Posted on October 8, 2010

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Ron Paul in Iowa - October 29, 2010 22:23:01
Bernanke Warns of Looming Economic Crisis 14:14:52
Ron Paul on Alex Jones (10/8): 'Fear is the tool of the thugs in government.' 13:51:37
Netflix Queue Bomb - Add "For Liberty" documentary to your Queue 15:55:56
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Classic Ron Paul. Ageless. 23:45:12
For anyone who has not yet read "economics in one lesson" by Henry Hazlitt... 22:55:07
I won, I lost. Mixed emotions today 22:43:13
911 Firemen: released by NIST on 10/5/10 under FIA 22:30:48
Johnny Cash - What Is Truth? 22:12:19
Bloomberg radio: how Fed creates money "out of thin air" 21:26:35
Don't Forget Him... 20:58:05
Dems planted NJ tea-party House candidate 19:53:41
MoxNews- Israeli Settler Rams Car Into Stone Throwing Boy 19:46:45
FBI busted tracking Student. 19:11:59
So where is the post on Ron Paul in Va.? 19:10:11
Top Three Questions I would like to ask 19:08:44
Russell Means shares his view on sovereignty (Must See) 18:26:32
Sheriff Richard Mack Endorses Missouri Constitution Party Candidates 18:21:48
Chelene Nightingale ad 17:52:56
Our Economy Is Built On Freedom! John Boehner 17:46:51
Reid pleads with Nevadans to remember good deeds (what good deeds?) 17:36:37
Financial Window ... 3 - 6 months? 17:20:56
HR3808 lives!!!!????? 17:07:26
Is Obozo's pocket veto of the Robo-Signing Act a ruse? 16:54:23
Southern Poverty Law Center is Now Part of DHS (Department of Homeland Security) 16:52:37
FBI allegedly caught using GPS to spy on student 16:38:08
72,000 stimulus payments went to dead people 15:42:35
DailyKos campaign to game Google 15:33:45
Did everyone watch "The Pentagon Papers" on POV this week? 15:28:37
BBC - Nato contractors 'attacking own vehicles' in Pakistan 15:23:52
RT- Al-Qaeda or Al-Tricko? 'US cries wolf to rev up world for dominance war' 14:35:12
Jerry Brown calls Meg Whitman A Whore 14:30:56
Majority Leader Reid: It is ‘my constitutional duty’ to spend federal money 14:29:13
Gary Johnson Speaking in Reno, NV 10.19.10 14:00:56
Senator Reid urges Big Banks to HALT ALL foreclosures in ALL 50 states 13:59:58
Everything more expensive 13:10:16
Wow! Art Robinson Deflects Maddow Smear Tactics 12:52:16
Thoreau, Rico & Mortgage Fraud 12:23:14
BofA halts foreclosure sales in 50 states 12:19:23
"Jubilee" - a poetic comment on the "Show Me The Note" phenomenon 12:09:24
October 14th Jake Towne money bomb 12:09:01
Jobs report is bleak news for Democrats 12:07:58
TYT- Glenn Beck Mocks House Burning Down 11:54:53
NRA Supporting 64 House Democrats 11:43:59
Legalization Of Marijuana Unconstitutional? 11:41:00
RT- What is credibility of American TV? 11:35:14
Democrats clam glimmers of hope in election gloom 11:10:21
Now the Feds want to do a nation wide ban on cell phones in cars 10:54:29
Carl Paladino supports Ron Paul? You decide 10:51:38
Is Race Baiting Now an Official Policy Tool of US Bankers? 10:38:33
Monsanto’s Income Fell by Nearly Half for Year 10:01:59
The Mortgage Mess explained by John Stewart 09:26:41
Alex Snitker (Fl Senate Candidate) on radio now 10/8/2010 9:15 est 09:16:49
Nonprofits Unable To Keep Up With Growing Suburban Poverty 08:42:34
New Economic Stimulus -- Humor 08:33:07
Federal Judge in Mich. Upholds Obamacare; Rules it does NOT Violate Constitution 08:28:48
Fed's Hoenig Says Opposes Any Further Quantitative Easing 08:15:37
Washington Post Investigates MERS 07:16:59
Food Stamp Nation by Patrick J. Buchanan 06:42:08
Greenspan says U.S. creating `scary’ deficit as borrowing rises 06:40:55
Leadership Books: Inside Ron Paul's 'End the Fed' 06:32:11
Mexican president accuses U.S. of wavering in drug war with Calif. Marijuana vote 06:25:19
Justin Raimondo schools on Rand Paul 03:54:51
Rachael Maddow does a hit piece on Jack Conway 03:44:55
TV- Dr. Paul in "World Order Ownership 1913-2012" 03:19:39
Peaceful Oath Keeper's Newborn Baby Seized at Hospital!!! 02:05:26
That's what I call INFLUENCE! Go Ron Paul! 01:39:10
Obama, under public scrutiny, changes mind about signing law to rubberstamp illegal foreclosures 01:34:36
The USA could withstand a terrorist attack. 01:14:05
Commodities across the board just took a steep drop, why? 00:34:48