Posted on October 29, 2010

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PBS: Will Small Step for Robots Lead to Giant Leap for Robotkind? 22:35:52
Dr. Rand Paul on the cover of TIME Magazine! 16:06:59
People are awesome!! 11:23:31
Rasmussen Poll Oct 29: Rand Paul 53% Conway 41% 10:03:02
NBC: All Human Cattle To Be Microchipped By 2017 07:25:02
Tea Party groundswell signals challenges to The Fed 05:58:27
John Dennis Endorsed by SF Examiner; Makes LA Times Front Page 08:08:47
Why Can't Chuck Get His Business Off the Ground? 19:26:10
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Protesters blame UN base for cholera in Haiti 22:56:47
Don't forget 22:36:31
"You're Violent & Heinous Terrorist! You Should Be Locked Up For The Rest Of Your Life!" 22:33:56
Judge rules, 4 year old girl can be sued 22:24:28
Obama: Explosives were bound for U.S. 21:35:59
"Check it Out", America, Pre-Dancing with the Stars 21:23:07
Paul Supporter Does Awesome at Senate Debate! 21:12:30
Who else is is carving pumkins tonight? A Halloween Post for my RON PAUL spookies and creeps! 21:03:44
Will the Fed tank the economy after the Tea Party people win elections? 20:47:54
How to destroy a bank 20:46:04
David Stockman will be on 60 Minutes Sunday! 20:30:15
Please help a liberty lover in need 20:08:18
Using the exponential function to balance the budget 19:54:07
VOMIT Brown..Pee Dark Brown, Skin Rash, Nausea...What is it..??? 19:51:55
John Embry on KWN: “I Guarantee Hyperinflation” 19:37:10
Some in Kentucky Democratic party already calling it a Randslide 19:30:14
911 Ad to Run on NYC TV 18:00:24
Gardasil Law Under Fire 17:49:51
The World's First Organic Dairy Rap Video 17:45:27
Exciting email from Downsize DC (Rand Paul & BJ Lawson mentioned) 17:37:31
Don't forget to recycle all of the political signs after election day. 17:31:52
So, You Want To Be A Lawyer 17:28:15
A Cross of Gold by Edwin Vieira (Excellent weekend reading) 17:25:13
Ron Paul Start Your Blessed Run The Day Your Son Wins! 17:19:18
Kentucky voters fear America ' s being destroyed 16:55:11
Christie about the democrats in his state. Great five minutes! 16:49:24
RAND Paul, on the COVER of TIME Mag, Nov 8, 2010 SPECIAL Election Preview Issue! 16:48:41
RT- Punishment Push: Bailouts banned in New EU 16:42:36
Hal Rogers 16:37:34
Living Proof: Vitamin C - Miracle Cure? - Video 16:30:40
Gunman opens fire at Walmart in Nevada 16:21:06
A bit of justice for Monsanto: Paying farmers to spray rival products. 16:12:32
Foreclosuregate: KABOOM! 16:04:43
Breaking! Flight being escorted in by fighter jets 16:01:22
Kentucky students vote Rand Paul for Senate over Conway 52% to 47% 15:57:36
LRC labels Rand Paul "not a libertarian" 15:53:10
The Rise of Ron Paul and the Tea Party 15:52:11
Ron Paul One of Esquire's 10 Best Members of Congress 15:29:39
LOL! Look who is resorting to truth to try to get money! 15:20:31
Lee Clayton "We The People" 15:11:21
The Mainstream Media Is Now Obsolete 14:57:03
California Is Broke - 19 Reasons Why It May Be Time For Everyone To Leave The State Of California For Good 14:53:33
Military litterbugs 14:41:37
I want Ron Paul to debate President Obama 14:25:48
Kitco tries to throw Chilton under the bus - silver climbing anyway 14:24:54
"Revival" (Rand Paul on the Cover) | TIME 10/28/10 14:04:44
The Rise of Ron Paul snd the Tea Party 14:00:43
Eric Cantor, Controlled Police State Tactics? 13:52:48
The European Council - All Seeing Eye 13:38:05
MoveOn ‘Republicorp’ Activist Chokes Conservative Protester at Arizona Rally 13:34:43
Drug War: Americas Biggest Public Policy Failure? (FoxBusinessNetwork) 13:33:18
Global air freight scare. Are we watching a real event or a global false flag? 13:27:00
More likely to be killed by cops than terrorists 13:14:56
Metals and Market separating? 13:13:29
Rand made the cover of time magazine - 13:12:34
More: Italy breaking with US regarding Iran 12:48:37
LAST DAY for early voting Texas. 12:32:02
A cutomer asked me, "you ever read any of that Ron Paul's books?" 11:20:58
The Rise of Rand Paul (convoluted title after that) by Huff Po -- message from libs to be moderate 10:55:36
Imagining the Tenth Dimension 10:41:44
RT- US war waste for sale in Iraq 10:41:23
Anybody else know about the UN biodiversity conference in Japan this week?? 10:36:28
Hey guys! We're all going to be fine. 10:25:00
Bloomberg: Gold Will Outlive Dollar Once Slaughter Comes 09:55:40
Congressman Ellison, McCollum and Oberstar urge Obama to lift Gaza blockade 09:44:42
MoxNews- Coons Is Trying To Make People Afraid To Vote For me (O'Donnell) 09:31:04
Getting Back to the ‘Real’ Constitution – Fagettaboutit 09:19:56
Not Natural Born? TRUTH MATTERS 09:15:01
Despite claims, bailouts not over yet 08:40:13
9/11 Debate on Australian Public Radio 08:38:31
Motive - Where's the Money? 08:19:24
Ron Paul MUST run for Speaker of the House 08:05:37
It is as good as over and we won. Here is the party plan! 06:43:39
Obama: More Aggressive Anti-Foreclosure Efforts Would Help People Who Don't Deserve It 06:38:32
Silver To Reach $30 In 18 Days, said James Turk on October 28th (updated) 06:28:01
Conway's Desparate Last-ditch effort: Ky. Democrats to Air ‘Stomp’ Ad Against Rand Paul 06:18:07
Ron Paul in Iowa, talking Tea Party & 2012 (Interview) 06:10:28
Economists: Unemployment Won't Drop to Normal Until 2018 06:03:32
Report: Clinton Urged Meek to Quit Florida Senate Race to Stop Rubio 06:01:18
Mortgage Mess May Cost Banks $97 Billion in Losses 05:54:29
Russia Today - COINTEL PRO: America's dirty war! 05:37:48
Massive Mortgage Fraud Exposed 03:47:46
Vortex Based Math (TEDx) 03:23:48
Weekend Watching: Do You Want To Live Forever? 03:15:55
America Owned by China? See this Powerful Ad NOW!!! 02:59:54
Harlowton-based Tea Party takes active role in local government 02:31:01
Florida-Listen to Alex Snitker's last show before the election-Oct 29 Friday 01:41:14
Which States are most vulnerable? Default MAP 01:21:02
John McCain going to Nevada to campaign for Sharron Angle??? 01:18:52
Forget the Constitution. Our Hope is Secession. 00:55:31
Please help with these terrible comments on Ron & Rand 00:24:35
TerraVivos! - The Underground Shelter Network for Long-Term Survival of Future Catastrophes 00:04:58