Posted on October 31, 2010

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Rand Slide: Paul 55%, Conway 40% in Latest PPP 22:17:31
Texas Straight Talk- No Weapons for Saudi Arabia! 20:52:27
Ron Paul in Line to Head Congressional Sub-Committee Overseeing Fed's Actions Post Election 19:53:47
My Small Business Needs Advice 07:51:11
CA Governor's Entire Debate: Brown, Whitman & Nightingale. Help Post this on CA Craigslist! 07:52:11
Dr. Ron Paul: 'If somebody will listen, I’ll run again' 06:44:12
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Most Negative Campaign Season Ever? 23:35:21
Palin predicts 'political earthquake' for both parties 22:31:58
Old RP video But I had never seen it 22:31:30
This is our ONLY way out folks!!! 22:01:12
Mystery of silent 9-11 witnesses solved at last - at least one. 21:43:03
Calif. Trick-Or-Treaters Warned Of Pot-Laced Candy 21:42:13
Liberty Kid Endorses Rand Paul! 21:38:07
New Urban Survivalist Raising Rabbits For Meat 21:27:58
Libertarian Julie Fox endorsed by Chicago Daily Observer editor for Illinois State Controller 21:10:46
URGENT! Ask PPP to release their Alaska poll next! 20:40:02
Coming Civil War: Producers Vs. Parasites, Looters, and Moochers 19:05:37
RT- US military empire all over the world 18:52:48
PPP Polling final poll, Rand up 15% over Conway, 55% to 40% 18:11:59
Dirty Politics in Action... 17:55:39
Christie says Ron Paul is on the extreme right of the Repulican Party 17:36:56
Daniel Hannan interview on book: The New Road to Serfdom 17:30:16
CBS affiliate KTVA busted for plotting scheme 15:56:09
Watch - Conspiracy Theory - Jesse Ventura "Area 51" 15:45:03
Peter Schiff/Koch Brothers 15:41:02
Ron Paul CLASSIC- DEFINITION of Principled Consistency: SAME in 1988, as he is Today! 14:59:55
Letter to Candidate Ed Martin...and response 14:56:11
A Message To Garcia OR Who Was Lt. Andrew Summers Rowan OR What is INITIATIVE 14:42:23
Red Alert Metals Report: * Silver Set To Explode * 14:31:02
TSA Tea Party December 16th. 13:25:55
Read from the bottom up on threads. 13:05:31
How can we give lazy leaches, entitlement suckers, and deadbeat bums what they deserve? 12:49:27
for the (H)ODD orthorexics amongst us! 12:47:33
A Message To Garcia OR Who Was Lt. Andrew Summers Rowan OR What is INITIATIVE 12:25:03
San Francisco Chronicle Article Endorses Pelosi - Article Comments Look Pretty Good For John Dennis 11:52:56
my not so dangerous brush with the law 11:44:33
The National Inflation Association Presents: "End of Liberty" 11:43:06
Which candidates are most like you? Find out with VoteEasy! 11:14:19
The Scary Actual US Debt 10:49:32
MoxNews- College Student "I'd Say 9 Out Of 10 Will Vote To Legalize Marijuana" 09:20:44
Rand Paul says Civil Rights Act 'properly provides' discrimination ban 08:20:48
IT'S A RAND SLIDE - LAST PPP Poll in Kentucky, Rand Paul up by 13%- Rand Paul 53% Conway 40% Undecided 7% 08:06:02
Fed toys with the idea of a monetary ‘final solution’Please read!!! 06:08:57
Shocking recording of Journalists working for CBS plotting against Joe Miller! 05:42:04
A Real Way To Fix The Economy And It Exists In North Dakota 04:01:13
Anyone else mentally ill? 02:17:40
IMF Sold 1.04 Million Ounces of Gold in September 02:00:04
Poised on knife-edge: deflation hyperinflation 01:58:25
Christopher Whalen, A New Deal For The American Economy 1/7 01:28:20
Paul Mulshine, Liberty Journalist from NJ.StarLedger: Stewart-Colbert Rally is a Good Time, but NOT MUCH ELSE 01:27:50
The Case Against Fluoride: Toxifying the Tap 01:27:01
CO Dems Call for 9/11 Grand Jury 01:18:56
Robert Murphy - great video 01:13:41
Isn't Ron Paul set to be the next chair of the House Financial Services Committee? 00:56:57