Posted on October 28, 2010

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Buchanan: "Both parties have lost the mandate of heaven, and neither knows if its economic philosophy even works anymore." 23:04:38
KWN: Jim Rickards Explains the Mortgage Mess 22:44:20
Doug Casey on Voting 18:09:57
Latest Poll: Rand Paul up by 9 in last WHAS 11 Fishwrap paper Bluegrass poll before election 17:09:02
"Should Be Legalized" Eminem - Love The Way You Lie Parody Censored by YouTube 01:12:38
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Have you ever asked yourself when did it all begin? 23:44:52
Sheriff Joe Arpaio- let's throw some rich white guys in jail 22:51:05
Back in the Day... BEFORE HipHop was about the Bling, Gucci & Bentleys 22:32:26
King World News interviews Peter Schiff: 10/27/10 22:32:26
MoxNews- Dems File FOIA With The Army For Any Communication Between GOP Candidates & Army 22:20:53
MoxNews- Piss On Your Civil Liberties! You Do What We Say! 22:14:10 has Ron Paul as number 16 can we raise that? 21:46:13
MoxNews- Campaign Ad Shows MoveOn Activist Being Stomped On 21:44:59
"Obama We Got Your Back!" 21:33:50
MA Governor's Council District Elections 21:32:42
MoxNews- Jimmy McMillan Has At Least One Vote He Can Count On 21:28:06
MoxNews- Senator Boxer Accused Of Violating Election Law 21:20:49
MoxNews- Florida Vote Commissioner Arrested 21:15:47
Happy Ron Paul's What If Holloween? 21:11:00
Pentagon says intel contractors went too far 21:10:39
Per poll, Rand does better against Conway than Trey Grayson would have 21:01:16
I Voted Early---- For The Holy Spirit ! 20:53:25
for the ODD orthorexics amoungst us 20:34:00
Great news! When Hapless Harry Reid falls,... 20:18:49
Current on your mortgage? Here is why YOU ought to demand to see the note 20:15:03
Archie Bunker is not happy with Obama 19:25:53
RON PAUL 2012 Remember November 5th! 18:56:18
Kentucky Students Pick Rand Paul for US Senate 18:52:53
Michigan Campaign for Liberty gathered some 70 people for an intimate opportunity to hear Justin Raimondo 18:47:57
Earth to Rand Paul: Hold a Press Conf. on "CONway COVER UP!" 18:16:53
Total U.S. intelligence bill revealed for first time Most complete disclosure we have ever had' brings senator's pledge for cut 18:15:49
Report of gunman with AK-47 at Texas A&M 18:12:08
Exclusive Sheriff Richard Mack Interview Today at 6:40 PM LIVE 17:44:04
Fed had 60 gold depositers in 2004, only 36 now, but says there is no change. 17:20:13
Jake Towne: Republocrats Stop Using Veterans as Political Pawns 17:08:10
Happy Halloween 17:04:15
New Video Shows MoveOn Activist 17:02:11
James Turk - Silver $30 in Less Than 18 Days 17:01:07
Italy breaking with US regarding Iran 16:50:54
A challenge to all "political activists" 16:48:04
Bush thought United Flight 93 was shot down on 9/11 16:27:05
Police Officers FIRED for being TEA Party Members 16:13:56
Time for a New Theory of Money: The Public Credit Solution by Ellen Brown 16:02:36
rEVOLution Day Tuesday November 2 15:46:48
Israel's right wing starts its own Tea Party 15:42:20
Tea Party Groundswell Signals Challenge to the Fed 15:29:12
Joe Sobran's lesson for the Tea Party - A Conservative Foreign Policy by Jack Hunter 15:09:48
So Rand is going to vote for Mitch McConnell for Majority/Minority Leader? 14:49:35
Trigger Points, Black Swans, and Other Unpleasant Realities 14:46:00
Here In The Long Solemn Dark: An Examination Of Global Elitism 14:39:41
My Gosh! Even CNN gets it. 14:36:51
Art Robinson's OR race moved from safe Democrat to "in play"! 14:30:34
Secret Medicare Database Keeps Fraud From Public 14:11:08
WHAS11 in Kentucky and RealClearPolitics report on MoveOn woman shoving sign in Rand's face 13:58:50
Stop Spewman (Jack Black, Professional Disinformant) 13:55:53
Imminent Big Bank Death Spiral 13:41:25
Ky Dems are turning the supporter 'stomping' incident into ad against Rand -- no mention of the Paul supporter stomped by 13:38:57
How Non-Judicial/No Trial Foreclosure States Hide Mortgage Problems FISHYCULTURE ALERT 13:30:45
Action Requested: Please help Rand catch Conway's dirty tricks! 13:21:38
Rand Paul Victory Party at Sloan Convention Center in Bowling Green 13:10:53
Thanks Obama: iraq war: us soldier throws his medals and stars!!! and quits 12:55:27
Is the Religious Right Taking Over the Tea Party? Are Libertarians Leaving it Like Afraid Children? 12:51:14
Bloomberg - Mad Fed Should Beware Unquantifiable Outcomes: Mark Gilbert 12:40:44
RT- FBI create made up home-grown terrorist 12:12:02
The Israel -Zionist Propaganda Manual - How to Control American Public Opinion on the Israeli Wars 11:50:14
The Tea Party Disconnect by Philip Giraldi 11:26:20
CONFESSIONS OF A ROBO-SIGNER 'I Had No Idea What I Was Signing,' Says Former Bank Of America Employee 10:31:12
What's worse, Mexico or Iraq ? 10:29:02
State may stop N.c. Church from burning the Bible. 10:25:58
RT- Keiser Report: Goldman wants Fed to print $4T of new money 09:55:38
Scientist find "Liberal Gene" 09:53:39
N.C. Church Plans Bible Burning 09:32:41
Podcast:: Examining The Mortgage Documentation Mess [American Bankruptcy Institute] 09:29:00
Candidates use children to make final pitch 09:27:22
Lindsey Graham: GOP Should Work With Obama 09:21:02
Barney Frank fights for survival 09:15:21
Mortgage Industry Defense to Fraudclosure is Flimsy 09:09:25
"Controlled Opposition" and why YOU are guilty 08:40:57
When The Big Banks Come Crawling Back, Screw 'Em! Talking Points for the Anti-Bank Bailout Revolution 08:30:34
Kentucky Senate Race 08:29:32
Question for DPers and OWS folks: Do you know what "Jubilee" means? 08:11:51
Investors suing Wells Fargo and other mortgage servicers for mismanaging mortgage investment pools. 08:01:24
Coming to a government agency near you 07:41:35
30 Reasons Why People Should Be Getting Really Nervous About the State of the U.S. Economy 07:38:40
Our Contemptible Congress By: Walter E. Williams 07:33:26
Elizabeth Warren's plan to protect consumers: Ask consumers for tips 07:12:27
Why Did Banks Give Home Loans to People Who They KNEW Couldn't Pay? 07:07:46
Report: Federal Reserve on Foreclosure 07:06:48
Mortgage battle gains steam as investors recruited 07:03:10
Banks `Want to Sit Down' With States to Discuss Foreclosures 06:59:21
Conway Cover-Up: Media Ignores Admitted Obstruction Of Justice! - Alex Jones Tv 06:27:25
Hiding technology from the masses... Video of cell phone in use in 1928 (?) 06:07:08
The Fed is paralyzed and committing act of treason 02:52:37
Democrats Ask Pentagon for Info on Potential Obama Challengers 02:46:54
HUGE media blackout regarding Earth and Moon orbital changes? 02:17:35
Pro Prop 19 judge: War on drugs has failed 02:06:31
The greatest tragedy of communism & socialism 00:29:16
Bill Gross: Fed Policy Is A 'Brazen' 'Ponzi Scheme' 00:00:26