Posted on October 13, 2010

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Tom Woods Rocks Orlando Florida Nullify Now Event 17:34:45
Barney Frank, Ron Paul and 55 others advocate for defense cuts 14:14:44
Matt Gonzalez Endorses John Dennis in Open Letter to Pelosi 14:54:20
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So I participated in a political focus group tonight. 23:47:45
►Video: Delaware Senate Race Debate | Christine O'Donnell & Chris Coons 23:46:52
Dozens charged with largest Medicare scam ever 23:30:06
Dems swoop in to help Reid as ad spending spikes 23:21:17
Tom Woods Vid: "Our Wise Overlords Are Just Here to Serve Us" 22:03:14
The Great Deception! 21:50:10
Furkan Dogan's father wants to know why US Govt is silent on his son's murder. 21:41:21
Gerrymandering--A New Documentary 21:35:55
Updated: Odd coincidences with Chilean mining incident. 21:23:01
Family moves BACK in to foreclosed home - says they were victims of fraud 21:08:51
What Happened To Bookmarks? 19:37:44
Lightning strikes at liberty 18:55:57 "Who Knew?" does expose on "Gold:" Says Ft Knox has 8,250 tons of gold 18:26:55
Why printing money makes sense 18:12:49
Constitutional Contempt from Our Leaders 18:08:29
Court Denies Access to Fannie/Freddie Political Records 17:49:12
Jake Towne To Debate Republocrats Tonight 8pm EST 17:28:02
VIDEO: Jesse Ventura: US should abolish political parties, talks about 911 and show "Conspiracy Theories" on ABC 16:59:18
The Tea Party vs. the Federal Reserve 16:40:41
Emergency: Oath keeper /CPS update- Irish Claims Daughter injured/ abused ! 16:13:56
Relying On The Feds REALLY Worked Well Didn't It? 15:27:03
$200 an Ounce Silver? – Can it Happen? 15:13:35
Would you donate $10 towards a DailyPaul Chat Room? 15:12:07
Publicly held Wall St. payout record $144B 15:02:25
You will no longer be able to sign in to YouTube without a Google Account. 14:55:03
US and NATO aids Taliban contacts with Afghan government 14:35:11
DEMAND to see your mortgage note! Website shows you how! 14:15:01
Yahoo Finance - Chinese buy third of Chesapeake South Texas field 13:16:32
Child Abduction because of Patriot Association 12:59:56
Officials in 50 states launch foreclosure probe 12:40:05
NY Times: Across U.S., Long Recovery Looks Like Recession 12:30:29
Is Nancy Pelosi a political liability in the midterm elections? 12:19:44
Suicide Bombing Motivation....Religion No, Occupation Yes! 12:13:13
JPMorgan Chase's profit jumps 23 percent in 3Q 12:00:39
Sharron Angle's $14 M fundraising haul 11:50:31
Walmart Rolls Back Rollbacks: Food Prices at Two-Year High 11:38:34
Ron Paul: If You Care About The Poor You Have To Look At Monetary Policy 11:32:10
Were the Ron Paul "Kooks" right? 11:23:28
Barack Obama has family ties to Sarah Palin 11:07:06
What? Lead Mexican Investigator in Lake Falcon murder...beheaded!? 10:47:14
TYT- victories in elections causes more porn to be watched 10:43:22
Candidate in California governor's race arrested 10:34:46
Infowars Moneybomb Marathon Begins On Thursday 10:33:51
Arwa Damon's report on Iraqi's female death row inmates -Hmmmmm 10:30:27
RT- Crosstalk: US government wary of Foreign Media 09:59:43
Mexican police investigating tourist's death found decapitated...... 09:54:38
The Long and Short of What's Happening With Silver These Days 09:52:44
RT- Vigilantes goes after druggies in Russia 09:47:27
2nd miner gives rescuers rocks 09:35:38
The After-the-Fed Solutions Debate Begins: Greenbackers vs. Goldbugs 09:16:41
BREAKING NEWS: Obama is enroute to Chile 08:49:28
VIDEO - Alvin Greene is giving DeMint a run for his money in this campaign, De Mint started the recession says Greene. MUST SEE! 08:36:23
John Mccain is an idiot VIDEO. Who ever did this did a great job. 08:26:07
Hooray for Robin Carnahan! 08:05:41
Online Poll - Should American Special Forces cross the Pakistan border and hunt Bin Laden? 07:47:27
Another emerging GOP star, and this one could be one of us. 07:00:36
So You Think Money is the Root of All Evil ? 06:44:15
Ron Paul Speech At Virginia Tea-Party Convention! 03:15:44
Govt Spending Jumps 21% In Past 2 Years! 03:02:19
Judge Napolitano - Big Government! 03:01:22
Human Technology Saves Miners! 02:58:19
This explains a lot: Obama related to Palin and Limbaugh 01:40:10
CIA President's 'Own Personal Gestapo' - RT 01:26:21
School district settles in webcam privacy case 00:23:46
A song and some ticker links on economy We are so f**ked! 00:18:19
Police charge driver over Facebook speeding clip 00:14:11
G. Edward Griffin LIVE Today - October 13 at 2 pm Eastern. 13:07:34