Posted on October 16, 2010

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Foreclosuregate: Time to Break Up the Too-Big-to-Fail Banks? 23:45:09
Another Reason For Tea Party November Enthusiasm 23:13:20
Toy gun gets 7-year old expelled. 23:03:56
NIA Releases Trailer for 'End of Liberty' 22:45:20
Oath Keepers prep lawsuit against NH bureaucrats 22:23:05
MoxNews- Jesse Ventura: Ban Lawyers from politics. 21:12:33
Ridley Report- Oath Keepers prep lawsuit against NH CPS 21:07:46
MoxNews- George HW Bush Aircraft carrier to deploy in 2011 19:22:30
Why Liberals Don't Get the Tea Party Movement 19:03:20
MoxNews- Jesse Ventura: U.S. Is Being The World's Police! "You Don't See China Doing That!" 19:01:00
legalizeliberty: Call For Direct Activist Action {video} 18:20:50
Dylan Ratigan's "Highly impassioned monologue" 17:32:22
Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory "Plum Island" 17:30:00
Ron Paul's speech at Texas Southern University, October 12 2010 17:24:51
Misquoting Jesus: How The Bible Got Tainted -- (Stanford Lecture) 17:10:44
CA Man Finds F.B.I. G.P.S. Attached To His Car! "We Don't Need A Warrant!" F.B.I. 16:56:23
"The Most Dangerous Man in America," (Ellsberg Documentary) Last Day to Watch is Oct 27th. 16:49:03
MoxNews- Could WikiLeaks Have Prevented 9/11? 16:00:18
‘Dying of Money’ Free Again 15:28:20
International Forecaster October 2010 (#5) - Gold, Silver, Economy + More 15:06:01
A GREAT Article on Rand Paul !!! 14:52:49
Slimeball Jack Conway reaches new low: Runs TV ad on Aqua Buddha allegations 14:02:19
Bin Laden Dead? 13:40:53
Protests/strikes shutdown France: Right to retire at age 60? 13:33:44
Retroactive immunity for the banking fraud,,,,,,, 13:15:44
Robert Scott Bell Speech 'Nullification a matter of Life and Death' Orlando 12:58:30
Freedom Watch Oct 16th, 2010. Jesse Ventura! 12:42:36
New Awesome Jake Towne Campaign Flyer 12:28:39
The art of mortgage fraud 12:25:20
War on Terror, Brilliant Truth by Paul Craig Roberts 12:17:51
World’s Richest Man: ‘Charity Doesn’t Solve Anything’ 12:00:51
Politico: John Dennis outraises Pelosi 11:53:45
On This Day, 43 Years Ago: 281 men turned in or burned their draft cards 11:29:25
Freedom Watch (10/16/10) 11:21:25
Ads showing aborted babies about to hit Washington DC airwaves 11:15:09
John Dennis' Wicked Witch of the West Video is back in Youtube with over 600,000 views 10:51:13
New York State Ron Paul supporters please read! 10:37:08
How the Dollar Killed America's Golden Goose [vid] 10:33:58
US studying Australian Internet security program 09:56:48
Denninger On Gold Bugs 09:17:41
Libertarians find their place in Georgia politics 09:13:06
Is the mortgage mess due to a banking industry cover up of massive tax evasion? 08:14:58
If the Chain of Title is Broken then the Borrower No Longer Owes Any Money on the Mortgage! (explicit language) 08:06:08
FDA warns companies promoting products used in chelation procedures... 04:39:06
Rand Paul trounces Jack Conway in Fundraising;Jack displays AquaBuddha envy 04:34:04
Constitution hater Pete Stark - Republican opponent says he is a libertarian 03:15:26
Obama's Waterloo; one war too many 02:33:02
Jekyll Island heavy metal song 00:18:07
Glenn Greenwald: A political culture free of accountability 00:12:50