Posted on October 10, 2010

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AJ Warning to Glenn Beck Linked from Drudge: Don't Drink Diet Coke 22:11:50
Milk and the Constitution 23:15:02
Ron Paul: We Can't Say Cut Spending For Food Stamps But NOT For The Military Industrial Complex! 23:25:02
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From Tea Party Advocates, Anger at the Federal Reserve 23:48:45
World's Tallest Gadsden Flag (DTOM) [Video Proof] 23:36:05
The Tables Are Turning 23:22:59
In the spirit of Halloween "The Zombie Bank" 22:45:48
An email from a friend! 22:17:33
Floyd Bayne lone attendee at Tea party candidate forum 21:56:12
Damon Vrabel - Debunking Money (#1): Money, Myth, and Machiavelli 21:28:08
Debates for Missouri's 8th District Congressional seat begin Monday 21:07:48
Rhino: Get ready, here it comes. Tuesday is the day. 20:34:08
Bill Gunn Speaks at the Sturbridge Common Tea Party 20:16:19
Here they are ... Please Help Support the Best Libertarian campaigns in 2010! 19:38:59
I am not Left and I am not Right. I am Nothing! 18:54:42
Legalizing Marijuana Will Be A Bigger Blow To Drug Cartels Than Law Enforcement Could EVER Be! 18:38:31
Oath Keepers baby Kidnapped by State? (update 17) Parents get baby back 18:19:49
Want a good laugh over Foreclosure Gate? 18:16:41
The Unconventional Convention 17:48:08
Comes now Rand Paul, John Dennis, Delia Lopez, Jake Towne and Many Others to Fight for Freedom and the Republic! 17:42:01
Comes now Rand Paul, John Dennis, Delia Lopez, Jake Towne and Many Others to Fight for Freedom and the Republic! 17:36:54
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Founding Fathers Early Colonials Enjoyed Their 'Draught' 17:13:06
China 'detains' wife of imprisoned Nobel Peace prize winner 16:44:41
Aimee Allen - Rand Paul for Senate! 15:54:47
Hey! Here's an idea, lets revert back to common law jurisdiction! Vid Incl. 15:40:01
I´m gonna write a university paper(memorandum) on cap and trade 14:56:45
A message to California "voters" : if you still believe in the process, vote Chelene Nightingale 14:51:34
Second Best vs Least Worst 14:43:19
Think You Know US History? Maybe not.. 14:00:48
The cost of war, broken down and layed out for all to see! 14:00:26
The LA Times Ballot: The Two Party Fraud Is Just Fine, Thanks! 13:57:28
Paul Craig Roberts: America's Third World Economy 13:20:57
Skies Over Milwaukee...Is this normal or not.... 12:17:45
How to profit from ForeclosureGate??? 11:50:55
Muslim Student Discovers FBI Tracking Device on His Car 11:40:40
Government had been warned for months about troubles in mortgage servicer industry 11:34:10
Wash Post Poll: Anti-government Fervor Up 11:31:43
Will our kids become like this ? 11:24:06
Doug Casey on the Destruction of the Middle Class and the Coming Gold Standard 11:20:37
Peter Schiff: The Fed's Hail Mary 11:16:56
MERS Enters Self-Preservation Mode, Issues Press Release To "Clarify" Its Role In Foreclosure Fraud 11:13:10
How Hank Paulson Helped Goldman Sachs And Failed To Contain The Financial Crisis 11:09:22
Axelrod says that Obama wants mortgage companies to create documents to fix Mortgage Gate 11:06:49
Jesse Jackson: Our ‘Government Induces Poverty’ 11:03:38
Tea Partiers love Chris Christie 11:01:51
Obama’s Latina Labor Secretary Tells La Raza: Prioritizing Workforce Will Especially Help ‘Our People’ 10:59:38
Oh No, Here We Go: Florida foreclosure title insurer firm denies coverage 10:05:16
Why no support for Joe DioGuardi here? 09:52:49
Actors being recruited for the audience at Obama's 10/14 townhall meeting 09:43:34
No Social Security COLA expected for 2011 09:11:49
Foreclosure Freeze Spreads Across America ---"There’s a wildfire spreading across the country" 04:14:07
G. Edward Griffin talks to in Sweden About Freedom Force International 03:20:43
A Story 02:50:54
IMF fails to stop currency wars; China holds $2.447T surplus 02:32:05
Ron Paul a Mere 1.5% Shy of Winning 2012 Presidential Straw Poll in Virginia 00:55:45
The Non-GMO Project -- for grassroots success 00:51:38
Will Ron Run? A Six-pack Says He Will - The Star Ledger 00:33:16
Amy Goodman claims that Ron Paul didn't want an interview. 00:22:45
California dreaming of pot legalization 00:17:59