Posted on January 5, 2010

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Adam Kokesh: A Winter Soldier’s Quest for Congress 10:30:31
Ron Paul on Larry King - 1/4/2010 22:46:02
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Pig Flu???? What gives? I have not heard a peep lately 23:52:01
Panic buying in Britain due to cold weather 23:51:07
mortgage help needed 23:49:24
Lindsey Graham Censured Again; Blames Ron Paul 23:29:51
The Weather Channel Caught Lying About Global Warming (Video) 23:26:35
Ron Paul on Krugman's Keynesian Big Zero 23:24:48
Joe Kennedy Massachusetts Senate Seat Money Bomb! 23:21:32
Britain Needs Guns 23:12:48
Evidence the Detroit Plane Bombing Incident was a False Flag Attack 23:03:18
Obama orders 1 million US Troops to prepare for civil war! 22:44:50
Are you a Sovereign yet? 22:41:48
HR 645- National Emergency Centers Act 22:36:58
Michael Schmidt, I won't back down... 22:32:31
2010 Politics, a whole new ball game.... 22:24:20 22:09:41
I'm moving to the first state that secedes from the Union. Who's with me? 21:55:02
Mike Lee: Utah Senate Candidate 21:37:04
Goodbye Blue Sky! 21:15:12
What Shall We Do Now?! 21:07:25
Trey Grayson vs. Rand Paul & Kentucky Grassroots Conservatives 21:05:34
Is the Plunge Protection Team real? 20:43:35
Ron Paul hates your war 20:42:03
More 'cannabis shops' than Starbucks in Denver 'cannabis capital of America' 20:40:24
RP on the Ed Show Vid 20:27:51
Deb Medina will Debate at KERA! 20:19:44
Deb medina will Debate at KERA! 20:19:20
McCain Looking At Primary Challenge 19:44:28
Obama says 'dots' not connected in airline attack 19:40:23
Ron Paul Supporters Get Slammed for Lindsey Graham Censure (again) - Need Comments! 19:31:19
We Support Ron Paul! 19:28:40
Another Senator Retirement! 19:24:19
CNN: Stimulus to bring body scanners to airports 19:16:49
All Political Parties -including factions within Daily Paul- Are all Fighting Over the "Method" we achieve Liberty for Self 19:10:48
Please digg for the palestinians ! Media Blackout 19:08:44
Right now: Glenn Beck attacking Federal Reserve 18:43:43
Help Please - Media Blackout from USA and Israel 18:24:25
Luncheon in Honor of Ron Paul Saturday, February 27 18:16:43
Obama's Drunken, Drug Running and Paedophile Helpers 17:29:15
Dr Mercola Interviews Expert Who Explains the Flu Vaccine Deception and the Swine Flu Hoax 17:28:35
SC county GOP censures Sen. Graham in 2nd rebuke since November 17:15:28
Schiff Report 1/4/10 "Ben Bernanke" 17:09:40
*HOT POLL* Ron Paul! Y'all know what to do 17:03:24
Attn: DP Brainiacs - Solve this problem for me! 16:44:56
illegal to help homeless in San Antonio? 16:41:13
Fla. GOP leader Jim Greer to resign 16:37:50
Coming Canadian Housing Crash?? 16:21:13
I saw District 9 last night; Do you understand? 16:14:05
Holy Smoking Underpants! Who Benefits? 16:07:49
"The Underwear Bomber": Crushing Freedom With Phony Arab Terrorism 15:37:09
Ridley Report: NH bill could criminalize ATF 15:26:22
Naked airport scanners to be installed in 11 airports within two months 15:15:10
Anyone In the Cleveland Area? Obama is Coming 15:13:50
Want to know who is on the Plunge Protection Team? 15:05:56
RT: Barack Obama: a socialist in disguise? 15:03:51
URGENT!!! A very important request from Attorney Jeffrey Dickstein!! 15:02:32
A Tax Break for Pet Owners up to $3,500 14:45:51
Charman Steele: GOP 'screwed up' after Reagan 14:45:48
RT: "Russia will never participate in a military operation in Afghanistan" 14:37:55
Shot this video of airplanes spraying us today, Tuesday, January 5th. Three chemtrails and two contrails 14:32:52
Calling your spouse a bad name or fat will be a crime 14:13:12
Gold and Guns 13:58:53
Audio: Ronald Reagan speaks out on Socialized Medicine 13:39:37
Well DPers. I Would Like To Know Why CC2009 Has Not Gone Viral Yet??? 13:35:44
Billions in Recent Yememi Investments and The Underwear Bomber’s Daddy. It’s a Small World Ain’t It? 13:29:33
58% Say Congress Doing A Poor Job 13:12:10
Capitalism Is Good for Dental Care 13:08:32
Into the Enemy Camp 12:44:56
How Hollywood Spreads Disinformation About Secret Societies 12:31:20
President of Iceland stands against bankers scheme to enslave Icelanders 12:27:06
If George Bush would have............ 12:22:06
RNC chairman doubts GOP will win back the House this November 12:19:04
California Lawyer, Refuses To Pay Bank Of America Credit Card, Threatens To Sue 12:11:25
Ron Paul on Forbes 11:57:55
eCongress - RE: FOX NEWS Panel - BRING HOME THE POLITICIANS 11:28:51
Forbes Has Good Things To Say.... 11:27:27
RED ALERT: False Flag Attack at Olympics? 10:57:36
Hani's Trial 10:20:12
TARP, Detroit and "Dr. Death" 10:08:40
Marijuana - The Facts 08:38:08
Gerald Celente Predictions for 2010 08:12:25
Kokesh: A Winter Soldier’s Quest for Congress ( 07:39:43
Another opportunity for a liberty candidate 07:31:26
Soon every TV will have built in Wi-Fi, webcams and microphones 06:45:49
A New Video to help Debra Medina get into the debate 06:05:48
Americans Will Violently Revolt When They See What's Really In The Healthcare Bill 05:26:15
Ron Paul on Larry King 01/04/2010 05:11:34
NECN Investigates: Salvation Army Spends Millions on Homes 02:29:02
As an American, I refuse to buy mandatory health insurance... 01:57:39
"A dollar is no longer a dollar in this country, it’s a Visa dollar worth only 99 cents because they take a piece of every one." 01:27:33
Ron Paul @ CPAC 2010 - can we dominate this? 01:15:32
This is the kind of thing that leads to revolt 00:52:04
Peter Schiff On Fast Money 1/4/2010 00:44:24