Posted on October 17, 2010

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Wikileaks to release 400.000 Iraqi War Docs Tomorrow Oct. 18th! 17:27:23
Video: Paul, Conway Debate- 10/17 21:05:46
Holder: US will enforce marijuana laws despite how Californians may vote 12:54:03
SOCIAL Capital More Valuable Than GOLD 11:44:18
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Dylan Ratigan exposes foreclosure fraud 23:13:52
Lew Rockwell - Drudge Report Advertisement 22:56:39
As the dollar crashes, what are you doing with your savings account? 22:53:36
Plum Island "Clone" in Texas??? 22:06:37
Rand responds to sleazeball Conway in new TV ad "False Witness" 21:50:59
Republican Office Holder Endorses Libertarian Candidate Tim Mullen in Pennsylvania 21:12:06
MoxNews- Helen Thomas Retracts Apology To Israelis! 20:44:19
Read the 'State of (X) NJ' Executive Reorganization Act of 1969 [Created Corp State] 20:12:44
Ron Paul announces a 2012 run for president? 19:37:35
Two years later, Rep. Tom McClintock does not deserve the endorsement of Ron Paul 18:59:08
O'Donnell says GOP establishment not helping her 18:55:55
White House anger swells over campaign finance 18:29:22
Underground Markets: toward a humane economy 17:48:08
How can you Ignore The Wars? 17:35:50
DP Citizen Journalism APPRECIATION thread! 17:18:31
I called Gary Johnson on talk radio, re: running for public office (youtube) 16:56:19
►"Washington, Jefferson and Adams are on my side." ~Jesse Ventura - Nope! 16:53:19
Alex Jones the sensationalist opportunist avoids Israeli role in 911 15:32:50
. 14:33:56
Ron Paul: Keep pressuring Federal Reserve 14:10:09
Patriots Vote For Liberty Candidate Jake Towne 14:07:23
Airline Pilot Revolts Against TSA Tyranny - Refuses to be viewed naked 13:13:03
U.S. Continues to Train Al Qaeda Forces 11:09:01
Gary Johnson Speaks at Nullify Now Orlando Florida 10:16:33
The Morgan Fascist Coup Plot and how FDR Defeated it 08:52:41
So Far The Tea Party Sucks 04:21:06
I Am Gay And Was Sucidal 04:10:35
Tea Party Coloring Books in Demand- NH 01:43:13
Darwinism vs Creationism: SOLVED! 00:28:39
Justin Beiber Rightfully Blames the Federal Reserve for the Housing Bubble 00:16:55