Posted on October 7, 2010

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'Every 30-40 years, the world has an entirely new monetary system. This one is now 39 years old..." 22:43:59
30 Large Corporations Get Obamacare Waivers 22:13:11
New John Dennis Radio Ad Blasts Pelosi 18:26:27
Obama Signs New Wiretap Law! Intelligence Authorization Bill 17:41:45
Ron Paul on Business TV: 'The Current System Is An Obvious Failure.' 15:35:15
Does Ron Paul Really Want a Gold Standard? [Listen to what Ron Paul says] 13:42:41
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I Don't See Democrats As Always Being Wrong Or Republicans As Always Right! Rand Paul 23:43:14
Government Agents Seize Oath Keeper's New Born From Hospital 23:21:48
Jim Rogers: Best Opportunities Are in Commodities 23:07:14
MOXNEWS- Why Have So Many "Whites" Turned Away From Obama & The Democrats? 22:58:02
Judge upheld the federal government can require health insurance 22:52:26
[video] Judge Napolitano on Alex Jones Show - "I converted Glenn Beck..." 22:38:14
Judge Nap announces Freedom Watch will go primetime daily on Fox Biz this year 22:20:54
1099 and buying gold and silver 19:30:39
Gov't Agents Seize Oath Keeper's New Born From Hospital 19:26:23
Video: News International Corporation runs UK Governement 19:18:35
Washington Post review: Inside Ron Paul's 'End the Fed' 19:17:52
The Praxeology and Ethics of Traffic Lights 19:14:02
My friend bought paper silver 19:09:17
Where will your 8-year-old be 9 years from now? 18:59:52
CUSIP numbers and court cases, need some help 18:40:48
ALERT!! Bill passed thru Congress to relieve the Mortgage Paperwork Mess!! 18:07:58
Judicial Watch Uncovers FDA Records Detailing 16 New Deaths Tied to Gardasil 17:53:01
Pakistani Intelligence Urging Taliban To Attack U.S. 17:50:09
The Lone RONger ( an oldie) 17:11:06
Politico article on Ron Paul 16:50:22
Change the entire balance of power between the public and corporations 15:56:59
I'll give up my gun (when politicians don't lie) - Steve Lee 15:55:29
Homework on the DP 15:54:43
Royal Canadian Mint To Increase Premium On Silver Maple Leaf Bullion Coins 15:39:37
A vote for the good doctor is needed. 15:34:37
A Quote to Remember in November: 15:23:19
Obama will not sign foreclosure bill 15:18:35
Good Grief... Another Round of Stimulus! 15:13:16
The Hill: Ron Paul to visit Iowa on Oct. 29 15:02:12
Judge jails attorney for refusing to recite pledge of allegiance in courtroom. 15:00:13
Mother in murder-suicide took depression meds 14:45:25
Ohio's "Ron Paul" 14:31:11
Haliburton under Cheney = Drug trade? 14:28:02
Requiem for John McCain. 14:11:08
IMF & WB chiefs: Global economic unity is falling apart 13:50:42
EXPLOSIVE 9/11 testimony from firefighters live on the scene! 13:45:48
RT- Enemy of the States? Media vet claims 'autocratic news' stifle voice of America 13:31:24
I support Tom Tancredo for Governor! 13:04:50
FL US Senate Candidate Alex Snitker Interview 13:02:11
any Ideas on how we could pull off 13:01:43
The Interstate Notarization Bill That Will Bail Banks Out Of Foreclosure Gate Up: Dated 09/09 10; Bill Vetoed! 12:47:19
RT- Afghan Catch-22: 'No way out of war with honor for US' 12:46:12
Everyone hates the deficit - but likes the spending 12:15:07
Damn it Feels Good to be a Victim 12:12:45
Who are GOP's 'Young Guns' and what do they want from Election 2010? 12:07:11
Fed's $2 Trillion May Buy Little Improvement in Jobs 12:06:36
Liberty Legal takes on Illegal Immigration 11:55:08
15 Times When You Shouldn't Use Your Credit Card 11:36:09
RT- Americans are frightened by government control. Ron Paul 2012? 11:17:44
11 Long-Term Trends That Are Absolutely Destroying The U.S. Economy 11:15:35
John Dennis Radio Ad | Hold Pelosi Accountable 11:11:51
Barney Frank Will LOSE in November says Lawrence Lepard, guy who bought USA Today ad promoting Ron Paul 11:08:33
"The Singularity" by Ray Kurzweil meets machine 10:40:35
Stiglitz: Fed Policy Is Causing Problems Worldwide 10:13:32
In your words what does it mean to "Think like an American" ? 10:10:54
JP Morgan ‘thug’ breaks into home Not in foreclosure 10:10:21
Central Bankers are Paid to Lie – Buy Corn 09:55:31
Check this out! Talk about a Liberty minded soon to be Sheriff. This is the real deal! 09:53:21
WSJ Criticizes Fed Inflation Plan; Too Late, IMO 09:31:53
The velocity of money is speeding up 09:20:01
NY Seeks to Ban Sugary Drinks From Food Stamp Buys 09:11:23
Count on government inefficiency and incompetence to save our republic. 09:10:53
Israel's Netanyahu backs Jewish loyalty oath 09:08:22
Suburbs Take Hit as US Poverty Increases Among People of Working Age 09:02:43
92% of U.S. 2-year-olds have online record 08:29:43
Banks' $4 trillion debts are 'Achilles’ heel of the economic recovery', warns IMF 08:17:02
Mississippi Lawyer Sent to Jail for Refusing to say the Pledge of Allegiance 08:07:19
National Democrats launch ad against Rand Paul 07:14:47
Lady Gaga "more powerful" than Nancy Pelosi: Forbes 07:10:32
Fla. Gov. Crist says it's "just wrong" for Rubio to be part of Tea Party movement 07:01:32
Ron Paul Gets Some Tweet Respect From Wall Street Journal 06:39:26
Rand Paul in 1998: Medicare is Socialism, Social Security is a Ponzi Scheme (Video) 02:08:49
Yahoo News: UFO Sighting Shut Down China Airport 01:57:26
Pioneering Research of Dr. Weston A. Price: The Whole, Natural Food Diet 01:51:44
They're dusting off Bill Clinton to go after Rand...we are a political juggernaut!!! 01:26:40
Guess who John & Ken's KFIAM640's Pick for CA Governor is... 00:38:29
Chemtrails and Monsanto’s New Aluminum Resistance Gene – Coincidence? 00:24:10
sarah palin wears israeli/usa lapel pin! 00:15:14
Fed beats BOJ in Race to Debase 00:05:30