Posted on October 3, 2010

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James Grant: Ron Paul Should be Executor of Fed 23:52:03
8,000 Word NYT Sunday Mag Article: 'Being Glenn Beck' 21:18:11
Tea Party activists want to amend the Constitution so States can Repeal Federal Legislation 23:51:08
Ron Paul has issued a sobering warning to us all. 14:56:06
Michael Steele Joins Rand Paul Money Bomb; Says He's Reading 'End the Fed' 11:02:58
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Rand needs help on this RawStory article 23:43:01
Today Was A Great Day - I Discovered a 25.7 pound box full of silver American Dollars 23:22:12
Predictive Policing 22:51:54
RT- 'Innocent' Wall Street? Banks & companies 'clever in dishonesty' 22:34:05
Rahm Really Running 21:12:51
We certainly do live in an upsidedown world don't we? 20:41:39
Just 2 Things 20:08:31
Federal Court Rejects Atheist Lawsuit Challenging National Motto and Pledge of Allegiance Displays at Capitol Visitor Center 19:42:05
Rand commits to McConnell as Ky. Senate candidates spar over issues 19:34:37
Call it Socialism but Krugman Likes 91% Tax on Selfish Millionaires — They Don’t Help Society Anyway 19:15:16
Potentially game changing legal decision 18:31:01
So What Do You Think....... 18:27:32
Ron Paul Is Coming To Indiana. "I think I need to change my shorts!" 18:26:10
Will voters believe Dem or GOP? 17:59:04
Gold or Silver, nagging question... 17:48:00
Better To Drink Beer Than To Be A Sober Slave! 17:40:27
Wowsa! Food Inc. If you consume food you absolutely need to see this excellent documentary - You will never be the same! 16:47:40
Jake Towne: Volunteering at Habitat Cropwalk and Upcoming Events 16:40:46
Federally Funded Education Program Prints Booklet With American Flag With 59 stars 16:24:04
Patri Friedman: Show How, Don't Just Argue. 14:59:09
Oh Boy can't wait for this to start happening 14:52:16
Army embeds PSYOPS soldiers at TV stations 14:51:59
Dollar Continues its Plummet: 78.05 and Falling 14:45:27
"High threat" of terrorism in Europe: bin Laden personally masterminding plots! 14:34:58
♥ 7 Days 7 Patriots - Defending Liberty in America Money Bomb October 4-10 ♥ 14:29:06
Wake up! The Government creates jobs and they destroy jobs. They do so with the 14:27:29
Scare tactics used in commercial for climate change 14:07:22
I need ideas on handling a collector on HOA fees that I cannot afford! 13:19:08
Gold & Silver Prices Signal Destruction Of The Dollar 12:56:16
Pakistan printing cash as fast as it can 12:53:06
Paging GHoeberX.... 12:36:08
Dr. Peter Phillips Speech at the Sixth Annual 9/11 Film Festival. 12:26:16
Ron Paul on CNN - On O'Donnel 12:14:42
America's Food Chain: The Crisis, the Attack, the Kill 12:13:19
Banks Foreclose on Homes They Don't Own 11:38:45
BREAKING VIDEO : Rand Paul Jack Conway debate Sunday Ocgtober 3-2010 11:36:18
What Will The Elections Do To The Price Of Gold? 11:22:19
Weekend Watching: MURDERBALL 10:38:40
After 90 Years, Germany to Make Final Payment to Bankers Today for WW1 Debt 10:17:45
The Canary in the Mine....... He just DIED!! 09:49:07
* CLASSIC Ron Paul! 1983 Debate, vs. Chuck Partee(Member of FED.Res. Bd. of Governors) @ Mises Inst.'s 1st EVER Conference! 09:42:39
They tried to make the world forget his name - Nikola Tesla the greatest Inventor of all time 09:39:07
Ridley Report- Film thorns. Strike root. (Police, Federal Reserve) 09:37:17
Ron Paul Should Ask Bernake About This... 09:13:51
Iran Ready To Help Nab 9/11 Perpetrators 08:53:18
Backscatter radiation vans / terahertz energy, someone is lying to me... 08:51:43
Bob Chapman: Towards an Inflationary Depression in America 08:45:20
"Only two thngs in life are certain. Death and taxes." 08:25:34
Off topic: It's Sunday - lets talk "soul." 07:15:24
Ronald Reagan and Ron Paul - A Comparison! 04:59:46
Ron spoke in KY today with Rand and DeMint 02:14:24
freewoman on the land 02:13:19
PirateBay, a TRUE OPEN-SOURCE Free Market of IDEAS? &, "OperationPayBack" vs. RIAA & MPAA 02:02:43
Influential Blogger in Florida Endorses Libertarian Party Candidate Alex Snitker 01:47:22
The Wonderful Advantages of Fiat Money [Republicae] 01:10:57
America First 01:06:56
Johnny Cash "Song of the Patriot" 00:44:16
Bernanke Knew Back in 1988 that Quantitative Easing Doesn't Work 00:41:02