Posted on January 6, 2010

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Video- Obama caught in another major lie 19:54:03
Gun Owners of America Endorse Rand Paul 22:24:59
Chris Dodd Will Not Seek Re-election 09:46:24
For Liberty Movie to air on Wisconsin PBS, State Wide! 22:24:11
Ron Paul on MSNBC's The Ed Show 1/5/10 on Cheney & Foreign Policy 22:23:17
CNN: Ron Paul Takes Aim at Cheney 09:34:27
Al Qeada is COMING! Al Qeada is COMING!! 19:47:50
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Where is George Gordon? 23:49:54
Conspiracy Theory: MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE 23:47:27
Peace Prize Winner O-Bomb-a Murders Another 15 in Pakistan 23:33:26
Skateboarding School in Afghanistan 23:13:04
Ron Paul excellent interview on Rachel Maddow 23:09:01
*** Kitco launches index to measure "REAL" gold price *** 23:08:54
US forces in Afghanistan ‘should expect up to 500 casualties a month’ 21:26:49
What would you do in my shoes? 21:22:00
UN Small Arms Treaty - Video 20:34:14
Here is something off the wall...everyones up in arms...I thought it was clever. 20:33:25
Talk about no rights (zero, none)... All Your Kids Are Belong to Us 20:29:49
So uh...when was the "Tea Party Attack"? 20:19:29
Jesse Ventura "Conspiracy Theory" Tonight 9 PM and 10 PM EST Manchurian Candidate 20:13:15
BlackBox Voting: Criminal Investigation Requested For Election Violations 20:09:29
Video of Halo around the sun and more lines being layed by aircraft - Jan. 6th 20:03:12
Your government is lying ... by The Gitmos 20:01:36
John Lennon's Opinion about Over Population 19:53:45
The Biggest Financial Deception of the Decade 19:46:38
To Dream the Impossible Dream 19:42:10
Can I get help with a little off the wall personal kind 19:27:34
Bring the Guard Home movement gains strength 19:20:39
Aid Convoy Breaks Israeli Blockade Of Gaza*)) 19:16:00
Congressman Ike Skeleton ( D MO 4CD) on healthcare 17:57:43
Where Is Biden Hiding? 16:44:29
Check out this Open Currency Site. They have a coin with Ron Pauls image 16:30:53
9th Cir Ct of Appeals Rules Felons in Prison May Vote: More Democrats in Pipeline 16:19:48
EU to probe pharma over “false pandemic” 16:19:27
criminal justice - Your feedback please 16:18:40
2010 Census to Begin 16:04:38
White House on defensive on health care 16:00:39
Iceland's President Tells UK Go To Hell, Hooray For Iceland 15:58:54
this is interesting. 15:48:34
Shot another video today of the Chemtrails over Central California, it's been 2 months straight spraying 15:40:01
Tea Party Movement Making the Left and Right Crazy. 15:32:29
Knitting The Matrix 15:14:07
Rand Paul Endorsed by Gun Owners of America 14:51:09
US Based Commodities for Investment 14:43:16
Explosives deliberately planted on airline passenger by government security agents 14:41:10
Obama lying about broadcasting hc negotiations on c-span 14:31:14
Flashback! Video: Beck DESTROYED Richard Blumenthal Conn. Senator 14:28:03
Protest Ship Smashed in Whaling Clash 14:16:23
Optimist? Or pessimist? Test your 2010 strategy! 14:15:32
Are we seeing a mass exodus of the bad guys starting? 13:56:34
Departure of Dorgan Unsettles Senate Democrats 13:48:39
Obama and Afghanistan: America’s Drug-Corrupted War 13:41:47
Is the US government buying stocks? 13:32:10
Al-Qaeda Using US to Accomplish Goals and US Is Playing Along 13:12:56
California needs a Gary Johnson 12:45:49
Another one bites the dust.....FL GOP Greer resigns 12:38:51
Dodd, Dorgan, 5 other Senate Dems vulnerable 12:37:22
Sarah Palin~The Woman Who Knew Too Little 12:30:33
Deep Freeze Has Town Covered in 55 Inches of Snow 12:29:29
The Scam that is the Federal reserve-Glen Beck Video 12:29:04
Gold Up. Dollar up slightly, what is going on? 12:27:18
Military Education: When to shoot the colonels 12:24:36
KC McDonald’s gets rought up by unhappy customer 11:45:12
USA in 1909 11:11:56
Historians Against the War: For Progressives Only, Libertarians Not Welcome 11:01:33
Trade Wars and U.S. Foreign Policy 10:50:00
Drug Companies Pushing Vaccines for All Kinds of Health Conditions 10:40:04
DITTO Heads - Hannity Bots - Time To Listen IN - Dodd Out of Race 10:26:48
Whale Wars - Ship Sunk in Antarctic 10:16:49
Will Haley Barbour Be the Next President? 10:09:02
Vote for Ron Paul's Democratic Opponent Jeff Cherry, Weasel for Congress 08:52:25
How come when Dr. Paul says it, it's "nuts"? 08:52:01
U.S. Senate panel nears agreement on role of Fed 08:44:02
Dodd is out! 07:32:22
Did somebody delete my Russia Today post about drones? 05:27:54
Traps of This Age: Appearance & Reality 05:23:51
Don't Tread On Me - The Movie 04:50:12
Is Freedom County a scam? 04:29:52
Dodd quits! Go Schiff! 03:59:37
Interview with the guys who did the C4L comic book 03:39:35
Oh this is good! 03:26:01
Pinhead or Patriot? 03:25:16
The next 24 hours are crucial for Peter Schiff - Help out here 03:06:32
Louisiana Recall Petition for Senator Mary Landrieu 02:43:13
MSM: Antidepressants do Nothing! 02:16:04
Tennessee court taking Davy Crockett marriage certificate away from 90 year old woman 01:57:16
KERA invites Debra Medina to debate Gov. Perry and Sen. Hutchison 01:45:33
Chris Dodd to step aside! YeeeeeHaaaaa! 01:38:49
Tips for coming back home (across the border) 01:16:58
Breaking: Chris Dodd to step aside 01:15:48
Go Colorado! 00:35:35
"Barefoot and Panty-Scanned" 00:18:02
Glenn Beck, Rex Rammell and the prophecy of Joseph Smith.. 00:13:17
Iceland Update.....Iceland infuriates the UK and others 00:11:08
Citizen Journalist Michael Yon Detained by the TSA 00:06:00
Ron Paul kicks Dick Cheney to the curb 00:05:08
Foreign Policy Debating with Neocons: a primer 00:04:10