Posted on January 4, 2010

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Steve Forbes to Endorse Rand Paul 22:50:58
The Southern Avenger: Political Science? 22:44:24
I just talked to a kid returning from Iraq 18:30:52
A New Dollar? 18:07:26
RJ Harris January 15th Major Fundraising Event 16:32:46
L.A. Times: Ron Paul's Ideas Are making Perfect Sense Now 18:59:35
America Rising: An Open Letter to Democrat Politicians 10:23:45
Adam Kokesh: Diplomat for Capitalism 09:20:38
YEMEN: Connect the Dots... 11:25:35
NH Rep. Dan Itse proposes bill that would arrest federal agents who violate gun rights 18:58:44
Dr. Ron Paul & Jack Hunter (The Southern Avenger) 10:39:14
Weekend Watching: The Power of Nightmares 10:38:36
Will Ben Stein Debate Ron Paul? 10:39:44
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U.S. growth prospects deemed bleak in new decade 23:56:43
9 Meals Away from Anarchy 23:56:00
Graham Censured By 3rd County GOP 23:28:49
Argentina Economic Collapse The Documentary 23:22:38
Feds add dozens to the Watch Lists: Profiling begins 23:13:27
The USA Will Become Argentina 22:28:46
A few inventions you may or may not have known existed 21:38:21
Who is Ronald Kenneth Noble? 21:21:54
World Trade Center:strong as a brick sh*t house 20:54:21
America's decline is irreversible. 20:50:04
Try to look surprised when the windmills are taken apart by the military for there rare-earth metals. China's not selling 20:42:30
Climategate: It's not over yet! 20:40:19
WSJS/Triad news/radio in NC drops Rush Limbaugh! 20:39:59
California is starting the new year right where they left off....Begging for Billions! 20:33:52
Youtube video: Peter Schiff vs CNBC morons 20:21:02
Southern Avenger: Interview with Tom Woods 20:20:12
What does anyone know about Creepy Facebook? 19:27:45
MO DOT crews use beet juice to clear roads in frigid weather 19:15:30
Bankruptcy soars 32% in 2009 19:07:06
need some Gold advice please. 18:43:30
Ron Paul , Larry King Tonight 18:39:24
Micheal Scheuer on C-span this morning 18:24:02
Anyone else here not a gun owner? 18:20:24
War with Iran in February? 18:12:03
Next Up on Cable TV, Higher Bill for Consumers 17:49:11
NH: Jury nullification bill a chance to question judges - court 17:37:23
move your to get people to move money out of too big to fail...great video... 16:55:26
RT: Only collapse will change American system 16:54:03
Learn From the Rich Man 16:52:37
Jan 15th is Vermont Independance Day 16:33:58
Wellfare poem (very true) 16:25:48
Escape from Pottersville: The North Dakota Model for Capitalizing Community Banks 16:20:01
The Boiling Frogs Presents Mark Klein 15:21:56
33 Conspiracy Theories ~That Turned Out to be True 15:15:07
Marriage of Evil: Media and the Military Industrial Complex 14:41:00
Census Poll 13:51:25
Would a free market economy become highly agrarian to minimize labor? 13:37:57
Is ISRAEL Controlling phoney terror news? 13:35:46
Blowback on the Border: The Purpose of the Terror War System 13:18:35
Guns and Butter 13:14:38
Guns and Butter 13:13:18
Chasing Gelten Shadows 13:05:02
Farming IS coming to Detroit! 13:04:38
Chasing Gelten Shadows 12:57:50
Europe is Headed for 1,000 Years of Darkness-Washington Times 12:33:00
How could we account for the welfare of everybody in a free market? 12:21:08
LA TIMES:OMG, what's happening? A year into Obama's reign, Ron Paul's loopy ideas now making sense 12:06:08
Ask Your Doctor - Hilarious Music Video/Sad but True 11:39:14
No Dissenting Opinions Allowed! 10:28:21
On The Road To Copenhagen and A World Food Crisis 10:08:56
Ron Paul, Banksters and Von Mises 09:33:57
a few republican senators decide to show up for the fight in the 15th round 07:44:34
Ron Paul on Intelligent Investing With Steve Forbes Next Week 07:18:39
Any good documentaries on the drug trade in Afghanistan or... 07:05:43
9/11 Truth Question 05:20:00
5 cents per bag surcharge starts in D.C. 02:34:39
Hookah bar in NC will intentionally break smoking law 02:33:31
A Tax Protest the Government Will Notice. 02:15:19
VIDEO: Afghanistan is Not the Right War 01:40:24
UN to produce bullion coins as world currency 01:30:16
Real Airport Security 00:22:13
AZ Speed Cameras - Citizen Revolt 00:18:08