Posted on October 14, 2010

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Jesse Ventura Schools Foxnews Anchor on Who's Behind 9/11 22:48:07
Ron Paul on Fox Business 10.14.10 15:39:37
"Parker Spitzer" host Kathleen Parker tells CNN's Don Lemon why pot should be decriminalized. 07:45:21
Cindy Sheehan Endorses John Dennis in Open Memo to Nancy Pelosi 07:46:21
✌ Jake Towne TV AD Money Bomb October 14 ✌ 08:32:13
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Paul's dance with Williams muddies message 23:51:26
MoxNews- Naomi Wolf PWNS Military-Industrial Complex Water Carriers 23:03:10
Movie Trailer: Cancer is Serious Business-- FDA Coverup? 23:01:16
House to vote on bonus payment for Social Security 22:33:34
Reid, Angle trade barbs in Nevada Senate race 22:16:08
New Conspiracy Theory TV Series Starts Friday, October 15th 21:55:33
Our Own Dr. Mengele: Experiments On Detainees 21:55:24
Crazy Idea: Every American who has a mortgage miss one month payment for December? 21:21:57
Feds do it again.... seize another raw milk dairy farm... w/link to help save their farm. 21:05:50
"United We Strike" Radio Marathon 21:03:32
U.N. official: U.S. is $1.2 billion in arrears at U.N. 21:01:01
C4L Rand Paul TV ad 20:51:00
U.N. official: U.S.owes $1.2 billion to U.N. 20:14:18
Who else is done with this war? Soldier silenced for blowing the whistle 20:11:26
NEVADA-Harry Reid debates Sharron Angle TONIGHT on C-SPAN at 9:00 EST 20:08:16
Rabbi Yehuda Levin drops endorsement for Paladino 20:01:46
Dennis Miller with Jesse Ventura and 9/11 Conspiracy Theories 19:22:35
New comment system? 19:19:48
Watching The Skies - University of Minnesota and UFOs 18:47:40
Proof DailyKos is NWO? Censoring NORAD Officer UFO Prediction 18:24:44
Judge: Suit over health overhaul can go to trial 17:58:29
MoxNews- Shooting Of Woodcarver John T Williams NOT Justified! 17:54:02
GOA endorses Sharron Angle 17:46:28
"Savior Self Situation" - another fishy tune 17:19:38
What are some good books to help educate others about liberty and Austrian economics? 16:34:18
BREAKING! The NH court case is over. The Parents WON! 16:02:58
Failed Mortgage Cos Get $240 Mil To Run TARP 15:47:07
Another soldier who appears to get it... 15:15:45
Good Ron Paul article in The Atlantic 15:01:57
The Skeptic as Absolutist 14:45:58
skimming devices being placed right over card-reader slots on ATMs 14:32:38
Is Free Thinking A Mental Illness? 14:11:43
Uh oh, maybe we don't need Afghanistan's lithium after all 13:28:26
Congressman Paul speaks at TSU law school 13:28:18
Reid and Angle to meet in only Senate debate 13:25:40
Health Care Costs For Veterans To Soar (1+ Trillion Federal Reserve Notes) 13:10:16
Fed turning up the speed of the printing press 12:55:45
Infowars Moneybomb 12:38:40
Gerald Celente Discusses the Sellout of America 12:28:09
Christine O’Donnell 12:05:52
DARPA seeks "pre-crime" technology (minority report) 12:05:19
Haley Barbour for RNC Chairman? NEVER AGAIN! 11:56:13
Alan Grayson: "IT IS TIME FOR HANDCUFFS!" 11:50:51
Why Florida's Foreclosure Machine Is Slowing Down 11:46:51
Report criticizes TARP contracts to Fannie and Freddie 11:44:25
Should The Gov't Stop Dumping Money Into A Giant Hole? 11:36:49
Tea Party's Economic Gloom Fuels Republican Election Momentum, Poll Says 11:31:16
New 9 11 Footage Reveals WTC Explosions 11:26:01
BEFORE you donate to ALEX... better watch this video! 11:16:33
Glenn Greenwald: The Wars on Drugs and Terror: mirror images 10:52:50
RT- US bankers pocket $144 billion bonus 10:42:24
Papoose Law Library part 5 10:15:32
RT- Witch Watch: Can Christine O'Donnel & Co unleash 'lipstick revolt'? 09:38:13
WFMZ Debate Jake Towne vs Republocrats {videos} 09:37:36
New John Dennis TV Ad: Why No Debate, Nancy Pelosi? 09:35:43
Nancy Pelosi is Missing 09:32:00
Ron Paul on R3VOLUTION and Nullification 09:09:46
Rand Paul vs Jack Conway Paducah debate streams live today Oct 14 at 8:00 am central time 9:00 am easterntime. LIVE VIDEO LINK 09:02:53
October 13th 08:26:54
Pontiac Agrees To Disband City's Police Dept 08:09:35
How about marijuana backed currency? Max Keiser considers CA "Pot Bonds" 08:02:54
Howard Stern asks Jesse Ventura if he would run as Ron Paul's VP 02:45:34
Unintended consequences of Obamacare: Sick kids premiums going up 02:19:00
Sept. bank foreclosures top 100k for first time 02:06:46
Just shot this video of chemtrails.. enjoy everybody 01:13:45
Late Night's Jimmy Fallon criticizes Federal Reserve on 'Bieber Reflections' sketch! (VIDEO) 00:59:04
MSNBC: Rand knocks Clinton over Lewinsky scandal "I'm not sure I would trust a guy who had had sexual relations with an intern." 00:45:27
Debt market strips U.S. of triple-A rating 00:43:21
Rand Losing This Poll 00:24:50
Obamacare Will Add 3.8% Tax on Income from Home Sales and Rentals 00:21:50
Poll: Rand Paul vs. Jack Conway (we're losing big time) 00:21:00