Posted on October 22, 2010

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U.S. Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid - "Taxation Is Voluntary" 18:53:20
Video: Rand Paul Press Conference - 10/22 17:27:44
SF Weekly: Poll: Dems Abandoning Pelosi. Does Nancy-Challenger John Dennis Have a Chance? 01:48:16
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Old thread that never gets old>>The Ron Paul Insider SECRET Thread ... UPDATE #13 Just in! 23:54:44
A joke forwarded to me 22:47:10
Video: Bloomberg- Pento Sees Fed Policy Boosting Jobless Rate Above 10% 21:53:42
Funny! Running On Hope 21:36:42
Evelyn Rothschilds Ring of Power: Half of the world's wealth controlled by 1 family - the most hellish family on Earth 21:27:28
MoxNews- Analysis Of NEW WikiLeaks Release "Many Civilian Causalities" 21:21:11
gata and foia regarding swaps..fed 20:36:42
Breaking News - Wikileaks 19:50:11
"Why Paul Krugman WILL Debate an Austrian" 18:58:48
U.S. Speaker of House, Nancy Pelosi - Double Standard on Minimum Wage 18:57:39
Massive tax hike proposed for lame duck Congress's Consideration 18:44:35
Economists Say US Must Prepare for "Savage Austerity" 18:43:40
US taxpayers warned Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac may need $363bn bailouts 18:35:09
Ron Paul: If Obama wants us to be "grateful" he should just leave us alone 18:22:15
The Man Who Could Really Fire Pelosi {interview with John Dennis} 18:21:57
Depression Within a Depression 18:19:12
Raising Chickens...for Liberty! 18:10:50
Last big Rand Paul Rally 17:56:08
A picture speaks a thousand words - China's exports 17:42:35
I hope Ron Paul goes ALL-IN 17:41:55
New Rand Paul Ad: 'Condemned!" 17:30:00
Native American lesson on "Giving and Receiving." 16:42:36
Virtual border fence a $1 billion failure 16:37:31
The founders distrust of democracy 16:36:29
Peter Schiff on FOX News 10/22/10 16:33:36
Want To See Krugman Debate The Austrian School? Make It Happen 16:15:06
Campaign ad season reaches fever pitch (w/ video) 16:02:41
Gerald Celente: A Ron Paul / Judge Napolitano 2012 Presidential Ticket is a Possible Win! 15:59:59
America's Poor: Where Poverty Is Rising In America (INFOGRAPHIC) 15:50:08
Get Krugman to debate Austrian Business Cycle Theory with Murhpy! 15:26:02
Harry Reid Saves the World 14:57:38
Lexington Herald-Leader: Rand Paul opts to go ahead with televised Senate debate 14:30:52
Money metals manipulation 13:10:40
What do you make of this? Interesting to me. 13:06:51
Tea Party-Backed Candidates Diverge on Foreign Policy 13:02:34
Dr. Pauls newsletter 13:02:14
HENRY HAZLITT - Economics in One Lesson - Chapter 10 - THE FETISH OF FULL EMPLOYMENT 13:01:05
How Stimulus Works 13:00:49
Don't Vote. 20 Practical Reasons 12:43:21
Hypocrisy’s Coming Election-Day Triumph 12:39:37
False Article: Conway up 2 points in Wash. Post poll 12:39:18
Jury Nullification is a way for us to take back our rights, and get the government out of our lives! 12:31:41
The Government’s License to Steal 12:07:31
Marine Unit Suffers Bloody Week in Afghanistan 11:51:37
(link to graph)The danger of the partisan mind 11:42:46
MoxNews- Weed Smokers Against Drunk Drivers 11:29:54
Via LRC- Bob Murphy challenges Krugman to debate...with a kick! 11:14:44
WikiLeaks plans 'major' announcement in Europe 11:11:14
$70 million in stimulus to create 7.76 jobs 11:06:50
How Permanent Are America’s Afghan Bases? 10:52:10
Jim Rogers: "US Will Lose Economic War" 10:49:45
John Dennis Pleasanton Tea Party 10:35:18
Grassroots Video Promoting John Dennis 10:28:56
MoxNews- Pres Carter says The Israel blockade Must Be Ended 10:26:22
Our Masters, Not Muslims, Are the Enemy 10:10:44
Angle to Reid: Man up 10:09:04
The Truth About Terrorism, and the U.S. Government 09:38:41
Will Rand Paul "Man Up"? 09:30:54
GOP Candidate Stephen Broden "Violent Overthrow of the Government is on the Table" 09:26:55
Stuck in the Statist Box 09:26:24
Viva Palestina breaks siege of Gaza. 08:45:19
fishyculture found another truther candidate - made C-Span! 08:36:33
Fallujah, U.S.A. 08:35:29
Think we have it bad, look what the Brazilian people have to deal with in their political world. 08:05:35
Exotic dancers reimburse undercover cops for 'table dances' 07:21:08
Well, kiss the moon goodbye... 06:39:54
This is the kind of news that makes you wonder... "what's next?" 04:20:03
All important trivia question - need help :) 04:07:48
Why does Liberty lose? 02:03:10
2010 time to vote!Joe Miller 01:40:57
Joe Miller getting rid of the RINO 01:11:44
Keynes Economics Under Fire in Britain 00:37:56
Damon Vrabel Received Death Threat for Exposing Monetary System and Private Federal Reserve Cartel 00:03:49