Posted on October 12, 2010

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MoxNews- "Prohibition Is The Golden Goose Of Terrorism!" Cops Explain Why Marijuana Must Be Legalized 20:38:42
The Atlantic: The Tea Party’s Brain 16:20:34
John Dennis Radio Marathon - NOW! 10:30:19
Google Planning Alternative Inflation Index Using Web Data 08:32:44
Ron Paul Says '12 Run Depends On Fall Of U.S. Dollar 08:00:07
Wash Post: The 17th Amendment resurfaces as a campaign issue 07:27:23
Homeowners May Gain Ground in Foreclosure Fights in Bankruptcy Court--UPDATED with New Case 07:21:00
New York Times: Rand Paul says The Fed Devalues the Dollar and Causes Boom-Bust Cycle 05:13:19
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Texas Straight Talk- Don't allow the Fed to destroy our money! 23:51:34
► Here Is Your Chance To Check If You Are The Victim Of Mortgage Fraud 23:47:23
Australia needs the Tea Party 23:15:06
Email Matt Taibbi who hates our movement.... 23:05:50
media spins 5th of November 22:48:36
NEED HELP NOW - McCain's Voting Record 21:51:59
Judge Nap hosting Glenn Beck show 10.10.2010 (audio only) 21:25:29
Freedom Watch- Ron Paul: The Revolution is Inevitable! 21:23:31
Nationalism v. Globalism 21:21:37
First Jake Towne TV AD - Money Bomb October 14th 21:13:58
No Monetary Collaspe Says Andrew Gause 19:42:05
The Future is Ugly 18:33:18
Marijuana American Style 18:33:02
MoxNews- School District Settles Out Of Court On Laptop Spying Case 18:27:08
Russell Means: America Has Become One Huge Indian Reservation 18:23:57
Ron Paul's 2012 Presidential Candidacy 18:18:40
Want to know if your bank actually has your original mortgage note! 17:44:02
Ron Paul: A Spooked Economy in October 17:40:46
Bloomberg - Fed Officials Were Prepared to Ease `Before Long,' Minutes Say 17:40:07
McDonald’s Happy Meal resists decomposition for six months 17:37:41
Couple's Radio Flyer turns heads on streets 17:04:12
RT- US trying to take over The Balkans & its resources? 16:38:29
Army and major mortgage services agree to forbearance on foreclosures 16:36:26
Voter Info on Judges 16:32:04
MoxNews- Canadian Military Evicted From UAE Air Base! 16:10:54
Pelosi Working Overtime to Keep Wars Going, Dennis Picks Up Liberal Support 16:09:26
Ron Paul Speech Gets Crowd to Explode at Virginia Tea Party Patriots Convention! Worthwhile read! Good Video! 16:07:53
In 'California' Marijuana Is A 14 BILLION Dollar Cash Crop ALL THAT MONEY GOES TO CRIMINALS! 16:05:44
Judge orders 'don't ask, don't tell' injunction 15:59:57
Chicago Police: We Stand With Cop Accused Of Shooting Spree "NO MATTER WHAT" 15:45:56
Obamacare Scandal: Obama's Nun 14:57:17
More on Lawson vs Price 14:31:43
US bankers set for record pay and bonuses for second year 14:27:06
How To Effectively Fight Pseudo Science 14:04:49
Ron Paul Scolds 'Discourteous' MSNBC Host 13:50:01
Calling all eye doctors! Congress needs your help! 13:44:49
Imagine the fun someone could have with these. 13:40:55
BREAKING NEWS: Obama Administration Lifting Moratorium on Deepwater Oil Drilling following the BP Oil Spill. 13:28:38
Watchdog claims Sen. Boxer withheld information regarding her Countrywide mortgages 13:12:54
rEVOLutionaries Help Jake Towne Win This Poll 12:56:21
Currency Wars: The Phantom Financial Menace 12:49:34
Advice On Which Economic Book to Read 12:45:14
More Fed easing likely Won't Help economy admits K.C. Fed chief 12:22:11
VIDEO: Police Brutality : Cop Kills Unarmed Man 12:07:18
"Untruther" Michael Shermer caught posing as professor 11:49:57
Dissent in the Age of Obama 11:49:49
Big Brother Strikes Again 11:41:24
5 Things David Axelrod Must Have Missed About The Foreclosure Thing 11:26:00
Goldman Tells Clients To Buy COMEX Gold; revises 12 month gold target to $1,650 11:09:05
Goldman Sachs predicts gold at $1650 in a year 11:04:02
Are Veterans Our Only Hope? Peace Movements Greatest Resource 10:33:20
Freedom Under Seige 10:27:00
RT- Keiser Report №85: Fed Dumping massive amount of paper money into Economy 10:14:25
Judge Napolitano interviews Colonel Anthony Schaffer, 9-11 whistleblower 09:38:25
FORECLOSUREGATE: the Question Nobody is Asking BY KARL DENNINGER 09:20:18
Max Keiser says $1400 gold, possibly today 09:07:51
A Primer On The Foreclosure Crisis-CNBC 08:01:41
MORTGAGES: How Wall Street Shafted Main Street 07:53:25
NY Times - Supreme Court to Consider Vaccine Case - WSJ - Chief Justice Roberts Sells Pfizer Shares 07:46:35
Forget Jack Conway — Rand Paul targets Obama during televised debate 07:29:01
The Largest Financial Swindle in the History of the World? 07:23:37
WOW! Former Fed vice chair Yellen admits: It's Possible That Low Rates Feed Bubbles 07:13:56
Rep. Ron Paul: What caused the Foreclosure Crisis? 07:07:47
God, Liberals and Liberty 06:45:33
Obama's Mortgage Release is here--President Obama Falls Victim to ANOTHER Robo-Signer 06:43:15
Institutional Fascism! (What Really Troubles Me Most About the Fraudclosure Crisis) 06:40:12
Throwing the book at Obama 04:27:46
It has begun. Food Prices Explode. Mainstream Anaylst Warning of Imminent Food Crisis. 01:54:16
endorsement available to worthy candidates 01:08:42