Posted on October 21, 2010

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Jim DeMint Threatens 2 Leave GOP If Agenda Is Not Limited Government 18:37:18
New John Dennis Ad: "Get Out, Pelosi!" (VIDEO) 17:16:18
Ron Paul Fox Business October 20 19:54:04
WSJ Discussion Topic: Can the Libertarian Party emerge as a competitive third party when the Republicrats fail? 13:57:25
MoxNews - Marijuana Is Illegal? 10:43:01
Alex Jones On Russia Today: Americans’ Blood Will Boil In Austerity Backlash 10:00:01
Dr. Paul does not dismiss a run in 2012 01:05:08
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An austrian vs. Paul Krugman debate...Let's make it happen 23:59:10
The Foreclosure-Gate Doomsday Revolution Erupts: Best explanation I have read yet. 23:43:09
Lindsey Williams on Alex Jones Now 22:10:01
MoxNews- How Much Does Business Depend On Marijuana Money? 21:51:49
Raw Cheese Help Alert 21:23:02
Dr. Paul vindicated about root cause of terrorism 21:07:22
Stop the Internet Blacklist !!!! 20:51:18
Nations change borders without war - really! 20:39:30
Thhe Hypocricy of the Republican Party 20:36:00
Dennis tries for ultimate upset to oust Nancy Pelosi 19:54:59
Fidel Castro: Use Of Nuclear Weapons Means End Of Humanity 19:48:57
GOP lawmaker looks to increase scrutiny of Obama 19:24:40
Fearing rout, Obama, Dems reach to female voters 19:15:28
US shuns some big public works projects 19:14:09
Memories: Ron Paul's Grandkids On the Blimp! 19:04:46
The Dangers Of Living In A Land Of Strung Out Debt Junkies 18:42:15
Pinching my nose this election season. 18:38:52
Unwritten History Reveals Itself 18:17:41
John Taylor Parallels Current Situation To World War 2... 17:04:11
Bill Clinton heads to Kentucky to help beat Rand 16:59:03
Hillary: Wipe Iran off the face of the earth 16:14:54
Rand Paul Maintains Lead In Kentucky Despite Continued Smears 16:08:13
VIDEO : Rand Paul on Fox News About Conway Ad. October 21 2010 16:05:58
Nigel Farage: No Taxation Without Representation 15:57:38
Schiff Attended Secretive Koch Meeting 15:35:03
Paul Visits Louisville, Tours Plant 15:34:14
Top U.S. "Terrorist" Invited To Pentagon By Secretary Of Defense Days After 9/11 14:53:15
Move Over Facebook, Here Comes, the Social Network of the Revolution 14:44:54
Mike Huckabee Radio Ad For Rand Paul 14:36:41
A look inside the Austin-based Fusion Center 14:32:12
China to The Fed: Not Time to Raise Rates 14:29:26
Housing crisis hits blacks hardest 14:25:33
Politico: Democrats accuse Rand Paul of 'misogyny' 14:03:11
No Cure For That 14:02:14
Conway’s Attack Ad on Rand Paul Shows Democrats’ Desperation 13:50:11
Retiring CFTC judge exposes fellow judge as a criminal conspirator 13:44:33
Rand Paul will be on Fox News America Live with Megyn Kelly at 1:33 Eastern Thursday 10/21 13:35:56
No bailout just QEII: Fannie & Freddie may need another $215B 13:34:51
Ron Paul Fox Business 10-20-10 13:32:09
SocGen's Albert Edwards: The U.S. Public Is About To Revolt 13:08:33
James Cameron - Hypocrite 13:05:25
That Hijacked Tea Party 13:04:57
Making a Neocon Robert Locke look like a chump fool 12:59:39
Good Military Industrial Complex video 12:17:49
Florida Cap and Traders! 11:48:20
Wells Fargo says it's clear of foreclosure problems; if TARP Welfare Queen Wells says it, I believe it. 11:44:37
Battle Lines Forming in Clash Over Foreclosures 11:38:45
American Media Is On The Wrong Side Of History 11:29:34
Banks' Mortgage Problems Mount as Everyone Seeks Payback 11:24:49
AZ Governor: Obama, Calderon Both Want Illegal Immigration to Continue to Increase Liberal Vote in U.S. 11:16:31
The Federal Government Declares: No Evidence Gulf Oil Spill Killed Fish 11:14:39
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac could end up costing Taxpayers $363 billion, their regulator estimates 11:08:16
RT- Keiser Report meets Schiff Report 10:53:07
Gold--Election Correction? 10:49:54
Eyeing Iran, US details $60 billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia 10:39:38
Ron Paul may be right about the root cause of suicide terrorism 10:22:19
Al-Qaeda Mastermind Invited To Pentagon After 9/11 10:10:20
BarryCam- Your own dashcam to record the police 10:07:44
American Dumb, When "Stupid" Becomes Dangerous 10:01:27
Public Education - Designed to dumb-down people just as bankers intended! 09:48:39
The Big Wall Street Banks Have Found A New Way To Strangle The American People: Predatory Property Tax Collection 09:43:40
Bill Clinton 'lost vital White House nuclear codes' 09:40:53
Let’s see if i got this right!!! 09:22:50
Obama aides: Mortgage Woes NOT "Systemic" [Thank God!!] 08:52:57
Maryland Foreclosure Mill Lawyers Come Clean, Confess That They Had Others Robo-Sign Their Names On Affidavits 08:47:20
NPR fires Juan Williams over anti-Muslim remarks 08:43:29
PBS NewsHour On Flawed Paperwork Used In Foreclosure Process 08:40:21
Obama economic report focuses on women, ignores ‘Great Mancession’ 08:22:44
Personal Bankruptcies Highest Since 2005 when Congress passed Anti-Consumer Bankruptcy Reform Act 08:19:45
Wall Street Journal runs Hit Piece on Attorneys Fighing Foreclosures 08:16:29
The r3volution has been cancelled. Return to your regularly sccheduled programming. 07:52:01
Foreclosure Fraud 07:10:52
"Cheese eatng surrender monkeys" - remember that great line? Update: Max Keiser is with me! 06:27:12
Virginia textbook claims blacks fought for Confederacy 05:37:39
Thomas DiLorenzo - The 17th Amendment 02:25:14
**Comment if you say F*CK KARL ROVE** 02:23:24
The Obamacare Class Action suit is ON.. 01:38:28
TSA breast milk screening 00:27:07
Court Records: Retiring Judge Who Said Colleague Was Biased Has His Own Struggles, this is serious folks, let's not let this go 00:18:16
[Updated] Wikileaks - Infrastucture Attacked and Iraq War Documents 00:13:35