Posted on October 25, 2010

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Rand Paul: "It's Time To Believe In Ourselves Again" 12:30:04
Rand Paul Final Debate Video - 10/26 21:57:03
Hemp may be the real reason marijuana is illegal 08:22:32
UPDATE! FDA Bust: Award-Winning Artisan Raw Cheese Producer in Washington State 00:22:10
Chris Whalen "Ron Paul is completely right" about End the Fed - King World News 12:50:27
John Dennis providing Pelosi with 'first-ever truly competitive race' 10:02:44
Ron Paul at Indiana! IU Bloomington, Monday, October 25 THE VIDEO! 12:44:13
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Boston Tea Party 2010 23:34:33
HISTORIC RISE in Taxes only 67 days away!! We are so screwed..AGAIN! Look! 23:19:44
Is genetic engineering being suppressed by the globalists? 22:54:52
Unfair Free Trade ( A Response to Alex Jones) by Jonathan Finegold Catalán 22:45:56
SCOTUS "Justice" Antonin Scalia pulls a DICK Cheney on Elena Kagen! 22:37:59
University of Michigan students protest IDF soldiers campus visit 22:20:24
The State by Frédéric Bastiat 22:17:47
Reuters - U.N. urged to freeze climate geo-engineering projects 22:13:52
A legacy of "grin and bear it" is the best we can do for our daughters? 21:38:05
There's a full fledged attack on Justice Clarence Thomas on CNN right now 21:28:44
Bloomberg - Video - Treasury Shields Citigroup as Deletions Undercut Disclosure 20:52:24
Pot: The Perfect Republican Issue? 20:40:20
Rep. DeFazio, Tear Down This Wall 20:19:41
Inflation Bonds Are Sold With Negative Yield 20:17:49
John Dennis, at Unitarians for Peace Event, SF, CA, Oct. 6, 2010: "Afganistan, 9 yrs. and Counting" + Q&A 19:24:13
Obama books 800 rooms for trip to India 19:23:33
University of Texas Poll Has Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate Kathie Glass at 8% 18:50:24
For all the people wishing for a more peaceful type revolution. 18:47:23
Israel / AIPAC Approves Saudi WW3 Weapons sales – Biggest in US History 18:46:09
Former Chairman of Joint Chiefs: Bush officials pushed Iraq war ‘almost to the point of insubordination’ 18:21:42
Democrats are dangerous, Republicans are worthless 18:11:39
Dylan Ratigan on BAC and foreclosure issue 17:51:30
Did anyone attend the G. Edward Griffin film premier on the 23rd? 17:32:50
* MUST be READ, to be Believed: Frank Luntz's OFFICIAL Propagandists' MSM Manipulation Guide for Dummies 2009 17:24:24
Great New TV Ad - Irvine for Congress: It's Time for Pizza 17:18:07
UK TV: Iraq's Secret War Files - Wikileaks Special - Must See! 17:16:16
Some called me nuts for not getting SS# for my kids 16:40:11
Video of a bad chemtrail sprays today, as a "storm" passed through yesterday 16:26:25
SIGTARP Calls Out Tim Geithner On Various Violations 16:25:36
UK: Obama echoes anti-Americanism of Europe in calling voters stupid 16:17:56
FDIC backs ‘safe harbor’ plan on foreclosures to help lenders 16:02:25
Dissent on HIV/AIDS 16:01:37
FDIC Chair Says Regulators Will Uncover More Flaws in Foreclosures 15:51:46
From MSM: The Fed/US is manipulating the dollar 15:49:02
Max Keiser: "How come Lloyd Blankfein is not in a small Guantanamo cell having his orifices probed by curious US servicemen?" 15:43:22
NEW 9-11 videos. 15:43:07
Think this economy is bad? Wait for 2012. RUN, RON, RUN!! 15:37:56
Ron Paul Texas Straight Talk 10/25/2010 15:30:55
Karzai Says Iran, US Give Afghanistan ‘Bags Of Money’ 15:29:06
Depression: California’s Best and Brightest Face Homelessness 15:18:52
RT- Julian Assange: "Pentagon's statement are no more creditable than North Koreas". 15:16:18
RT- 'Bad news norm for Iraq, WikiLeak was no surprise' 15:11:22
"No One Defended Helen Thomas First Amendment Rights!" 15:04:24
Spartanburg - SC Herald Journal Blog - NEED HELP WITH COMMENTS! 14:48:02
Unemployment and the "99ers" 60 Minutes Program Worth Watching 14:45:10
Teachers Unions Gone Wild 14:43:37
Another Democrat for John Dennis 14:14:12
The NAACP's Unhealthy Tea Party Obsession --Wall Street Journal 14:07:50
The Social Security Revolt of 2011 14:04:58
Behind the Scenes Obama Continues Pushing UN Gun Control Treaty 14:02:44
Proposed theme song for RP 2012 campaign rallies 13:36:13
Obamacare may end job-based coverage 13:25:10
CPAC 2011 13:15:49
Admission: USDA Says Food Inflation to "Accelerate" into 2011 12:54:44
My Friend is trying to Sign Up..Help Mr Nystrom Fixed?? 12:49:04
"Ron Paul may be right about root cause of suicide terrorism" Really !! 12:43:05
MoxNews- White Supremacist Infiltrating Tea Party 12:33:59
43% Say Neither Political Party in Congress Represents the American People 12:26:38
RT- 'Internet needs own 'constitution' to end US web monopoly' 12:16:38
Unemployment Benefits The 99ers - 60 Minutes (Video) 12:12:23
RT- Keiser Report: Suicide Bankers = Suicide Bombers 12:10:38
Bank Of America Finds Mistakes In Foreclosure Documents -- But Foreclosures Continue 11:37:07
Anthony Lawson: 9/11: The Unidentified Murder Weapons 11:32:22
Riki Ott: 'People Now Dropping Dead' In the Gulf 11:27:55
Vive La Resistance! Thank God for France 11:26:30
Dr. Willard's Water 11:16:56
Foreclosure issues prove costly to Fla. courts' cash flows as these cases account for about 70% of court funding. 11:06:18
So Much For Bank Claims That Nothing is Wrong with Foreclosures: 4450 Foreclosures Halted In NYC Due to Inaccuracies 10:55:03
History Lesson: Gulf of Tonkin 10:44:15
Short Sales Resisted as Foreclosures Are Revived 10:41:19
MoxNews- Not ONE California Candidate Supports Marijuana Legalization 10:39:50
MoxNews- What Should U.S. Do About WikiLeaks? 10:28:00
RT- Israeli soldiers on trial for using children as shields 10:24:06
One-third may still switch candidates 10:11:09
Black GOP Candidates Accuse Part of Ignoring Them 10:04:37
Debt Has Increased $5 Trillion Since Speaker Pelosi Vowed, ‘No New Deficit Spending’ 09:29:46
KY poll shows independents likely to decide Senate race. 09:06:54
Bernanke says federal regulators are examining whether mortgage companies cut corners 08:44:25
He went to work, set up for Obama rally in hat / shirt honoring son in navy on GHWBush, he was fired. 07:48:24
Rand Paul Says Victory Would Send Message to Congress 07:34:17
Germany Says The Fed Is ‘Wrong’ With Monetary Easing 07:32:16
Voters fed up with Obama's big, bossy government 07:12:34
CNN and MSNBC on Jack Conway's new ad on Rand Paul 07:10:07
Freddie Mac Says Foreclosure Pipeline Is Slowing 06:49:00
Front page of the Daily Caller: Jack Conway's College Days 06:30:50
UCC Secured Party Status - Is it real or a scam? 05:34:22
Libertarian Party Now Has 119,157 Fans on Facebook 03:27:26
UPDATE:The Silent Majority of Hopi and how you can help 02:15:56
Joan Veon - One Of Our Greatest Heroes Passes 01:11:51
Rand Paul Ad - Jack Conway Yes Man 01:01:58
David vs Goliath: Sustainable Farmer/Soil Scientist Against Big Ag Money 00:14:10