Posted on October 6, 2010

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Ron Paul on Colbert - Raw Milk 23:45:21
The Southern Avenger - Can't Blame the American Idle 22:27:57
Federal Reserve Is Now Second Largest Holder Of US Treasury Bonds 13:24:52
Eric Schmidt: Google gets close to 'the Creepy Line' 08:54:31
FOX: A 9/11 Cover-Up? 03:56:30
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Judge Andrew Napolitano on Health Care Lawsuits, Fox News 10/06/10 23:32:46
American People Hire High-Powered Lobbyist to Push Interests in Congress 23:18:18
Austin Police Chief pushes for new drunk driving laws aimed at "impaired drivers" 22:50:42
The Natural Flow of Freedom 22:48:31
Poll- 74% support Arizona's immigration law 22:23:46
White House "Blocked and Spun" reports on BP oil spill 21:17:14
John Dickinson's Prophetic Warning 20:48:44
SchiffReport: Gold, currency war, ADP, inflation, jobs 20:37:20
Not Yours to Give | by Davy Crockett 20:27:48
Here comes the Conway campaign implosion 20:27:04
WIN SILVER BULLION! ‘Why Gold & Silver?’ Giveaway, Chance to Win Silver American Eagle Coins 20:25:21
Who Owns Congress? A Campaign Cash Seating Chart 19:53:28
Glenn Beck Debates Freedom Of Speech - Protesting Funerals 19:20:35
Silver : close 23.19 Oct 6, 2010 18:53:03
RP on Fox Business 10/6 7pm ET 18:45:56
MSM: Midnight grocery runs capture economic desperation 18:34:13
G. Edward Griffin talks about new CHEMTRAIL film 18:15:08
And Now for My Summation of The Tea Party by Gigi Bowman 17:58:26
Leaked: BP DeepWater Crude Assay 17:19:42
Boehner not favored for Speaker 16:36:12
Veterans Launch Historic Campaign, Operation Recovery, on 9th Anniversary of Afghanistan War 16:05:20
9th Circuit Court allows foreign governments to sue Arizona over immigration 15:56:47
Iranian gasoline production up 40% 15:27:32
John Dennis: Panelist for 'Antiwar on the Left and Right' 15:06:11
Evil California officials cancel access to welfare benefits on cruise ships and at all casinos 14:45:18
I GOT A QUICK QUESTION! Lois Capps is here. Did she support H.R. 1207? 14:39:07
Virginia Tea Party Convention this weekend will hold first TP presidential poll. 14:29:17
IMF Article Predicts New World Order 14:25:58
The National Liberty Walk 14:03:53
On the Brink of Calling for War? 14:03:16
Global Warming Battle Turns Bloody 14:00:31
9/11 & Star Trek 13:48:09
Help! Republican vs. Democrat 13:22:48
Chelene Nightingale appears on John and Ken on KFI 13:22:35
How do you find a pediatrician that will agree not to vaccinate? 13:18:06
RT- Keiser Report: Want to stop NWO? Stop drinking Coke! 12:54:55
RT- RT as Public Enemy? Top US media boss ready to fight 'enemies' 12:41:02
Taliban set preconditions for formal peace talks 12:36:11
Traficant on Immigration 12:29:35
I have a slight dilemma...Glenn Beck 12:08:41
Times Square bomber: Cause and effect in the War on Terror 11:53:48
Obamacare: INTENDED consequences? 11:40:07
Woman Finds Someone From Bank 'Breaking In' To Home 11:34:22
Best Candidate Endorsement Ever 11:32:08
A Message to the Hispanics 11:26:20
Jake Towne: Jobs Debt Veterans and War - Great Speech! 11:22:54
11 foreign nations have filed briefs protesting Arizona's immigration law. What happened to national sovereignty? 11:14:46
City budgets slammed by falling property taxes 11:09:55
New footage of firefighters talking of bombs in the towers on 911 10:41:26
Rand Paul, Tea Party's 1st Guest, Plans To Shake Up Washington [Intereview @ Investors Business Daily] 10:22:47
RT- Uncle Sam Wants Your DNA: Privacy a price to pay for travel ticket? 10:05:04
Health Care a Cover for "Most Massive Transfer of Power to the Executive Branch of Government That Has Ever Occured" 10:02:36
Federal Court may require State of Alabama to raise taxes. 10:01:35
Am Con Mag: Middle Class No More 09:56:23
DOJ Urges Citizens to Report “Extremists” Handing Out Literature 09:54:22
Joe Sobran has Passed Away at Age 64 09:50:31
Break the Bonds of Tyranny 09:49:34
1,500 families losing land in Miami land grab 09:42:09
Rand Paul Will Save Medicare! 09:27:27
Phil Zelikow & Fox "911 Cover Up?" 09:22:01
Latino Vote Turnout Likely to Lag on Nov. 2, Poll Says 08:51:22
The Balkanization of Barack’s Party by Patrick J. Buchanan 08:46:41
John Stossel: Congress Can't Repeal Economics 08:43:39
As Columbo used to say... "Just one more little thing that bothers me..." 08:41:39
Oct 6th ~ Orlando, FL Freedom Fighters 08:28:42
Ben Howe: "The Socialist" VIDEO 08:25:26
Are these people the only real heroes to emerge from 9-11? 08:10:28
Rand Paul: Retirement age may need to be raised 07:55:27
Is America Under Attack ... Or Are the Barbarians Inside the Gates? 05:58:35
Unbelieveable, someone set a Ron Paul sticker on fire 02:49:19
FOX: "Global governance is lost.....$1700-$1800 gold in November" 02:26:12
The New Green Fascists Threaten Everyone 00:49:16
Huge Triangle over Tucson, includes videos 00:34:47
Anyone on here trade on the FOREX Markets? Gold and Silver! 00:02:21
People Power! 250,000 Americans protest against Obama's policies 00:00:54