Posted on October 4, 2010

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Ron Paul: Free Markets Create Jobs 22:41:28
John Dennis Seeks LGBT Help in Ousting Pelosi 20:42:53
2 New Fed Members Sworn In 10:10:22
Video: Paul, Conway Sunday Fox Debate 07:00:22
Ron Paul on FOX. Money Rocks - Business News 09/29/10 14:16:48
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The use of force in this "warrent service" makes me sick 23:33:38
Worldwide Fiat Currency Race to Debase - 2010 Q3 23:32:14
Why the Supreme Court Could Side With Autism Activists in Fight vs. Vaccines 23:12:50
Operation RailSafe: Feds Plan Amtrak Anti-Terrorism Exercise 22:46:57
The Southern Avenger- Joe Sobran's Conservative Foreign Policy 21:51:48
I knew it! . . . halt on the sales of properties previously foreclosed upon and all evictions 21:40:17
We are Getting Milked: No Real Farms, No Real Food 21:35:11
The cop that murdered Oscar Grant asking for new trial 21:33:14
Grayson grills this clown from the Fed 21:23:58
More Evidence Monsanto Is Killing Us Softly 19:54:53
Bin Laden is Dead, Long Live Bin Laden 19:32:45
World Bank's Zoellick Predicts Currency Devaluation `Tensions,' Not `War' 19:25:07
Dale Peterson Says: Send King Roy Barnes back home to his Georgia castle 19:08:59
WOW I'm Three! 19:07:50
Cleveland Show Oct. 3 - 911 was an inside job. 18:58:31
FedEx explains what a bailout is 18:41:58
Officials: U.S. missiles kill Germans in Pakistan - Victims believed to be in the region for terrorist training 18:29:05
Investment advice from King Bernanke... 18:03:09
Okay just a God Post! OOPs! 17:58:13
The American Spectator 2012 Online Straw Poll 17:54:18
Bin CIA Laden Makes Apperance after Irainian Pres 17:54:05
All at Bat for 911 Truth, ACTION ITEM 17:50:31
Peter Schiff on Money Rocks Talking Gold with some NWO spokesman called Fisher 17:48:25
Michael Pento of EuroPacific Capital schools Wall Street Journal Stooge 16:56:53
UK Pundit: Suffering, Disabled Children Should be Smothered 16:55:11
Free markets create jobs (Rep. Ron Paul) 16:33:21
German Intelligence Not Convinced Euro Terror Threat Credible 16:06:32
The Real Reason Why So Many Countries Have Troops In Afghanistan 15:01:20
Group urges reliance on local foods 14:30:35
Want to obtain your sovereignty? 14:17:12
Super-rich investors buy gold by the ton 14:10:57
Limbaugh calls former CNN anchor Sanchez an anti-Semite 14:09:56
RT- 'Freedom Zone' vs Euro Zone: Collapse Inevitable? 14:05:17
Surmounting the Wealth Destruction Juggernaut 14:03:23
RT- Keiser Report: Gold Price Nice for Crooks 14:00:29
CEOs wary of health costs, end of Bush tax cuts 13:53:39
MERS/MBS/Foreclosure Goes RICO 13:35:44
Saturday, October 2, 2010MASSIVE MORTGAGE FRAUD....Massive Movements in Silver continue..Commentary Oct 2.2010 13:23:34
Kentucky is finally cracking down on its dueling problem 12:44:22
CPSC bullying sling-style infant carrier makers out of business 12:33:01
The Atlantic: Washington [Neo]Conservatives Worried About Movement Conservatives on Defense 12:24:35
Board Certification 12:13:56
American Spectator poll for 2012 11:39:13
U.S. Soldier states "Everyone just wants to kill people at any cost" in Afghanistan 11:38:11
Sun-Times: Experts say Emanuel not a legal resident 11:00:08
Richard Russell - Rising Gold Signals Death Knoll For US Dollar 10:25:53
Google: China and corporations awesome! Freedom not so.... 10:16:59
Damon Vrabel makes 10:14:42
"ZION", 2012 London Olympic Logo 10:08:35
Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Georgia: Right to Travel Act 09:27:54
Pretty Good Report on Afghanistan & "Ground Zero" Mosque - 60 Minutes 09:06:59
Gold ATMs coming to America 09:03:43
Gold, Dollar, Markets, The Fed, Inflation, Rahm Emanuel - Peter Schiff 09:01:34
This is wild. Anyone ever see this clip of Farakkan? 08:44:07
Cost of living without a bank: $93 a month 08:40:55
Ariz. Border Sheriff: Obama’s ‘Got His Hands Wrapped Around Our Throat' 07:49:20
New York Times: For Tea Party Candidate Rand Paul, Time to Temper Message 07:34:49
What Did You Do to Save the Country? 07:34:46
Help! Do you NOT have a birth certificate? 07:00:43
Immortal Technique: "Open Your Eyes Before You Die." 06:38:39
JPMorgan Reopens New York Gold Vault, Concurrently Launches Vaulting Facility In Asia (In Desperate Bid For Physical?) 06:26:56
DeMint targets Senate colleagues in TV ads 06:07:15
Rand Paul: Social Security age may have to be raised. 06:00:41
Was digging around and wow! 01:49:02
Special Report: The ties that bind at the Federal Reserve 00:56:08
End the FDA! 00:54:29
Planet X "Nibiru" redacted from Google Sky 00:22:42
Rockefeller has been murdered. 00:02:21