Posted on October 9, 2010

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NYT on John Dennis: The Republican Actually Running Against Pelosi 23:14:47
G. Edward Griffin's 'What in the World are they Spraying' - Atlanta Premier 10/23/10 23:06:51
Oct 14 - Jake Towne BARRED from debate. Let's hold a Money Bomb!! :D 22:34:45
Freedom Watch - Oct. 8th, 2010. Ron Paul!!! 12:52:56
John Lennon 09:56:12
Kombucha Tea (Video Library) 08:25:08
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Bernanke warns of looming economic crisis 23:57:57
One Hundred Gazillion a day! 22:30:34
MoxNews- Sarah Palin Beats Ron Paul In Tea Party Straw Poll 21:10:40
With These Hands : The Story Of An American Furniture Company 20:49:17
RP in Fox News 10/09/2010 19:48:42
Art Robinson is the real deal for Oregon 4th - supported by RP 19:47:13
The winner of the Va. Tea Party straw poll is... 18:17:44
Political Production vs. Economic Production 18:09:48
"This [the mortgage document crisis] is the biggest fraud in the history of the capital markets." 17:27:28
Any links to the Virginia Tea Party Convention? 16:45:41
Where is legalizeliberty? 16:30:01
"One Nation" protester hits reporter and calls her the A- and B-word on camera. 16:16:58
Rand Paul says 2nd Amendment fight still not over despite recent victories 14:51:18
Freedom Watch- Ron Paul: Revolution Is Coming! 14:13:05
I saw Ron on Fox & he was at the VA TP Convention that has a straw poll-Please VOTE! 13:59:33
Ron Paul Tea Party Leader Comments on Tea Parties LIVE from Virginia Tea Party Event on Fox News 10/9/2010 12:46:48
Judge approves '1 of most oppressive measures in history' 12:35:57
Shooter Jennings takes on the NWO with art 12:33:22
RT- Webster Tarpley: "There's a currency war!" 12:18:04
10-10-2010 Non GMO Day - Video 12:08:49
RT- World economy breaking up with US 11:58:50
RT- Compare EU with Soviet Union 11:56:56
Atrocity Worse Than Hiroshima 11:21:42
Oath Keepers Statement & Interview on “Government Agents Seize Oath Keeper’s New Born From Hospital” 10:51:44
Potential 2012 candidates-including RON PAUL-- fire up voters at Richmond Tea Party convention 09:55:55
FDIC Ready To Sue Executives From Failed Banks, Seeking Over $1 Billion 09:21:58
40 State Attorneys General to Investigate Mortgage Fraud 09:14:30
Video: Democrat FAIL 08:27:39
Another 'Get Our of Jail Free' Card for the Banksters? Legislation to absolve them of foreclosure fraud. 08:20:19
Goldman Sachs’s Litton Loan Servicing Unit Halts Foreclosures 08:12:50
10-10-10! Put up your Roman Numeral Tens today! 05:29:15
RP 2008 bumper stickers... any use? 04:02:12 video : Gold bubble lies & preparing for hyperinflation 02:10:19
Damon Vrabel: This is how the private Federal Reserve banking cartel is robbing you 02:04:36
Democrats planted NJ tea-party House candidate 00:56:19
Unemployment, 10.1% Underemployment 18.8% 00:26:44
Southwest Michigan Ron Paul Meet Up 00:24:03
Anyone have 2012 RP banners?!?! 00:20:05
The Philosophy of Liberty "Reposted" 00:00:13