Posted on January 9, 2010

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Now how's the site running? 17:24:47
Campaign for Liberty Joins 'End US Wars' Coalition! 13:49:27
A Black Activist's Perspective of the Federal Reserve, Congress, Obama and Ron Paul 12:12:43
John Dennis for Congress Money Bomb a Success. Thank you! 14:09:49
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Cormac McCarthy and Kucinich talk about the elephant in the room=nuclear weapons 23:57:44
John Stossel: Atlas Shrugged and Big Govt. 23:25:18
The Case For Christianity By Alan Watt Jan 08 2010 23:09:45
$50 lesson 23:04:15
Episodes of Hyperinflation from San Jose State University 23:00:01
The Madrid Circular Letter 22:49:05
Attn: Illinois gun owners 22:47:19
The Globalist Agenda: How the Elite Control Your Mind and Your Life 22:45:39
Dr.Rand Paul/ Congressman Ron Paul Join Campaign Stop/Media Apperance on Jan. 30th in Kentucky 22:10:00
Government Jobs Have Overtaken Goods-Producing Jobs 22:07:06
Great Anti-War Song 22:01:50
The Paytriot Delusion 21:46:45
Soldier to be jailed for writing rap song 21:38:47
Monday is 1-11-10 21:33:08
"After Armageddon" on History Channel right now (8pm Sat. 1/9) 21:08:23
Here's a Thought 20:21:49
Food Prices to Double And Triple By Summer: Global Cooling And All That. 20:09:30
Submit your questions for Texas Governors Debate 19:58:07
Chavez Debasing Currency In Attempt To "Help" the Economy 19:56:44
Naked Scanners Unzip Your DNA 19:24:43
Well Dressed Man Story Backed Up by Second Passenger 19:24:24
Contrarian Investor Sees Economic Crash in China 19:13:30
Forbes interview Ron Paul: End The Fed 19:07:52
Canadians "will become mentally ill in 2013" 19:04:35
Stick 187: "Hip Hop, Illuminati, And The Slave Mentality...Oh Those Blacks!" 18:58:51
Michael Steele Fires Back At GOP - "Fire me" 18:42:50
Pro Gun Legislation in CA - Help Needed 18:37:44
Freedom Rider: America’s Terror 18:29:49
Ridley Report: Judge wigs out, threatens Free Keene guy 18:21:45
Finnish Documentary Absolutely Refutes IPCC's Bogus Data 18:13:56
What is the best spyware? 17:44:56
US troops, families face cuts in base services 17:43:01
How is your job?: Where did 661k workers disappear to last month? 17:40:59
Obama's eligibility questioned by member of congress 17:06:51
Update: "Debra Medina is scary ..." email response 16:59:16
What made St Louis man a killer? 16:02:47
Were done for! Executive Order 12425. Where is the outrage??? 15:38:10
"Flat Tire" Attempt at an analogy of "Parties" 15:32:47
Virginia taxes your vacuum cleaner every year? 15:19:44
CRASH! a prediction of the collapse of China 15:03:03
The Nearest Pro-Freedom Election of 2010! Libertarian Joe Kennedy running for Ted Kennedy's old seat in US Senate. 14:29:13
Teaser of Ron Paul interview on 14:26:54
Daddy Warbucks strikes again....... 14:22:46
CIA bomber calls for attacks on US in video 13:40:50
Obama launches new push for healthcare overhaul 13:18:04
Just because it is awesome and relavant! 13:05:17
Soda Fountain Machines Harbor Fecal Bacteria Study Finds 13:02:01
Has Anyone Here Heard of 13:00:45
A Century Past - San Francisco 12:45:40
To President Obama and all 535 voting members of the Legislature, 11:37:57
Carville: Airport scanners can 'measure my penis' 11:34:25
*Southern Avenger! Our Stupid Foreign Policy* 11:21:21
Join our facebook group: Kill Tennessee Traffic Cameras 11:21:11
The Rift within the Fla. Republican Party (Florida Times Union) 11:04:12
If Campaign for Liberty is not getting their people at these tea parties... 10:58:28
When Money Doesn't Talk 10:57:13
OBOGO 10:47:24
Global Warming & Health Care huh...yeah right 08:41:30
An Important Message from Adam Kokesh! 08:29:49
Geithner and the panic to come! 08:22:47
Will Globalists Trigger Yet Another World War? 04:52:17
List of Congressional spending habits 04:49:23
See what happens when "Officials" get their hands on your children 04:46:32
Liberty Anthem 04:35:31
More Broken Promises.... 03:06:52
Heads Up if You Are In Washington State 02:18:44
Southern Avenger: Our Stupid Foreign Policy 01:40:12
Anyone else having trouble with the DP tonight? 01:31:38
Ron Paul on Anderson Cooper, "I HAVEN'T SAID NO" to 2012 00:39:22
1st bank down a near 50% loss to FDIC: 1/2 billion loss. 00:39:22