Posted on October 26, 2010

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Nevada, Harry Reid, SEIU, and Electronic Voting Machines 20:56:23
Delia Lopez- taking our country back from career politicians! 16:13:09
"Call Me Senator!" 15:35:28
Jake Towne Debating Republocrats October 25 {Video} 11:18:04
BREAKING: Paul leads Conway 50% to 43% new POLL! 09:41:57
Retired and broke: Why retirees are declaring bankruptcy 06:39:01
Are Credit Checks Keeping The Jobless Out Of Work? 06:28:41
TYT Interview with John Dennis 02:06:15
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WHY GOLD & SILVER - Episodes 1 through 8 22:31:51
Easiest way to populate the Homeland Security Database with Domestic Terrorists 22:22:45
State goes overseas for lethal injection drug 22:20:44
Govt. Clam- laser pointers bringing down Aircraft 21:58:24
Court overturns Arizona's proof of citizenship requirement for voter registration 21:32:08
"Stimulus Program" results (updated) 21:02:59
Bad News. Russia to help NATO in Afghanistan 20:47:33
Rand Paul, YOU Are Responsible For This! - Ed Schultz 20:30:16
What In The World Are They Spraying G. Edward Griffin Part 1-7 19:39:44
The ads are getting more hilarious by the day! 18:50:50
With nation in a mess give Towne a chance 18:17:59
911 Explosive Testimony Exclusive - Mark Basile Chemical Engineer 17:44:01
Treasury Dept. Hires Firm To Keep Records Secret 17:11:43
FLASHBACK: Ron Paul unites Ralph Nader, Green Party, Constitutional Party, and Libertarian Party 17:09:05
My opinion on the ruckus in Kentucky 16:50:46
Rand Paul on FOX News 10/26/10 16:44:54
Ridley Report- "Bloggers' Rights" hearing quashed? Civil Rights, New Hampshire 16:35:20
Silver Money for Americans 16:23:25
Florida Senate: Meek to clear the way for the Crist? Rumors fly that Dem will endorse rival 16:19:20
Another prosecution...for opposing a local RINO... 16:08:19
Poll: 'Aqua Buddha' Ad Backfires Against Jack Conway in Race Against Rand Paul 16:06:21
Bob Murphy vs. Paul Krugman Debate Challenge 15:56:05
APNewsBreak: Paul volunteer apologizes for scuffle 15:34:39
What in the world are they spraying???? 15:30:06
Many voices have been raised... 15:12:35
proposal for new airport scanner law 14:58:56
Silver Manipulation.. PROVEN FACT. 14:55:00
The Tea Party movement: deluded and inspired by billionaires 14:42:59
Surprise! Congress Sides With Banks and Robo-Signers 14:27:27
Republican Congressmen Sensenbrenner and Ryan Admit to Shady Backroom Deal with Democrat Moore 14:13:52
My bank called, Need advice. 14:01:38
My Country My A** 13:51:41
Which Banks Have Mortgage Risk?: An Analyst Estimates 13:44:54
Rand Paul on Fox News 10/26/10 13:42:00
Multibillionaire investor George Soros backs Proposition 19 13:32:39
GAME OVER: WSJ - CFTC's Chilton Sees 'Fraudulent Efforts' to Control Silver Prices 13:22:10
Politicians Tap Sophisticated Online Tracking Tools 12:46:05
Doug Stanhope on the Pledge of Allegiance and liberty 12:41:47
US slips to historic low in global corruption index...Imagine that! 12:40:56
I just turned down a chance to have lunch with Matt Taibbi from Rolling Stone 12:36:35
Right now! We're phone-banking Pelosi out of office! 12:26:17
I've never seen more ignorance all in one location 12:18:10
Multibillionaire investor George Soros backs Proposition 19 12:15:36
BREAKING : another breaking poll from PPP Paul leads Conway 53% to 40% 11:31:09
How to remove the photo of your house from Google Street View 11:19:37
LMPD probes detectives who tipped off prosecutor( Jack Conway) under investigation 11:09:50
RT- US 'shoots messenger' to save face in WikiLeaks scandal 10:57:26
U.S. Falls in Annual Corruption Survey 10:53:17
What's wrong with Washington? It's the people in charge 09:57:23
Lesson in history: Operation Northwoods 09:52:27
Obama Authorizes 80,000 Muslim “Refugees” to Enter Country 09:01:55
'Tea party' hopefuls like Rand Paul target Education Department 07:39:07
Google CEO Suggests You Move If You Aren't Comfortable With Street View Cameras 06:56:45
Fannie & Freddie Are Orwellian Institutions That Prey On The Poor 06:49:25
NRSC keeps negative Conway advertisements in the spotlight 06:37:36
Out of toch?? Florida Governor Candidates Don't Know The State Minimum Wage 06:27:11
Foreclose on the Foreclosure Fraudsters, Part 1: Put Bank of America in Receivership 06:24:15
Obama Urges Hispanics to Punish "Enemies," Vote Democratic [Marx would be proud] 06:21:24
VIDEO To Convert Neoconservatives? 05:47:20
Woman stomped by Rand Paul Supporter (VIDEO) 05:35:47
Why is the US building a $12.6B super base in Guam? 03:32:39
Cal Thomas: If Brits can cut spending, so can we 02:20:15
The police in my town are car thieves! 02:18:40
After some 10,000yrs of Known-Recorded Human History, at the End of the Day, it's STILL Just People fighting Other People 02:13:06
An economist writes to us from prison. 01:54:08
So this friend of mine implores me to vote on Facebook... 01:45:53
Having trouble getting health insurance, but would rather be sick and free, then healthy and enslaved. 01:02:15
Examiner: Pelosi continues to dodge most pressing district Concerns (the Answer: vote John Dennis) 00:50:41