Posted on October 27, 2010

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$162 Million! CA GOP Governor candidate Whitman on record spending spree 22:13:05
Let the Games Begin! CONSPIRACY suits filed against JPMorgan and HSBC over silver manipulation (Updated) 22:03:05
BREAKING! Reducing government benefits unpopular with recipients 20:22:46
Pimco's Bill Gross: Fed Policy Is A 'Brazen' 'Ponzi Scheme' 20:32:46
Ron Paul at the Irish Lion: The Federal Reserve Song 17:49:21
FDIC Proposes 25 Percent Discount on Monthly Mortgage Payments 16:36:14
Justin Raimondo: Whatever Happened to the Antiwar Movement? 11:12:23
Morning Joe Roundtable: Rand Paul "The Clear Winner" 11:46:35
The World Report TV Interview With Chelene Nightingale 18:38:42
Video - John Dennis at Newsweek: "Pot: The Perfect Republican Issue?" 10:35:33
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Citation on trillion dollar deficit cut? 23:47:33
J.P. Morgan, HSBC Sued for Silver Manipulation 23:14:47
BREAKING CNN/TIME POLL - Rand Paul LEADS CONWAY 50% Conway 43% 22:58:49
Twelve Principles to Remember This Election Season 22:49:26
The Murphy-Krugman Debate just got more...interesting. 22:46:52
Pentagon’s threat-prediction system would scan emails, texts 22:31:37
30 Reasons Why People Should Be Getting Really Nervous About The State Of The U.S. Economy 22:06:53
Pelosi: 'We haven't really gotten the credit for what we have done' 21:56:32
SILVER Eagles are almost $29 an ounce....Bonus MP3 21:48:20
Met Rick Santelli today 21:42:50
Breaking Silver News - Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against JPM And HSBC 21:29:26
Actual US Govt Debt not $14 is $200 TRILLION...Look!! 21:27:42
Early Voting Totals by State! 21:08:12
U.S. lawyer forms foreclosure resistance movement 20:24:48
Conway cover-up 19:47:15
Time To End Career Politicians In Congress 19:35:49
Rap News vs News World Order (The war on journalism) 18:42:45
Wells Fargo says it is refiling documents in 55,000 foreclosure cases to fix mistakes 17:53:13
The $105 Fix That Could Protect You From Copyright-Troll Lawsuits 17:27:27
European Airlines Say US Security Goes Overboard 17:11:42
CBS News: Supporter Who Stepped On Activist's Head Wants Apology 16:33:19
Republicans Plan Budget Cuts as Early Act If They Take Power 16:32:49
John Dennis on Fox Business: Pelosi Faces Competition in California 16:22:03
Foreclosure-Gate Fraudster Caught - Video 16:10:52
Conway campaign keeps hammering Paul on stomping incident 15:54:19
Fed will NOT appeal court order to release Bailout Documents (Bloomberg) 15:22:23
Fox News: New video shows Valle trying to shove sign into Rand Paul's car 15:17:56
Anyone hear BJ Lawson's dad call into Rush Limbaugh show? 15:04:36
Insider selling at 3177 to 1 buying, been increasing for some time now 14:58:17
Keiser Report: "Obama shooting down folks, thinking he is doing good" 14:34:52
Is BJ Lawson more libertarian than Rand Paul? 14:14:15
America's Meanest Airlines 13:56:03
Federal Trade Commission lets Google off the hook after stealing data 13:38:23
Justice: Election-fraud arrests in Dayton, FL 13:37:15
Independents turn to GOP in Senate Races (discusses Rand's race) 13:29:19
Amazingly sneaky voter fraud now showing up in PA 12:57:24
Ad at Top of Drudge Report for Senate Conservatives Features RAND PAUL 12:49:19
Scientist and scholar Art Robinson running for House seat 12:32:44
New “Virtual World Reserve Currency” in the Works, and it’s not the SDR 12:29:58
4409 -- Your 9/11 truth billboard 2.0 12:25:49
Jesse Ventura guest on AJ at 1pm EDT: topic is 9/11 12:18:36
Is Candidate US Veteran Who Killed Unarmed Iraqis a Tea Partier or Warmonging Republican? 12:17:53
Death in the Air 11:57:09
OT- What were dates before BC/AD terminology 11:32:27
Ron Paul's Speech Indiana University-Bloomington 10/25/10 11:27:59
Sick of Dems, GOP? There's hope... 11:21:34
Dennis' Facebook #s 10:47:42
Politico: Independents turn to GOP in Senate races 10:44:32
HillBuzz – Big Scandal: Bribery, Gay Sex and Murder 10:43:46
Aide to Harry Reid Lied to Feds, Submitted False Documents About Sham Marriage 10:21:52
Jack Conway Fails To Condemn Brutal Attack On Rand Paul Activist 09:40:51
US Air Force lost 50 nukes 09:37:48
'US troops beheaded Iraqi detainee' 09:22:40
Beware The Tax-Eaters Are Taking To The Streets 09:16:57
TIME: Rand Paul: A True Believer Tries to Survive a Rocky Campaign 08:44:39
Male circumcision is barbaric and pointless biblical nonsense 08:24:19
Ron Paul says he would vote for Prop 19 to Legalize Marijuana in California 08:11:26
Bloomberg Does Story on Max Gardner's Foreclosure Defense Boot Camp 07:52:16
Perpetuating mayhem in Afghanistan: Karzai blames terrorism on "Blackwater" - US give them $$ 07:44:19
Commodity Futures Trading Commission: Silver Market is Manipulated 07:01:21
What Is MERS and What Role Does It Have in the Foreclosure Mess? (Hint: It Holds 60% of All Mortgages, But Has ZERO Employees) 07:00:18
JPMorgan, BofA, Citi, And More Plead With Supreme Court To Keep THEIR Bailout Details Secret, Too 06:44:33
Newsmax: Rand Paul Appears to Have a Lock in Kentucky 06:34:52
Cook: Discredited Stimulus "Decisive" Election Event 06:32:30
FHA Head: Mortgage Industry Has 'Trust Deficit' 06:24:23
Nevada Voter Claims Harry Reid’s Name Was Pre-Checked on Her Ballot 06:19:08
N.C. Voter reports problem with ballot machine--he voted for GOP but machine checked Dems 06:14:16
Controlling the World's Monetary System... The Bank for International Settlements 06:11:17
"You Know Drug Addicts Buy Medical Marijuana To Sell To Children!" 06:10:53
10/27--Dollar Up, Everything Else Getting Crushed 06:10:23
Ayn Rand's Message to Glenn Beck 05:40:11
Ron Paul "What If?" For Halloween 03:54:05
Happy Halloween? 03:53:39
The Nation Mag: John Dennis, A Libertarian Republican Runs to Pelosi's Left on War, Civil Liberties 02:56:48
Old friends reunion 02:56:45
. 02:56:18
Poll: Vote for Rand for US Senate! 01:37:23
Cloward and Piven strategy will be used to intentionally create voter fraud havoc 01:15:39
Gold vs. Silver, great article 00:42:08
Schulz vs. Federal Reserve System et al, Time Magazine, And The Liberty Walk 00:28:23
Is Cointel Pro responsible for this "Zionist" term that is popping up everywhere? 00:11:11