Posted on October 20, 2010

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Senate Republocrats already waffling on repealing ObamaCare and the Contract for America 20:54:21
It's BEGUN; ALL it takes is JUST ONE BRAVE SOUL: CNN- Pilot REFUSE TSA FullBodyScan & Grope-Down! 20:46:54
Martin Armstrong: NICE try but no CIGAR 19:01:38
Rand Paul Latest Poll (10/20): Leads Conway by 5 points 18:23:49
GAME CHANGE: Robert Kiyosaki, RichDad Author, on The Alex Jones Show - Oct. 19th, 2010 10:59:49
The MERS Edifice Quavers.... Karl Denninger 07:53:42
Judge Rules Wachovia has NO STANDING to Foreclose - They had NO NOTE! 06:14:54
Amazing Chris Matthews raw interview saying Rand is 'philosopher' choice, Conway 'politician' 10:02:26
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 10/18/10: Is the World About to Dump the Dollar? 10:14:14
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We The People - freedom song 23:55:06
The Third Finger -- Great New TV Ad for Travis Irvine, Libertarian for Congress, 12th District Ohio 23:39:57
CERN scientists eye parallel universe breakthrough! 23:39:39
MoxNews- Dick Cheney Is A Traitor! Valerie Plame & Joe Wilson 23:02:59
Help Spread this Page from Jack Conway's High School Yearbook! (Jack Conway is Rand Paul's opponent) 22:47:23
VIDEO: Alien lifeforms in GULF! 22:21:17
MoxNews- TSA Supervisor Busted Stealing From Travelers! 22:19:08
At Gun Point Police Hold Back Help For Dying College Football Star! 22:16:04
Banks avoid foreclosure trial by using robo-signed falsified documents. 21:30:29
The Big Wall Street Banks Have Found A New Way To Strangle The American People: Predatory Property Tax Collection 21:06:18
Rand Paul up by 5 points according to 2 polls done Monday & Tuesday 20:54:11
What does "truther" mean? 20:41:18
Huffington Post blogger is "ashamed" to be a Democrat after Conway's smear attempt 19:49:06
Kelley Paul Responds to Jack Conway's Attack on Rand's Family 19:48:15
Open Phone Conference For 'Restored America' Tonght 6pm Pacific, 8pm Central, 9pm EST 19:46:17
Naked Scan or Genital Grope? Stop It Now 19:44:05
Ron Paul's Speech Tea Party Event in La Marque Texas 19:38:05
Free market guru Peter Schiff debates 19:37:50
Dylan Ratigan & Tea Party Organizer: What has Happened to the Tea Party? 19:29:51
GOP Leader Picks Snitker Over Rubio 19:27:16
Russ Feingold 19:16:20
S.F. Chronicle: Dennis Gives Pelosi a Run for Her Money 19:07:37
Commericial Airline Pilot refuses full body scan! 19:03:23
Civic Engagement is for Suckers 18:46:20
Gerald Celente reveals real Great Depression causes & hints at future 18:38:11
Kelley Paul Responds 18:19:20
Pilot Refuses Full-Body Scan, Says TSA Doesn’t Make Travel Safer 18:08:55
Democracy and revolution 17:49:13
How about a little Rand Paul Humor? (video) 17:34:05
Internet to attract billions of users in 2010 17:12:45
10 Ways Hackers Have Punked Corporations & Oppressive Governments 16:59:13
20 YO College student named police chief in Juarez Mexico 16:53:29
Front page MSN: Famous handshake snubs- Rand Paul! 16:48:20
Anyone battled with a debt collection Nazi? Please advise. 16:28:14
TIME: Ron Paul & the militia, seeking Civil War 16:24:08
DONATE TO RAND NOW: Rasmussen: Conway Gains on Rand Paul in Ky. Senate Race 16:10:13
6 NAMES OF SHAME 16:08:18
Dylan Ratigan's Radical "Reboot" Idea 16:02:51
Loose Chimp Bounces On Police Car in KC 15:56:19
Vaccine Safety: Why Parents Are Concerned 15:44:30
Tea party candidates vow to make a difference in Senate 15:34:46
International Forecaster October 2010 (#6) - Gold, Silver, Economy + More 14:53:31
Rand Paul finding support among black Kentucky voters. Have to read European papers to learn about this 14:28:15
Abe Lincoln Quote 14:25:51
9/11: What Really Hit Pentagon? 14:14:49
RT- Max Keiser: "Who cares if US kills itself ?" 14:04:18
Big Banks Explain Why They Won't Give You A HAMP Modification 13:55:15
TIME Magazine: Will the Federal Reserve Cause a Civil War? 13:34:29
need help with a co worker argument 13:28:25
The Fornicating Fed--The Federal Reserve Is Now the Primary Market Influence 13:21:17
CFTC Judge Scandal: Will make your eyes bleed! 13:21:16
"Free" checking coming to an end 13:18:29
No Lights, No Traffic. Freedom Works! 13:15:00
MO state Senate CP candidate found dead 13:09:23
Laura Ingraham Interviews Rand Paul 12:47:14
Tribalism Returns to Europe 12:47:12
RT- UK loses global ambition with job & budget slashing 12:41:49
SC GOP vs. Tea Party Conservatives call a truce today! 08FEB10 12:38:52
The Words That Struck Down Gold and Silver As Legal Tender 12:28:11
SPECTACULAR web ad denouncing Jack Conway's gutter politics against Rand Paul (and Aqua Buddha) 12:26:58
Rent to High Jimmy McMillan on Imus 12:19:41
Rand needs help on the phones to fight the union and Organizing for America efforts for Conway 12:13:20
So Why Did the Mortgage Servicers Use "Robo Signers"? 12:09:00
China's Surprise Rate Hike: What It Means 12:05:29
Faced With Massive Debt & New Threats, Britain Announces Major Military Cuts 12:02:19
Thomas Sowell: The Multicultural Cult 11:58:51
The Mother of All Foreclosure Mistakes 11:47:06
Law review article on MERS mortgages 11:45:49
ANCTV and Operation Firewall heads to NV 11:34:37
Time Magazine: Will the Federal Reserve Cause a Civil War? 11:25:41
Which Tea Party Candidates are for Abolishing the Fed? 11:24:25
Child Abduction Update 11:21:56
Help vote for an autistic child's recovery 11:11:21
‎11 State Pension Funds that may Run of Out money 11:07:54
RT- Boeing 747 buzzes Frisco bay with flyover 11:00:48
RT- US rush for news turns smoke into bombs 10:51:28
The West's Pending Paper Money Implosion 10:47:42
What exactly is a currency war, anyway? 10:46:05
N.Y. Fed Wants Banks to Buy Back Some Bad Mortgages 10:42:38
Time: Will the Federal Reserve Cause a Civil War? 10:18:52
♥ Liberty Candidates Fight to the Finish Money Bomb October 23 & 24th ♥ 09:59:42
UK Big Brother: Gov. storage of all email, websites, & phones 09:42:06
Has anyone seen or heard from billyjack1958? 09:27:36
(Karma and libertarian party) This article was in the WSJ 09:27:07
Jake Towne: Why You Should Vote for Me 09:23:36
Is Alaska about to replace a RINO with a thug? 09:13:16
End the Fed before it Ends Us 09:11:22
Inflation? 09:07:17
Doctor Chaplain and the Army of God 09:05:19
Maryland's highest court approves emergency rules to help fund a foreclosure audit 07:39:50
Symbolic moment: June Cleaver has died... 07:27:36
Another granny rapping about foreclosure... 07:18:46
Missing banker found dead. Suicide? Family getting autopsy... 07:10:53
You just won $44,000.00 if you can prove 06:26:24
Rent Is Too Damn High Party!! OMG 06:25:40
"Charity" offers Cash for those who agree to be Sterilized 05:19:33
Aqua Buddha - Jimmy Kimmel Live 04:44:04
Congressman Paul speaks at Clear Lake Tea Party 03:19:04
New Video: "Ron Paul: Freedom from Government" 02:56:26
Social Security solvent? Peter Schiff debates pro S.S. Republican 01:58:33
Rand Paul on FOX News 10/19/10 01:21:01
Daily Paul Glossary 00:40:33
Astounding Daily Kos article: Pro Hayek 00:29:13
I just met Gary Johnson 00:25:14
Rand is behind in the Poll :: Who do you support for the U.S. Senate race? :: 00:06:28