Posted on November 5, 2010

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Ex-Clinton Strategist: Obama needs event ‘similar’ to OKC to ‘reconnect’ with voters (Video) 23:41:42
Reuters: Ron Paul Vows Renewed Fed Audit Push Next Year 17:28:47
Gary Johnson - 69% 14:20:24
Keith Olbermann Suspended Indefinitely for Donating $2400 to Jack Conway 14:15:17
Dr. Ron Paul on John Stossel Parts 1 & 2 11-05-10 10:18:15
I had a STRANGER buy my breakfast yesterday. 10:13:21
Global Backlash Builds Against Fed Printing 00:17:37
MoxNews - Did Republicans Just Sellout The Tea Party? 09:42:38
Facebook Group for Nov. 5th Ron Paul "Sign Wave Across the USA" 19:12:18
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I'm FREE to do what I want any ole time! 23:57:37
For Frodo! 23:48:57
Financial Fraud in Germany. The Wall Street Model Backfires 23:26:20
COOLEST Handgun Ever! 23:20:32
Brian Domitrovic Videos on Federal Reserve 22:53:14
'Age of the Dollar' Draws to a Close 22:40:37
War Is Sold Just Like Soda or Toothpaste 22:19:34
Sunday morning church service parody 22:06:06
Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura - Wall Street 21:50:42
Brazil ready to retaliate for US move in ‘currency war’ 21:45:49
Bank Of America: We Face Repurchase Lawsuits On $375 Billion Worth Of Mortgage Securities 21:26:06
Matt Taibbi: Wall Street Has Seduced America With Randian Pseudo-Libertarianism 21:24:09
Team Paul: It's All in the Family! 21:20:52
BORN FREE Daily Paul BORN FREE! 21:10:23
MSNBC: 'I Am A Socialist. I Live To The Extreme Left Of You Mere Liberals! Ban all guns in America' 20:59:53
PROPAGANDA ALERT: Seriously, THIS is what's become of RAWstory, since oBUSHma got in? 20:44:25
MoxNews- Al Qaeda Claims They Downed UPS Plane In September! 20:12:51
"Tea Party Victory Song" by Pelvis McGillicuddy 20:03:12
San Fran bans Happy Meals 19:53:39
VIDEO : Ron Paul on fox news Nov 5 2010 19:38:52
Maddow Unloads On the Rights "Internet Fiction" 18:55:18
* * * Thank You Jesse and Valori Benton * * * 18:36:42
Beck just signed off like it was his last show. 18:34:51
High Grade Monetary Heroin 18:26:03
NIA Food Projections: Ear of Corn:$11.43, Loaf of Bread:$23.05, Bag of Sugar:$62.21! 18:23:45
The people of the US are *not* the only ones who want to End the FED! 18:03:30
The "War On Terror" Is A Fraud - It Is Not Meant To Be Won, It Is Meant To Be Continuous 17:15:06
Recognizing and Dealing with Modern Judicial Terrorism 17:14:55
Time again to watch :V for Vendetta 17:02:44
Pelosi is back 16:57:10
So, do we have a good count of the "Liberty Caucus" members in the House? 16:15:23
End the Fed Rally (Houston) November 20th 16:14:10
Ron Paul coming up on Cavuto.. NEXT 16:13:06
Sparks Meets With Bernanke and Greenspan 16:03:07
Members Of Congress Internal Memo What To Tell Your Constituents In Answer To Obama Eligibility Questions 15:37:38
Sign the Petition for Ron Paul Speaker of the House 15:36:48
My new movement 15:19:29
Boehner under fire: First cut should be lawmakers' salaries 15:15:16
Ron Paul: True Patriotism 15:13:12
Antiwar March in D.C. December 16 14:24:20
Justin Amash elected to Congress (huge victory) 14:21:54
Wow This Feels Weird: Bernanke in my Home Town of Jacksonville, Florida 14:10:43
what should I do 14:06:29
Israeli's arrested in Connecticut. 13:52:59
Breaking News! Nancy will run for Minority Leader !! Isn't that Great ! 13:33:46
Private "Social Security" since 1981! 13:17:14
Can someone MENTION Ron Paul to these jokers 12:58:51
Vote in Poll! Who should lead tea party, Rand Paul or Rubio? 12:47:05
Ron Paul on Wilkow Majority (Sirius/XM) 12:44:29
Keiser Report №92: Fake Markets! Fake Finance! 12:00:06
RT: Ron Paul in Charge! End the Fed? 11:49:41
Remember, Remember the 5th of November 11:45:56
John Dennis Election Night Speech 11:17:37
Proof: The Market Can Offer High Quality Food Safety Inspection 11:01:51
Will redistricting be a bloodbath for Democrats? 10:40:44
VIDEO: TIME Mag. Interview with Robert Kyosaki discusses "Conspiracy of the Rich" 10:31:20
Keith Olberman donated to 3 Democratic candidates, Jack Conway one of them! 09:49:42
Experts, I mean special interests Rank Pelosi Among Greatest House Speakers 09:40:58
Republicans Vow to Cancel Afghan Drawdown 09:26:51
A moment of silence, please. (Or, maybe we should all STFU a minute.) 09:25:29
Anyone else see Rumor of a False Flag 11-6-10 09:25:26
CNN poll: GOP Presidential Candidates Ron in FIFTH place 07:45:09
Silver Explodes, up 6% this morning to $26.37 06:59:44
Geithner consulted with Jon Stewart on economy 05:50:48
TIME: The Emergence of Rand Paul (The Party Crashers Nov. 2010 Issue) 05:42:55
Market Ticker Denninger on Beck and FOMC - Beck steps in front of Soros crosshairs 05:39:20
HuffPost: "It's just possible that only Rand Paul... stands guard as lone sentinel over our democracy." WTF? 05:26:18
Why Rand Paul WON, by Rick Robinson (Fmr.Chief Counsel for Bunning) whom supposedly 'prepped' Rand for one of the Debates 05:20:26
Trey Grayson on Rand: 'I hope the BOLD Rand Paul is the one that goes to Washington.' 05:03:06
Dr. Ron Paul, on FoxBiz.Ch. John Stossel, TONIGHT! Nov. 4, 2010 03:36:30
Bill Gates' GM Mosquitoes 02:35:50
What happened at Wal Mart, plus food, gold, silver and the elections with Addison Wiggin 02:18:36
US Federal Reserve Under Fire 01:57:01
Foundation X Offers British Government 17 Billion Pounds 01:49:13
Time For a Laugh 01:04:59
When REAL interest rates rise, what happens to the price of Gold & Silver? 00:48:49
Fed QE2, Insanity Prevails Over Common Sense 00:33:40
Elvis Costello on Colbert indites the Fed 00:08:57