - Feb 1, 2010 23:16:27
Medina Takes West Texas By Storm 15:30:28
Rand Paul Rally & WILL RON RUN in 2012? 12:13:15
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New Arizona Registration Data 23:40:27
Is This About Debra Medina? 23:21:35
Who really is behind 'Russia Today'? 23:11:32
GDP data overstates economy's 22:39:28
Hayek vs. Keynes Rap Anthem 22:11:44
Liberty candidates on Facebook 22:09:08
Did PBO call in the War Experts? 22:04:50
Odessa American: Gov. candidate (Debra Medina) makes West Texas stops. VOTE IN THEIR POLL (bottom right) 22:03:49
Ron Paul Started the Tea Party Movement! WHAS 11 Interviews Ron and Rand at Rally 21:52:41
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man! 21:38:57
C'mon People...Medina Money Bomb....FEB 2 !! 21:05:58
How you can help if you live outside Texas: Donate Debra Medina Signs For The North Houston Metro Area 20:53:46
Obama's $3.8 trillion budget heading to Congress 20:47:33
Could Illinois' Senate race copy Massachusetts? 20:39:14
RJ Harris: We Need to Destroy the Leviathan, Not Remake it in Our Image 20:34:32
Texas Voter Registration, Ends Tomorrow, February 1st! 20:14:24
Comparism: Ron Paul vs. Barrack Obama 19:59:09
Dallas Morning News: GOP challengers (DEBRA MEDINA) fueled by Tea Party activists 19:57:29
News coverage of the Rally yesterday 19:56:44
War spending surges in President Obama's 2011 budget 19:50:01
Bill Gates: "We Must Make This the Decade of Vaccines" 19:43:44
Newt 2010: How I’d Create a New ‘Contract With America’ 19:39:54
Full Primary Schedule-All States 19:37:54
PPP asking for polling suggestions 19:34:37
Claim it 19:32:37
Focus of health care bill may be changing, officials signal 19:30:45
"Does Kay still matter?" 18:40:24
Disclosure Project News Bulletin - January 30, 2010 18:39:28
Obama's birth??? 18:07:50 - LibertySlate 2010 moneybomb Feb 17 17:28:32
Debra Medina links to all three Alex Jones Show interviews 17:14:02
My input on the CFL, Ken Buck and the $350,000 16:43:00
Ron Paul Stumps For Son Rand in Louisville 16:20:55
Platinum: The overlooked investment metal and currency 16:17:18
Have We Evolved? If So, Are We Ready For The Next Step? 16:02:59
Dick Armey tells House GOP: Win back the tea-partiers to win 15:49:21
Question on Tea Party Meetings? 15:44:27
All in the Family....Obama related to...Brown 15:31:39
Please Help Michael Badnarik With Hospital Bills 15:30:20
Conservatism is anti-liberty 15:28:03
If Libertarians would join forces with the Freedom of Religion movement, they could sweep the elections for the next 20 years! 15:18:56
Scott Brown advocates a big tent GOP: Pro-Abortion/Pro-Gay Marriage 14:51:07
Sen. Schumer: ‘I Met With Lou Dobbs’ To Discuss Immigration Reform 14:27:14
Tea Party Nation head lashes out 14:26:37
Watchdog: Bailouts created more risk in system 14:24:33
RON PAUL Introduces H.R. 4248 The Free Competition and Currency Act of 2009. 14:24:26
I've been banned from a particular blog so if you're bored and wish to comment... 14:09:15
MSM: Bailout Only Worsens U.S. Money Crisis 14:04:26
Debra Medina Moneybomb - February 2nd 13:52:11
Old ways are dead 13:50:16
Native American Disaster Overshadowed by Haiti 13:30:49
Oil in Haiti: Reasons for the US Occupation 13:24:05
An Anti-War Secessionist Movement 13:14:48
Barry Cooper stepping up for Texas AG 13:11:49
Medina gaining most ground after 2nd debate 13:01:38
The Fateful Geological Prize Called Haiti by F. William Engdahl 12:42:04
To make you smile :) 12:35:41
Obvious to some, not so much for others 12:21:05
Why do they really want to move the 9/11 trials? 11:12:04
Thousands protest in Tokyo against U.S. military presence in Japan 10:57:16
Palin: Let's Merge The Tea Party And GOP! 10:28:18
A good article 10:22:41
DAILY PAUL Texas GOVERNOR Poll OPEN !! 10:05:18
Legalize Competing Currencies-Ron Paul in The Daily Bell 09:54:48
Ron Paul visits Kentucky to raise money for Rand Paul 09:30:49
Mike Connell / Vote fraud story breaking! 09:15:53
Common People Have No Common Sense 08:21:29
Hey Campaign for Liberty - Throw Jake Towne $200K! 07:01:21
Judge Andrew Napolitano : Natural Rights and The Patriot Act! 05:29:58
New 5 minute Video. Busted! Thursday it hits the paper! 04:58:40
Spending freeze put in Context- Cartoon 04:50:11
Ron Paul - A Tale of Two Speeches 04:34:00
U.S. surrounds Iran with missile 'defenses?' 04:22:13
Has unity died? Why all the arguments all the sudden? 03:51:51
I love you CFL! 03:42:15
IMF plans $100B injection of SDRs into world economies 03:40:15
I so much love you cause you changed my life 03:23:12
Gold Standard For Canada? MP Maxime Bernier thinks so! 03:02:24
Open Letter to Michael Nystrom Regarding the Outcry Over C4L/Ken Buck 02:50:00
Conspiracy Theory off-air?? 02:45:22
Organizations, While Useful To An Extent , Cannot Replace Personal Responsibility Of Each Sovereign American! 01:53:12
800,000 Americans Busted Annually For Pot 01:48:10
Midland Reporter-Telegram: Gubernatorial candidate Medina woos Midlanders with anti-Washington talk 01:23:38
Stop Taxation: Burien's new movie-watch now 01:02:52
Look, this is OUR R3volution, not C4L's, not dailypaul's, but I do appreciate the scrutiny 00:59:51
Political revolution remains undefined... 00:06:13
Michael Maresco Responds to John Tate 23:23:21