Posted on October 19, 2010

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Video: Rand May Skip Last Debate 18:51:47
Jake Towne asks John Callahan and Charlie Dent about the FED's Quantitative Easing 18:22:33
Do you bank at Bank of America? 15:38:25
L.A. Sheriff Will Enforce Federal Pot Laws if Prop 19 Passes 21:13:37
Ron Paul at TSU 13:40:35
Salon: Clinton Cabinet Member Proposed False Flag Attack 09:18:18
The Loss of Trust and the Great Unraveling To Come by Charles Hugh Smith 00:20:11
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Guess who will appear pre-election on Jon Stewart's Daily Show? 23:55:56
No more I-pods...enjoy em while you can! 23:37:13
Why are you proud of this country and the Constitution? 23:09:19
Jimmy Mcmillan running for Governor of NY from the rent is too damn high party steals the debate. I actually like this guy. 22:46:40
The #1 wealthiest family on the Forbes List are supposedly big time Libertarians 22:35:48
Jack Conway discusses attack ad with Anderson Cooper 10/19/2010 (VIDEO) 22:31:26
NYT: Democrats at Odds on Relevance of Keynes 22:20:53
Support Schiff Radio 22:11:53
Senate candidate Chris Coons can't name the 5 freedoms listed in the 1st Amendment 22:09:34
Five questions that you would like to ask President Bush 21:57:30
Dylan Ratigan: The Tea Party has forgot its first plank 21:25:51
More UFO Action - El Paso, Tx 21:00:52
Is anyone else sick to death of telemarketers calls? 20:28:31
You can photograph that federal building 20:18:23
Nevada Attorney General's race 20:13:44
MoxNews- Dennis Kucinich I Advocate A Medicare For ALL System!" 20:07:51
"Don't vote angry" Dems plead: "Let's talk about your feelings" 19:36:18
Treasury Secretary Geithner works for who??? 18:41:21
Man, I got a rouse call 17:23:27
Liberty Candidate Exluded from Debate 16:20:07
Missouri man who says he was unjustly roughed up by police officer challenges him to fight 16:04:09
Where's Jack Hunter- The Southern Avenger? 16:03:17
Peter Schiff: Bernanke is Enabling Bigger Government 16:02:54
Mortgage Fraud: ONE NATION, UNDER FRAUD--"Nothing-Backed Securities" 15:58:39
Top Bank Regulator Doesn't Believe Consumers Harmed By Foreclosure Fraud Scandal! 15:51:43
State lawmakers preparing citizenship legislation 15:26:08
POLITICO: Rand enlists Christian leaders to blast Conway 15:23:18
Obama Wants Absolute Immunity For The Attorney General! 15:18:52
Secret UK Austerity Plan: 500k public sector job cuts 15:16:18
U.S. investigating possible criminal violations in foreclosure crisis 15:02:33
Actor Tom Bosley of "Happy Days" dies 14:49:33
endorsement available to worthy candidates 14:40:14
Cover Depicting Senator Patty Murray In Raw PORK Dress in Seattle Weekly. 14:29:18
Ads showing aborted babies about to hit Washington DC airwaves 14:27:15
Lisa Murkowski running as a write in candidate in AK 14:22:36
A Red State Update Ad: Letter to Rand Paul 13:46:28
Jesse Ventura : A Folish Faith In Authority Is The Worst Enemy Of Truth! 13:42:58
Peter Schiff : It's Scary How Clueless Bernanke Is! 13:41:44
When Ron Paul lost his bid for Congress: the power of resilience 13:17:53
Aqua Buddha Truthers of Kentucky Unite for Jack Conway 13:16:10
You Can Photograph That Federal Building 13:12:17
In 2013, the Sun will destroy all means of communication on Earth 13:05:54
Ron Paul says to have fun, here's how I had some fun this morning 13:03:29 ALMOST Gets It! The Republicans are Neocons... 13:01:51
RT- Keiser Report №87: full scale currency war, American people lose 12:25:49
RT- Masked youths clash with police as pension reform protests get radical in France 12:14:42
Ron Paul Election Night Victory Party‏! - Live Stream! 12:03:01
America's Poor: Where Poverty Is Rising In America 11:44:59
Matthews Plays HARDBALL With Jack Conway About Questioning Rand Paul's Faith 11:43:42
Breaking: Shots fired at the Pentagon 11:36:44
CIA Sues Ex-Agent for Book's Breach of 'Secrecy' 11:31:22
RT- 105 tons of weed seized in the border city of Tijuana Mexico 10:48:28
The Rent Is Too Damn High Party~NY Governor Candidate 10:44:44
LIVE CHAT: Jake Towne (I) candidate for the 15th Congressional District 10:41:58
RT- Arabs refuse Loyalty Oath to Israel 10:33:56
Will Americans Follow French Example Of Mass Civil Unrest? 10:31:45
Six ads that are worse than Aqua Buddah 10:25:33
Foreclosuregate: The Song and Dance is DONE! Want a sneak preview? 10:25:23
Compromise on Capitol Hill: Is it really what Americans want? 10:19:19
U.S. Debt Woes Expose Hidden Austerity and Looting of Public Assets 10:18:54
Violent French Protests Show Why A New Debt Crisis Is Inevitable 10:14:37
5 times we almost nuked ourselves by accident 10:13:46
Dent, Callahan, or Towne? The answer should be easy... 09:57:21
Aqua Buddha We Lift Our Hearts 09:55:10
U.S. Military Weapons Inscribed With Secret 'Jesus' Bible Codes 09:45:12
Desacralizing Democracy to Save Liberty 09:39:54
Study: Ron Paul Was Right about Blowback 09:24:15
A Collection of Depositions Transcripts of Foreclosure Mills Robot Signers 09:18:56
'Foreclosure Mill' Employees Got Gifts For Altering Documents, Witness Says 09:15:56
Geithner: U.S. will not engage in dollar devaluation 09:12:05
National Debt Up $3 Trillion on Obama's Watch 09:10:11
Joe Miller: "If East Germany could [secure their border], we could" 07:00:03
Freedom Fest in Oslo Norway October 30. 2010. 04:34:36
Cavasso Surges, Inouye Lead shrinks by 23% in two weeks! 03:36:08
Cop almost got attacked by a pack of wolves 02:36:03
Bob Tuskin: 9/11 Truth Raids the University of Florida Homecoming Parade 02:05:14
Philip J. Berg On Alex Jones 10/19 Obama Eligibility Rally Washington DC Saturday, October 23, 2010 02:00:53
Political Production vs. Economic Production 01:54:33
Black Caucus Launches Environmental Justice Tour 01:16:47
"The Most Despicable Ad of the Year" by Jason Zengerle (the GQ- Aqua Buddha guy) 00:21:58