Posted on October 1, 2010

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Ron Paul 2012: Time to Run as an INDEPENDENT? 12:20:21
Condescending Mother Jones Article Against John Dennis Backfires! 09:17:30
Rand Paul Quarter-End Money Bomb Raises Over $400K! 09:16:30
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Out of curiosity 23:05:21
Nearly 3,000 Millionaires Claim Jobless Benefits 22:03:49
Creativity in School 21:49:10
Volatile Situation Facing U.S. & Pakistan! 21:33:56
It's up to YOU who are you? A soul searching thread! 21:24:00
What's Wrong If U.S. OCCASIONALLY Go In & Kills "Militants" On The Pakistani Side Of The Border? 21:16:06
News Corp Gives ANOTHER Million Dollars To The Republicans 21:13:33
Video: Peter Schiff is hilarious in latest blog 20:40:41
Amerika! for the hell of it! 20:34:00
Aquaponics- Prepare for the worst- link site for info. 20:25:54
Gold De Royal sends out mass email saying no more gold sales 20:14:35
ABC: State Wants Remote Video Surveillance To Track Pot From 'Seed To Sell' 19:56:10
U.S. Government Deliberately Infected Guatemalans With Syphilis, Gonorrhea 19:43:01
Now They Come After You 19:28:34
White House says the $700bn+ Recovery Act is spent or promised 18:45:45
Fed / Treasury screw up the currency. Not that. They can't even do the fiat thing right. 18:23:31
missile flying into pentagon 9/11 18:23:08
Global Warming is Real... Accept or Die! No Pressure! (Video) 17:58:06
Joel Salatin's Polyface Farm (Video Library) 17:30:31
Ridley Report- Taking cop misconduct to chambers of commerce? 16:50:55
19 Nov Dow close 11,203.55 +22.32 +0.20% 16:20:14
Fed officials say stimulus needed if economy stays weak 16:04:50
Tea Party = Pot Party? 15:49:45
Must see series: Slavery By Consent 15:41:32
New Protests in Iceland. 15:39:07
Now: Heavy Truckers for 911 Truth 15:26:37
Rick Sanchez in Big Trouble 15:23:23
I resign ;) (a silly song, specially for legalize liberty) 15:22:46
Stuxnet: The "Israeli Mistake"? 15:07:50
Pat Buchanan's blog has a truther video on it. A really good one. 15:01:39
Want to help Barney Frank become unemployed? 15:00:39
Pentagon PR stunt works: Burned book is a best seller. 14:54:31
Video: Silver Shines as an Economic Solution w / G. Edward Griffin 14:37:32
More Great News From NC Candidate BJ Lawson 14:09:58
Czech President Challenges UN Global Governance in UN Speech 13:40:08
I want to apologize 13:20:46
Critical talking point for 9/11 Truthers 12:54:20
URGENT...Rand needs campaign volunteers in Louisville ASAP! 12:52:11
Democracy for America Targets Rand, others with "Call Out the Vote" campaign 12:46:48
Rick Sanchez: John Stewart “a bigot,” and CNN run by Jews 12:29:02
Breaking News: Schwarzenegger Decriminalizes Marijuana 12:26:55
US sorry for 'atrocious' STD experiments in Guatemala; Patients infected with gonorrhea, syphilis - left untreated 12:23:43
Jim Forsythe's 42 Birthday TODAY Oct. 1st! Donate $42 to a great candidate! 12:04:57
Rand Paul Warns that the campaign is going to get "ugly" 12:03:35
The SHEEPLE Syndrome... 11:57:13
Doug Casey on the Tea Party Movement 11:48:41
Rahm is gone! 11:26:08
Gary Johnson: You’re going home? Wait! There’s still work to be done. 11:21:20
Is Rand Selling Out? 11:21:10
Silver spot price chart request 11:16:59
A Brief Timeline of Blowback 11:12:59
Letter from February 28, 1977 10:46:44
RCP: Political Climate May Trump Paul's Persona in KY 10:16:41
Maybe Dems haven't given up on beating Rand Paul, after all: Wash Post 10:10:32
CNBC: Are Ex-Fed Members Profiting From Inside Scoops? 09:57:48
Snitker on a call in radio right now 9:30 fri morning 09:31:33
Political Fund Raising, and the MSM 09:14:23
Gold Just Blasted To A Brand New High, As NY Fed's Dudley Comes Out Firmly In Favor Of More Printing 09:02:16
GOP Is Fielding More Minorities, as Well as Women, for Office 08:54:22
The Southern Avenger- Government Fundamentalists 08:35:46
Women Will Save Haiti 08:27:40
MUST SEE! "Those Voices Don't Speak for the Rest of Us" 07:52:07
Tea Party vs. War Party? by Pat Buchanan 07:46:24
Tea Party = Pot Party? 07:44:44
The Mortgage Gate Compilation Thread 07:04:45
US Mint Announces 33% Price Increase on Silver American Eagle Premiums! 06:40:27
The 2nd Wall Street movie not as debatable as the first 06:26:09
Tea Partiers support audit of Federal Reserve 06:06:30
Rep. Ron Paul: Currency reform bill may jeopardize US economy 06:04:57
Best Video To Show To Your Friends And Family! 06:01:44
The Meaning of "Austerity" and the solution to the Banksters. 05:35:57
You KNOW Ron is popular when he has his own cartoon!!! 05:28:11
The end is near? 05:17:20
Why they REALLY keep us distracted by wars and turmoil. 05:12:00
B.J. Lawson, our Liberty Candidate, NC on The Max Keiser Report No.82 (Sept. 30, 2010) 03:20:18
Report: DoD Unprepared For Domestic Disaster 01:40:08
Top 4 Energy Giants Quit Iran Amid U.S. Sanctions - China Looking to Strengthen Ties 01:18:52
Do cops have to answer my questions and identify themsleves if demanded by a concerned citizen?. 01:10:23